Chapter 1: Bloody Crossing Bridge Section(1 / 2)


The bitter cold wind was swirling in the dark night sky. It was already late at night, but the master bedroom in the lord's castle of Huxin Town was still brightly lit.

On the big bed in the bedroom, lay a chubby black-haired boy, about ten years old, but unconscious at the moment, not far from the big bed, Philip, the housekeeper of the castle, was worried, and looked at the boy lying on the bed for a while. Boy, look at the busy priest next to the bed for a while.

Finally, the priest stopped moving, and the butler couldn't bear the anxiety in his heart, and immediately asked, "Father Anderson, how is the young master?"

The priest turned around and said with an apologetic expression: "Housekeeper Philip, unfortunately, the medicinal herbs that were applied before and the holy water just fed seem to have no effect on Master Paul's illness. Now I have only one trick left, I don't know. Do you agree to give it a try?"

"May I ask what the method is?"

"Bleeding therapy, I learned this from a traveling healer. According to him, this therapy has been popularized in most areas of Gabela Empire and Rollman Kingdom, and it has miraculous effects on some special diseases."

"Bleeding?" Butler Philip's eyes darkened when he heard the word.

He pondered for a while, finally gritted his teeth and said, "Okay, Father Anderson, just do as you say."

"Okay, may the Lord of Light bless Master Paul."

The priest held out his hands and prayed to his god, and then he told Philip to find a brass basin and put it under the bed, and he took a sharp knife from the box he carried with him, and took the boy's arm from under the quilt. About to move the knife.

Just after the priest pressed the knife to the skin of the boy's arm with his right hand, he suddenly felt the boy's pulse beat with his left hand holding the boy's arm, and then began to beat continuously and strongly. Father Anderson, who noticed something strange, put down the knife and continued to observe.

The boy's pulse gradually stabilized, and then his eyelids slowly opened.

"Bless the Lord of Light!" Father Anderson and Butler Philip shouted out in surprise at the same time.

"Oh my god, what smells so bad." The boy opened his eyes and said something that the two people in front of him couldn't understand.

After the vision was fully restored, the boy sat up, and then he was in a dazed state.

Zhao Kai, an ordinary Chinese programmer, likes to read some messy online novels on weekdays. What makes him quite unhappy is that the novels he pursues are always very niche, and authors who lack motivation often write less than 100 chapters. Changing every month, every month changing every year, or simply eunuchs, but those "little white texts" in his eyes are flooding. Although there are some masterpieces that are both popular with the public and suitable for him, firstly, the number is too small, and secondly, there are always regrets of one kind or another in the content. Finally, one day, he decided to write a novel by himself, and made up his mind that even if no one read it, he would keep writing it to make up for all the regrets in the past. As for the subject matter of the novel, as a loyal believer of the Chinese Industrial Party, it is natural to write about using the guns and cannons on the science side to crush the dregs of the other world on the magic side. Goldfinger didn't want to make it too obvious, so he had to let the protagonist climb the technology tree from scratch, so he spent a lot of energy collecting those sacred books and materials that are called necessary for time travel, what is the "Barefoot Doctor's Handbook" that buys people's hearts? , Ashokura's "Farmland Water Conservancy Practice", and Pingtianxia's "Military Training Course", in short, the more the better. After careful study for half a month, I finally decided to start writing.

But what was unexpected was that after working for many years, his writing ability had deteriorated to such an extent that he scratched his head and scratched his head for a long time just writing the beginning.

Fortunately, I still despise other people's writing is Xiaobaiwen! "Zhao Kai was very ashamed. He decided to stay up all night and finish the first chapter. After barely putting together the first chapter, he couldn't stand the drowsiness anymore, and fell asleep lying in front of the computer.

In a daze, a pungent smell hit him, pulling his consciousness back from sleep, but he didn't expect that after opening his eyes, the whole world changed.

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