Chapter 11: Never reveal your coordinates!(1 / 2)


"As I said before, Xu Chengfeng has already gone to the island world!"

"So when will Xu Chengfeng come back?"

"how could I know?"

"May I ask where Xu Chengfeng entered the island world from!"

"I'm sorry, the principal has an order, this matter cannot be leaked!"


Xu Chengfeng glanced out of the window through the gap in the curtains. It was Vice-Principal Bai Jianrong and another vice-principal surrounded by reporters.

He counted the time. When he left, the group of reporters and the consortium had just arrived.

Having said that, Vice Principal Bai has been surrounded for more than two hours...

What a pity!

As for Principal Linghu?

Needless to say, he must have escaped.

Principal Linghu is the island owner. After becoming the island owner, even if he is not capable, he can at least obtain an F-rank occupation template.

This is enough to allow him to easily escape the siege!

Why leave the two vice-principals, that must be to let them deal with these reporters!

"Mr. Chen, is your throat comfortable now? Can you continue to tell us about Xu Chengfeng?"

"Actually, I noticed him on the first day of school. His entrance grades were not the best, but I could see the light in his eyes. I saw people very accurately. I believe he must have a bright future..."

Xu Chengfeng heard the familiar voice of the little bee loudspeaker, and Chen Ming boasted about him, so embarrassed that his toes were pushed out of the three rooms and two halls on the concrete floor.

He hurriedly put a note on the wall, then picked up the big bed in the teacher's dormitory and walked away.

Generally speaking, in the case of transportation between the two realms, in the case of the same volume, the energy collected by the island is relatively high for the transportation of living creatures and high-energy items.

Shipping Island World items to Blue Star is more expensive than shipping Blue Star items to Island World.

A bed with a quilt, the island world symbolically charged him a little energy.

It was deducted from the gold-level life system crystal nucleus.

Xu Chengfeng was able to absorb the energy in the crystal nucleus because he had the super innate ability "Life Activation".

The energy stored by the life activation technique cannot be deducted by the island world.

After placing the bed, Xu Chengfeng lay directly on the bed, feeling very comfortable.

Turning over on the soft bed, he opened the world chat channel and the regional chat channel, and found that there were countless people in the regional chat channel.

He noticed that behind his name "Dragon Country Xu Chengfeng" in the regional chat channel, there was a golden "Rookie King" mark.

"Boss, please add friends, please hug your thighs!"

"Brother Feng, ask for a friend position. If I fail, ask for a position on the island. I can either 996 or 007. As long as the salary is enough, I will call you wherever you want!"

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