Chapter 128: Island World Hotel! Advocate for yourself!(1 / 2)


"Don't be sad, you've worked hard!"

Xu Chengfeng comforted softly.

Tong Mu raised his head and looked at him, his beautiful big eyes were wet.

"Chen Shiqi, give your cousin some face too!"

"Okay! For the sake of Island Master Xu!" Chen Shiqi nodded. "By the way, Island Master Xu, you can call me Shiqi. My friends call me that, and our whole class is your fans."

"All right!"

The headquarters of the Dragon Country Island Owners Association is a splendid building in the style of the Dragon Country.

The reinforced concrete buildings around it are like an ugly duckling.

The air in the capital today is not very good, and it is shrouded in gray fog.

The weather forecast also said that today is not suitable for travel.

If you are going out, it is best to wear a mask.

However, Tong Mu did not take him into the association, but took him into the "Island World Hotel" directly opposite the association.

Island World Hotel is the top chain hotel in Longguo and is well-known all over the world.

"This hotel is specially designed to receive the island owner!" Tong Mu introduced, "You will all stay here for the next three days, three meals a day will be provided, and our association will reimburse all the board and lodging expenses. If you need anything, you can Call the hotel customer service."

"it is good!"

Tong Mu took Xu Chengfeng to the top floor of the hotel and opened a golden door with the key card.

"This is the most luxurious presidential suite in the hotel, and you live here!"

Tong Mu handed the room card to Xu Chengfeng, and Xu Chengfeng glanced at the golden room card 001.

"have you eaten?"


"Then let's have a meal together!" Tong Mu said, "It just so happens that Gan Yanlei, Zhu Yongjun, Wang Lu and the others are here. Let me introduce you to them."


It didn't take long for Xu Chengfeng to meet Gan Yanlei, Zhu Yongjun, and Wang Lu.

When Zhu Yongjun and Wang Lu saw Xu Chengfeng, they were still a little excited.

Everyone had a meal and heard that the training session will start tonight.

Xu Chengfeng took Zhou Ling back to the guest room.

The presidential suite is more than 300 square meters, which is slightly larger.

Xu Chengfeng found a spacious bedroom and entered the island world directly.

"Master Islander, are you back?"

He appeared in front of the residence, and Wendini happened to be there.

"It's been a long time, is it okay?"


"That's good!"

Xu Chengfeng took out the seeds of the tree of life, input energy, and used the life activation technique on it.

After the white light, the seeds are alive!

[Name]: Tree of Life (Severely Injured)

[Talent]: 1 life energy (sss), 2 vitality (sss).

【Loyalty】: 100

[Attribute]: life, wood

[Level]: Black Iron Low Grade


1 Breath of Life, 2 Vitality.

Evaluation: The tree of life has been severely damaged. It is the best among platinum-level trees, but it can only be regarded as a platinum-level plant.

Xu Chengfeng checked its two talents.

[Life energy (sss): Can produce a lot of life energy every day, living around the tree of life, can slowly enhance physical fitness and spiritual power. 】

【Rejuvenation: Greatly promotes the growth of surrounding plants. 】

Seeing the two innate abilities of the Tree of Life, Xu Chengfeng felt that his 75,000 merits were well worth it.

He also figured out why the elves like the tree of life.

There's no race to dislike, right?

Of course, if the Tree of Life can break through the platinum level in the future, he will earn even more!

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