Chapter 2: [2] sss-level talent, everything works!(1 / 2)


  Chapter 2 [2] sss-level talent, everything works!

   And just as Lin Feng's thoughts were flying, on the stage, the burly middle-aged man spoke again,

   "Okay, the next step is to awaken the talent, I wish everyone good luck!"

   After he finished speaking, he waved his hand, and the rings flew out of the sky, and landed on every student's hand with precision, causing the students to exclaim.

   In this move, a silver-level powerhouse who is not above lv200 cannot do it!

  Lin Feng didn't make any fuss.

   It’s just a silver rank, he was a mythical rank powerhouse in his previous life.

   Like this silver-level minion, I don’t know how many people I can kill with a breath.

   As for the burly middle-aged man, Lin Feng also had some impressions that he was just a teacher of the Admissions Office.

  Lin Feng didn't think too much, and looked at the ring in his hand. This is the landing device for the game [God's Domain].

  Most of the students knew how to use the lander, so they entered the game one by one and began to awaken their talents.

  Lin Feng activated the ring without any hesitation.

  Seeing a flash of light on the ring, Lin Feng entered another dimension.

  In this space, there are white clouds floating everywhere, stretching as far as the eye can see.

  Lin Feng is not surprised, this is just a normal phenomenon of awakening talent.

"In my previous life, I awakened the S-level talent, [War Passion], which can increase my own damage with the battle time. It is precisely because of this talent that I spawned monsters and upgraded very quickly, so I was able to reach the **** level within ten years. I don't know. What kind of talent will be awakened in this life."

   Sure enough, the next moment, I heard the sound of a mechanical notification coming from the void.

   "Welcome to [God's Domain], entering the game."

   "During the talent draw, get the s-level talent, [War Passion]."

  Lin Feng was taken aback for a moment, he had the same talent as in his previous life?

  It’s fine, as in the previous life, I can use it more easily.

  Combined with the experience of the previous life, Lin Feng is confident that this time, he can reach the **** level in less than ten years!

  Suddenly, the mechanical voice came again, interrupting Lin Feng's thoughts.

   "Warning! Warning! An abnormality has been detected in the adventurer's data, and the talent will be deleted!"

   "What?!" Lin Feng was stunned, abnormal?

   Couldn’t it be because I traveled back and caused the game to be abnormal?

   But the talent is deleted, so how can I still play?

   "Warning! Warning! It is detected that the adventurer has no talent, and the data is abnormal!"


"unable to repair!"

  The sound of notification came again, Lin Feng was a little nervous, this game won't be a black screen, right?

   "Compensation in progress!"

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