Chapter 2: Boyfriend system?(1 / 2)


  Chapter 2 Boyfriend system?

  Bai Mufan couldn't help recalling what happened last night.

  Before going to bed last night, he was just lying on the bed ready to go to bed. Without warning, a system popped up in his mind!

  This system is very overbearing, if you can't refuse, you have to fuse with him. And told him that after the fusion is completed, there may be a small change in the whole world, so that he can prepare mentally in advance.

  So Bai Mufan was anxious all night, afraid that he would wake up in the morning and find that monsters had invaded the earth, so he didn't sleep well at all.

   After finally waiting for dawn, Bai Mufan walked out the door cautiously, only to find that the world was still the same, so he breathed a sigh of relief, and secretly wondered where the change was.

  However, he never expected... This system has completely reversed the concept of men and women all over the world!

  Bai Mufan was shocked.

  This change seems to be very small. Compared with the crisis that can threaten all mankind, it is naturally insignificant, but it is also a great change. If you study it carefully, it will definitely penetrate and affect all aspects of the world!

  It took a long time for Bai Mufan to regain his strength, and asked cautiously: "Well, Brother System, since you can change the world into what it is now, you should also be able to restore it to its original state, right?"

  System: "Indeed."

  Bai Mufan hurriedly said: "What way? Please tell me! I'm sorry, this world is too awkward, I'd rather stay in the original world to be more comfortable!"

  The system said coldly: "As long as you, the host, die, the world will return to its original state."


  Bai Mufan was silent for a while, and said seriously: "I think the world is pretty good now."

  The system said happily: "As long as you are satisfied with the host."

Bai Mufan slowed down and decided to accept the fact that he couldn't go back. He rested his chin on one hand and said sullenly, "Yesterday when you showed up, you said you wanted to merge. I forgot to ask. What kind of system are you? Yes. Let me cultivate immortality?"

   Speaking of this, his depressed mood suddenly rose, and he became excited.

  When it comes to cultivating immortals, what do you immediately think of?

   It's not the various supernatural powers that move mountains and seas, but longevity!

   Only longevity is the ultimate desire of all intelligent life!

  However, the system gave him a cold reply: "No."

  Bai Mufan was a little disappointed, but then asked enthusiastically, "Will that make me a top student?"

  Knowledge is wealth. If this system can endow him with a super learning talent, and create a black technology far beyond the current world, and follow the path of pure technology development, then at the end of science, he can also achieve longevity!

   At that time, I will take out some black technology and make the whole world scream. Thinking about that picture is exciting!

   "No way."

It wasn't cultivating immortals or black technology. Bai Mufan suddenly felt dull. He grabbed the pen on the desk and twirled it between his slender fingers, and said sullenly: "Then what can you do? Teach me magic? Or alchemy?" Technique? It would be great if you can refine the Stone of Agelessness."

  The system said seriously: "I can make you the most handsome and attractive man in the world, and become the number one boy in the world."

   "Little...little boy?"

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