Chapter 103: Chang Ming couldn't help but come up with a bizarre and terrifying idea.(1 / 2)


Jiufang Changming once went through various sects in the world, from Taoism to Buddhism, from Buddha to magic, and then to Confucianism, born into the world, and read hundreds of classics. There are very few people in the world who are more knowledgeable than him and understand the past and the present.

He believes that each sect has its own strengths and must also have its own limitations in vision. Only by drawing on the strengths of others can we integrate all methods into one, and finally understand everything and see the secret.

Although as of fifty years ago, when he entered Wanshen Mountain, he still failed to achieve this goal, but he was the number one person in the world after all. Since this title is recognized by several great masters, it must mean that he has already achieved this goal in terms of cultivation. Standing at the pinnacle of the world, overlooking all living beings, means that he has also been infinitely close to the way of heaven.

But only close.

He clearly remembered that he was already in a mysterious and wonderful realm at that time, as if he could reach the legendary Dao Heart Realm by taking a step forward, thereby touching the mystery of the heavens, and soaring in the daytime, but it happened to be that step, always as if there was a There is an invisible barrier in front of him, which cannot be penetrated and crossed. This is what the monks call the bottleneck.

And the bottleneck of Jiufang Changming is directly related to his inability to transform from a human into a fairy and achieve a breakthrough in the realm.

In the past, he couldn't figure it out, and only thought that he had made mistakes and still had shortcomings, so he traveled thousands of mountains and rivers, exhausted the world's sects and sects, hoping to find the mystery.

But what if there is no so-called mystery at all?

If what Chunchi said is true, there are no gods and Buddhas in the world, and it was originally a hoax, then as far away as the ancient gods, and as close as the ascension of the former suzerain Luomei of the Wanjian Immortal Sect, are they all fake?

Chang Ming had never met Master Luomei. When he started to practice in Jade Emperor Temple, the suzerain of Wanjian Xianzong was already Jiang Li.

The story of Master Luomei's ascension in the daytime was passed on by word of mouth and became a part of the deified Ten Thousand Swords Immortal Sect.

However, Changming clearly remembers that when he was in Luodu, the monster seized Princess Linglong and set off a **** storm in the Luo Kingdom's palace. If he and Yun Weisi hadn't been there at that time, the Luo Kingdom's community would have been overthrown by now.

He also had a confrontation with Princess Linglong.

At that time, Chang Ming asked whether Jiang Li was possessed by demons, and Princess Linglong answered no. When he asked how Jiang Li was not possessed by demons, how could Princess Linglong and the others ensure that Jiang Li would never betray the covenant of cooperation with demons, Princess Linglong gave gave an ambiguous answer.

She said she couldn't answer, and could only let Jiufang Changming find the answer by himself.

Demons are not good at lying, and with Chang Ming's experience, they can also see that Princess Linglong has no intention of deceiving him, so this answer seems to be meaningful, and there is something in the words.

Not only that, but at that time Princess Linglong also specifically mentioned Jiang Li's master, the real Luo Mei, the former suzerain. She said that Jiang Li was far inferior to Luo Mei.

This shows that Princess Linglong has dealt with real Luomei before.

Chang Ming couldn't help but come up with a bizarre and terrifying idea.

What if Master Luomei didn't die?

Chunchi has ruled Wanlian Buddha Land for so many years, and he is not a plaything at the mercy of others. If he can firmly believe that becoming a fairy is a hoax, it must be because he has seen the evidence that convinced him, or has seen the legendary story of becoming a fairy and becoming a Buddha with his own eyes. The character appeared before him and told him about it himself.

The character who is too far away, Chunchi, I don't know, and I won't believe it when I see it. In this way, there is only real Luomei.

If Daoist Luomei hadn't been ascended, and had even been hiding behind Jiang Li for many years, controlling the Wanjian Immortal Sect by remote control, then it would be reasonable for him to cooperate with demons. When it is found that this road is not feasible, it will inevitably choose another road out of resentment.

Many details that were not noticed at the beginning are now emerging one by one, silently revealing the terrible truth.

The princess of the Zhaoyue Dynasty, when her soul coexisted with the emperor of Luo Kingdom later, she once said that her mind was controlled by a person named Han Yin, and the other party pointed eastward and westward, and what was given and what was taken away, so that she could not violate it. , can only follow the other party's guidance, step by step to the country of Luo, and become a **** that almost overthrows the country of Luo.

Cold Yin, Luomei.

The cold winter is gone, and the spring is approaching. Isn't it the time when the plum blossoms are defeated? !

The original vague suspicion gradually expanded, and it almost became a definite answer.

They used to think that Jiang Li didn't have enough motivation to set up such a situation, but if there were more real Luomei behind him, or if he was Luomei himself, then it would completely make sense.

With Luomei here, can Yun Weisi still fool the opponent's eyes?

If the other party finds out that Yun Weisi has not fully become a demon, will he simply kill him?

If Yun Weisi had to face more than Jiang Li, would he still be sure of victory?

Chang Ming could not stop Yun Weisi from walking up the mountain, nor could he issue a warning.

The only thing he can use now is the Chunchao sword.

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