Chapter 13: The robe flutters, looming, like a fairy.(1 / 2)


Although Yulinling is a rare magic weapon, it can be worn instead of the teleportation circle, but it has the same flaw as the magic circle, that is, it can only be teleported to places that have been, Xu Jingxian has never set foot in the boundary of Wanshen Mountain, not to mention Jiuchongyuan, Yulinling Zhiyuan sent them to the stone forest not far from Wanshen Mountain, and they had to walk the rest of the way by themselves.

Since the great war decades ago, people and beasts have disappeared in places that were rarely inhabited, not to mention villages and towns, not even a bird can be seen.

The ground was full of rough gravel, and Chang Ming walked with a bamboo stick and his feet hurt. Xu Jingxian simply wrapped gauze around dead trees and boulders, flew for a while, stopped for a while, or sat on the rocks to rest, and waited for Chang Ming to catch up. .

Even so, she also complained and complained endlessly.

"Why is it so hot here? Is there a fire underground? I feel like the soles of my feet are about to burn when I step on it!"

"This road is full of stones. No matter how I walk, the embroidered shoes are almost worn out. I should have called a sedan chair if I knew it!"

"Can you walk faster, my forehead is sweating, why are you still slow!"

"I'm thirsty, is there a water source nearby?"

Chang Ming's ears were calloused from the reading, and he looked up helplessly.

"Grandma, you are a cultivator, not the daughter of an ordinary rich family. Those stones won't damage your shoes, and your thirst is just your illusion. With your cultivation level, you won't die if you don't drink water for three days and three nights. "

Xu Jingxian pouted: "Then what should I do? I hate this place, how long will it be before I arrive, I want to go back!"

Chang Ming stopped and looked around.

"It's probably dozens of miles away. It's good to be able to walk before the sun sets."

"The sun is setting?!" Xu Jingxian raised her tone instantly, "Don't you look at the sun, it's poisonous and hot, it's still hanging in the middle of the sky, when will it go down! I don't care, you can even draw with the suzerain, why? You don't even know how to fly, so hurry up, or I'll beat you up!"

Changming calmed down and said, "I was injured yesterday in a fight with your Sect Master Zhou, and you saw it. I can still walk now, which is already good. If it is just right for you to injure me, I don't have to leave. Let's rest on the spot for a few days. Bar."

Xu Jingxian couldn't do anything about him, gritted her teeth, flew to the ground, lifted him up, Sha Ling flew out from her waist, landed on a slightly smooth boulder, found the next foothold, and flew over with him.

Chang Ming pointed Jiang Shan: "Why don't you just fly with the object now, with your current cultivation, it is not difficult to fly directly to the edge of the stone forest in one breath."

Xu Jingxian: "If you continue, I will throw you down!"

Chang Ming really shut up.

Xu Jingxian can naturally fly over in one go, but she wants to save her energy, and she is also afraid that this place is so unpredictable that something unexpected will happen suddenly, so she flies and stops, and finally arrives at the edge of the stone forest, but the oncoming person is a A cold mist filled the sky and filled the sky, making it difficult for people to figure out the way forward.

Fearing that the mist was poisonous, Xu Jingxian didn't care if the embroidered shoes would be worn out, so she led Changming to the ground and walked half a step behind Changming. The meaning was obvious, and she asked the other party to walk in front to explore the way.

Chang Ming didn't take it seriously, and walked forward. The two walked one after the other for half a stick of incense, and stopped almost at the same time.

Although the fog is dense, you can still see the road a step or so around you.

About half a step away from their toes, the hard-to-walk stones and gravel disappeared, replaced by a cliff that fell suddenly. The mist covered the sight and made people ignore the fear.

"How to go?"

Xu Jingxian had never been here before. The closest she was to Jiuchongyuan was the stone forest where Yulinling sent them to. Sweating, the anxiety in my heart was even heavier.

"Jump down, it should be Jiuzhongyuan."

"Should?" Xu Jingxian was suspicious, "Have you ever been here?"

Chang Ming: "I told you, I don't remember clearly, but you have no other way to go except to jump off."

Xu Jingxian didn't dare to jump down hastily.

No one knows what is behind the dense fog, whether it is the venom covered by thorns, or the monster hiding in the dark, or the hungry mouth waiting for them to throw themselves into the net. No bottom.

But just when she was hesitating, Chang Ming beside her said "I'll take a step first", and actually jumped and disappeared directly in front of the fog.

Xu Jingxian was dumbfounded.

Then she follows, or not?

Raising real grass is just an illusory legend after all, but the master of Lingbo Peak is a real benefit. She worked hard for a long time to climb to this position, and this jump would probably mean nothing.

Everyone knows that Jiuchongyuan is a place where there is no return, and after she returns, she can just make up a story for the suzerain, presumably the suzerain will not be able to hold him accountable, after all, he asked himself to send people here.

Chang Ming didn't fall into the abyss and was smashed to pieces. At the moment when he jumped into the dense fog, his body seemed to be supported by cotton, slowing down the momentum of the fall, and his whole body became light and light, like walking on clouds, stepping into the fog. The unknown chaos of the beginning of the world.

He couldn't touch the stone wall with his five fingers. He seemed to be the only one left in the universe, wandering and floating aimlessly. Chang Ming even felt his eyelids heavy and tired.

But he knew he couldn't sleep, and this sleep was really never going back.

Chang Ming took out a thin needle and pierced the acupuncture point on the back of his hand. The pain made his body tremble and he immediately woke up.

At the same time, a white crane flew out of its sleeve, carried him on its back, leaned over and rushed forward rapidly.

Thick fog will confuse the mind, but the paper puppets without mind will not be affected.

Changming closed his eyes and let the white cranes carry him out of the sea of ​​fog. When he opened his eyes again, he was already on the blue coast.

Those who have never been here, probably would not have imagined that Jiuzhongyuan, which is full of dangers in their eyes, is actually so beautiful and peaceful.

Looking back, the fog was still thick. A half-rotten giant whale was stranded on the beach. The white mist spewed out from its nostrils, forming a phantom world. The whole body of the whale was scattered with dry bones, including some magic weapons. It can be seen that many people came here with an adventurous mind, and died here before they could see the real Jiuchongyuan.

Chang Ming lightly flicked Bai He's head.

"Xu Xianzi is duplicity, she must be reluctant to part with me, go and pick her up."

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