Chapter 1: The end of the sky, the corner of the sea, the return of the Eternal Brightness.(1 / 2)


He once had four apprentices.

All four have their own strengths, and they are amazingly talented.

Anyone who picks up any one will be a master-level master in the future. If there is a chance, they may be able to break through the limit and soar instantly.

Looking at it now, they didn't seem to be oblivious to the crowd, proving that they were not mistaken that day.


Thinking of the past, Chang Ming felt that his ears started buzzing, like hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes swarming into his head, chaotic and chaotic, and the clamoring disturbed all the energy, blood and spirit in his head to make him happier.

At the same time, all the hot blood poured from the limbs, bones, fingertips, and feet to the heart, which made him feel dizzy and almost vomited blood.

"Fellow Daoist? Brother Changming?"

Seeing that his expression was not quite right, He Xiyun quickly stopped talking and stepped forward to check.

The other party frowned, his face was cold and pale, and there were beads of sweat on his forehead, as if he was enduring great pain.

He Xiyun subconsciously grasped Chang Ming's wrist, wanting to adjust his internal energy, but when her own spiritual power poured into it, she couldn't help being surprised.

If there is a vortex in Changming's body, once her spiritual power enters it, it will sink like mud and rocks into the sea, leaving nothing behind.

He Xiyun subconsciously wanted to evacuate, but found that although the other party had no spiritual power at all, there was an inexplicable force that held her spiritual power tightly, making her unable to withdraw even if she wanted to.

Chang Ming's other hand suddenly grabbed He Xiyun and pushed her away.

The latter fell back and sat on the ground.

"There's no need to waste spiritual power..." Chang Ming said hoarsely, his voice was a little trembling, as if the pain in his body was still tormented.

He Xiyun was panting violently, still in shock, and didn't know how to help the other party, so she was at a loss for a while.

"It will be fine later." Chang Ming supported his head, and slowly, word by word.

He Xiyun nodded, but did not dare to make a sound, even forgot to get up, and just sat on the ground.

Time passed little by little, and seeing that he seemed to be getting better, He Xiyun asked.

"You are hurt?"

Changming hummed: "The old injury has not recovered until now, and it will flare up from time to time. It's okay."

He Xiyun said cautiously: "Did you also enter Huangquan for the sake of experience?"

Chang Ming frowned, and it took a while to answer: "I don't remember."

He Xiyun thought that he was unwilling to speak, or that he had something to hide, but the thought and bewilderment on Chang Ming's face did not seem to be fake.

"I just remember that before I entered the underworld, the emperor of the Hong Dynasty was named Hong Can, who had just been on the throne for twenty years."

He Xiyun was surprised: "That was the penultimate emperor of the Xinghong Dynasty. He died after reigning for twenty-five years, and the last emperor was overthrown after three years in power. Divide the world, so to speak, you have been in the underworld for at least fifty years, Fellow Daoist!"

The more she talked, the more surprised she became.

"As far as I know, Huangquan is full of monsters and ghosts. No one can live in it for more than ten years. We went in with the intention of dying. How can you stay for fifty years?! You, what are you? How did you live, I just found out that your spiritual power is gone, do you only rely on the technique of controlling objects and transforming gods?"

He Xiyun was a little excited.

Because there are fatal dangers everywhere in the underworld, among the brothers who went in with her, there are many brothers with higher cultivation than her, but they also lost their lives and left no bones left. He Xiyun can live until now, not only because of her thoughts Delicate, alert and keen, but also requires a lot of luck.

After the excitement, she quickly calmed down.

Many practitioners have secrets that they don't want others to know. Knowing too much is not a good thing.

"Sorry, I shouldn't ask too many questions."

It's not that Chang Ming doesn't want to say, he really doesn't remember.

His memory is chaotic, the general outline is still there, but most of the time the details are chaotic, like a fragmented map, some places on the map are complete, and some places are pieced together, and there is no way to connect a piece complete picture.

Occasionally, fragments lost in corners can be found as the candles go out.

Pick it up, the map is just a little bit like this, slowly returning to the whole picture.

But time, I don't know how long it will take.

Chang Ming remembered that he was living in Huangquan to kill someone.

But why did he kill, did that person die, but he lost his memory.

He still remembered that he had a sword named Sifeijian.

Not Dao, not Buddha, not demon, not Confucianism.

The sword is that he extracted the first snow on the top of Kunlun, refined the mysterious crystal on the coast of the East China Sea, exhausted his painstaking efforts from all over the world, penetrated the spiritual consciousness, blended the stars and the moon, overcame thorns and thorns, broke through the mountains and seas, and helped him reach the pinnacle of swordsmanship and become a great master of a generation. .

But that sword...

Where did you go now?

Can't think deeply.

Thinking about it made my head hurt even more.

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