Chapter 1: Entering the New World (1)(1 / 2)


Xia Zhiyi resigned.

She is tired after working so long.

She wants to travel, relax, and reorganize her life instead of being stuck in a busy job day after day.

It just so happened that the savings accumulated from so many years of hard work were enough to support her to give her a mind-blowing vacation.

Colleagues expressed their dismay and regret for her.

She is very smart, quick in handling things, funny and cute, and never feels bored when staying with her, but now she is leaving as soon as she says, it is too sudden.

This was not sudden to Xia Zhiyi.

This result was within her expectations.

That's the way she is, if she feels pain about something, she will fight instead of give in.

If you lose money, you can earn more, but if you lose people, you lose everything.

As long as she is alive, she will always have the courage to start all over again.

And isn't she working so hard to make money just to live a good life for herself?

The money has been earned, and it's time to reward yourself.

On the third night after resigning, she went out to play with her friend Liang Xiaoling, which was also a farewell before the official start of the trip.

After playing for a while, the two held a cup of milk tea each, and chatted while walking along the brightly lit sidewalk on the river bank.

Liang Xiaoling asked her if she had thought about her resignation clearly.

She said she thought clearly.

Liang Xiaoling suddenly smiled, patted her on the shoulder, and joked, "Don't you leave the company because of your predecessor?"

Xia Zhiyi's ex, by coincidence, was her boss, Jing Ruyu, a very beautiful woman.

When the two met for the first time, they only said that they were ordinary social animals, and they didn't talk about the place of work in depth. It was not until a month after dating that the two dramatically discovered that they were in the same company. Because Jing Ruyu seldom came to their department, so The two have never met.

But they didn't make it public, they tacitly talked about a secret love affair between subordinates and subordinates, because they liked each other very much, and it was so peaceful, they talked smoothly for more than a year, during which time they even lived together.

At that time, she really thought they could go on forever...

She swallowed the pearl and looked into the distance: "If you think too much, it has nothing to do with her.

"I'm just too tired from work and want to take a break—please, I told you a long time ago that I want to travel, I'll just quit without her, okay?"

"Okay, okay, okay," Liang Xiaoling responded with a smile, and then the corners of her lips curved down again, with worry in her eyes, "So are you still thinking about her?"

The breakup was brought up by Jing Ruyu, just half a month ago.

It was mentioned very suddenly, even more suddenly than Xia Zhiyi's decision to resign.

After all, before that, the relationship between the two of them had been stable without any problems.

Xia Zhiyi couldn't tell if there was a problem or not.

Because that breakup was a sign.

They were still living together at that time, but the number of times Jing Ruyu went back to their home decreased significantly, and the number of times they saw each other also decreased.

After that, Jing Ruyu broke up, which was sudden and reasonable.

She said that she was leaving, leaving here, going abroad, and maybe she would never come back.

At that moment, Xia Zhiyi really couldn't believe that this scene like an idol drama could happen to her.

But why do you want to go abroad all of a sudden?

Why can't we be together when we go abroad?

Why never come back?

Why didn't she think about keeping her by her side, even going abroad for development together?

Jing Ruyu didn't tell her the answer, but looked at her deeply for a long time.

In the end, she just hugged her and then turned away. Since then, she has never appeared again, as if she had evaporated from her world.

Xia Zhiyi withdrew her thoughts, suppressed the heat in her eyes and the boredom in her heart, took a sip of milk tea, chewed the pearls for a while, and finally said nonchalantly: "Forgot, I don't remember."

She's not that stupid.

After being together for so long, they know each other well, so she knows better than anyone else that Jing Ruyu is determined to leave, and no one can change it.

"Hey, why bring this up, we came out to play.

"Go, go eat barbecue!"

It's no big deal, there is no grass anywhere in the world, if Jing Ruyu dares to leave, she dares to forget her!

They didn't go to work tomorrow, and the two ate, drank and played for a long time, then said goodbye and went home by car.

Xia Zhiyi didn't drive today and chose to take the bus.

There was no one in the car, and the seat was empty, so she could choose it at will. She chose the seat at the back and sat down, turning her head to look at the night view outside the window.

She suddenly thought of her parents.

She hasn't told her parents about her resignation yet.

I didn't think about the words, and I knew that my parents would probably disagree with me leaving such a good company.

But life is her own, she has a sense of how to live it, and she will tell them later.

The bus started slowly and resumed its journey.

The scenery outside the car window kept receding, and the dark night enveloped the entire city.

The huge body moved forward smoothly, driving on the road she was familiar with, and after a while, the entrance of the tunnel was right in front of her eyes.

This is the only way she has to go home.

The entrance of the tunnel was dark, like a silent and unpredictable black hole.

The headlights here are broken and no one has ever come to fix them, the only source of light is the bus.

Amid the unfathomable darkness and the humming sound of engines, the tunnel was somewhat cramped and empty.

Fortunately, Xia Zhiyi is very courageous, and has been on this road many times, and has already adapted to it. At this time, her mind is calm and there is no disturbance.

She was even a little sleepy.

Playing wildly with friends outside for so long, exhausted a lot of physical strength, coupled with the cool and comfortable air conditioner in the car sweeping across the skin, suddenly increased the weight of the eyelids, making her want to close her eyes and squint for a while.

Anyway, the road is still long, so she squinted for a while...

Close your eyes and rest.

Knowing that she was outside, she didn't dare to fall asleep completely, her consciousness remained awake, and she would wake up immediately with the slightest movement.

It's just that the road is very quiet.

Time passed by in the quiet space, silently.

Gradually, her consciousness began to fall into chaos uncontrollably, becoming blurred.

In a daze, she opened her eyes, and she saw the lights in the car suddenly go out, too fast to stay.

At this moment, an ominous premonition suddenly rose in her heart.

All this seems to indicate something.

What does it portend?

She can't think, she can't understand...

Fortunately, nothing happened, and she finally got home safely, took a shower, and lay down comfortably to sleep.

It's been very cool at night recently, no need to turn on the air conditioner, just open the windows.

The moonlight melted outside the window, and she was lonely and cold, and she slowly fell asleep in the moonlight.

She dreamed that she was on that bus again.

Leaning his head against the window, resting with his eyes closed, his heart is full of longing for the future journey.

Everything is the same, very real, as if she is still in the car and never left.

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