[MT]The Fake Daughter Made a Sensation All Over the World By Relying on Metaphysics

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[MT]The Fake Daughter Made a Sensation All Over the World By Relying on Metaphysics[full text overhead] Gu Muran, the former master of metaphysics, woke up and found that he had become the fake daughter of the Gu family. The Gu family couldn’t bear the thought of their own...
[MT]The Fake Daughter Made a Sensation All Over the World By Relying on Metaphysics is a Romance manga created by Hua Nuan Qing,read the latest chapters of [MT]The Fake Daughter Made a Sensation All Over the World By Relying on Metaphysics online for free in Found Novel.

Latest chapter:Chapter 762: finale (end)

Update:2022-12-16 08:12:28

《[MT]The Fake Daughter Made a Sensation All Over the World By Relying on Metaphysics》Latest chapter

Chapter 762: finale (end)
Chapter 761: Finale (1)
Chapter 760: Life is not the same quilt, death is the same hole
Chapter 759: The Tomb of the National Teacher
Chapter 758: Didn't this life end well?
Chapter 757: Cui's tomb guard vs the reincarnation of the prince
Chapter 756: Transferring the cause and effect of blood evil, the culprit is bound in a cocoon
Chapter 755: Former apprentices are now big bosses
Chapter 754: She is just my wife in this life
Chapter 753: ten generations for one
Chapter 752: I wish to protect you with all my beliefs
Chapter 751: that will be punished
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《[MT]The Fake Daughter Made a Sensation All Over the World By Relying on Metaphysics》all chapters

Chapter 1: Mystery Master Arrives
Chapter 2: kill three birds with one stone
Chapter 3: who do you think You Are
Chapter 4: Hug the sisters
Chapter 5: Good fortune
Chapter 6: small black flower at the tiger's mouth
Chapter 7: misfortune comes from mouth
Chapter 8: body seems to be asleep
Chapter 9: it's time
Chapter 10: please teach me
Chapter 11: not as well known
Chapter 12: Xitai Mountain
Chapter 13: medical center
Chapter 14: Gu's family has a daughter with kidney failure
Chapter 15: Misfortune diverted to the east
Chapter 16: Watching the fun is not a big deal
Chapter 17: I want to ask you for proof
Chapter 18: miss she is missing
Chapter 19: Gu Muran why!
Chapter 20: Is what Yun said false?
Chapter 21: sobriety
Chapter 22: we spoil you too much
Chapter 23: You are still so delusional
Chapter 24: God bless her
Chapter 25: once had a relationship
Chapter 26: Don't even try to fail
Chapter 27: Rebirth
Chapter 28: wait for the next wave
Chapter 29: The big devil eats little fairies
Chapter 30: What kind of hospitality is this?
Chapter 31: Afraid of harming pond fish
Chapter 32: our joy is back
Chapter 33: Rush to the front line to eat your own melon
Chapter 34: The devil will be on stage soon
Chapter 35: unless the brain is rusty
Chapter 36: Are you going out without a brain?
Chapter 37: Please clean your ears
Chapter 38: be careful these days
Chapter 39: This is good news, do you like it?
Chapter 40: Mr. Lu, stay safe
Chapter 41: Already in bad luck
Chapter 42: Doom Charm
Chapter 43: This is the signature
Chapter 44: All very good
Chapter 45: You have insulted the name of the master!
Chapter 46: Wife separated
Chapter 47: The bridge breaks and the road breaks, the boat breaks through the wind
Chapter 48: Be attracted
Chapter 49: Yunting Resort Hotel
Chapter 50: Brother Gu can consider it
Chapter 51: Where to move?
Chapter 52: young fame
Chapter 53: Want to build a long-term meal ticket relationship
Chapter 54: Not cute, but handsome
Chapter 55: special patient
Chapter 56: can i log into your account
Chapter 57: Aspect of Disaster
Chapter 58: Look like you've never seen the world
Chapter 59: You are afraid of bloodshed today
Chapter 60: get back to your seat now
Chapter 61: Refresh past impressions again
Chapter 62: we give you a little pocket money
Chapter 63: My brother is great
Chapter 64: You dare?
Chapter 65: dad, your phone is ringing
Chapter 66: Is this too deceiving?
Chapter 67: What about that arrogance?
Chapter 68: Ye Lingshan, your father is on fire
Chapter 69: I wish the youngest daughter
Chapter 70: Gu Muran, stop!
Chapter 71: Toad still wants to eat swan meat
Chapter 72: considered bad luck
Chapter 73: The whole campus is a hit
Chapter 74: Am I right?
Chapter 75: news hotspot
Chapter 76: very crazy tone
Chapter 77: Remuneration cannot be delayed, karma cannot be owed
Chapter 78: Simply stupid!
Chapter 79: How many boats do you really step on?
Chapter 80: My elder brother is the best
Chapter 81: As long as it's his, I can give it to her
Chapter 82: Guaranteed you can think of the happiness of all
Chapter 83: you let us down so much
Chapter 84: be careful with this bad woman
Chapter 85: merit talisman paper
Chapter 86: Today is the feast of apology
Chapter 87: After careful investigation
Chapter 88: poison plan one after another
Chapter 89: Are you playing hide and seek with me?
Chapter 90: What is Live Color and Fragrance!
Chapter 91: soaring voice
Chapter 92: Mrs. Lu, why don't you explain?
Chapter 93: see puke
Chapter 94: Stranded on the seventh floor
Chapter 95: Skybridge's Fortune Teller
Chapter 96: This can be regarded as self-inflicted!
Chapter 97: Once convicted
Chapter 98: Take all these people away!
Chapter 99: The God of Medicine is an old man with a kind heart
Chapter 100: face has changed
Chapter 101: conspiracy years ago
Chapter 102: Seven Star Locking Array
Chapter 103: about my blood
Chapter 104: Black mist wrapped in red silk thread
Chapter 105: It's like losing a million dollars
Chapter 106: There is no good fruit in this world
Chapter 107: Cause and effect of ten generations
Chapter 108: Alarmed Xuanmen
Chapter 109: sin too deep
Chapter 110: fulfilled
Chapter 111: Oniichi
Chapter 112: tomb evil
Chapter 113: dead air
Chapter 114: There are no pants left
Chapter 115: Secrets must not be leaked
Chapter 116: deprive others of luck
Chapter 117: a short-lived face
Chapter 118: milky white stone
Chapter 119: Zhixuecao is stained with evil spirit
Chapter 120: will wipe out different blood flowers
Chapter 121: Arrogant aunt
Chapter 122: In the face of disaster, fly separately
Chapter 123: I won't let her go even if she dies
Chapter 124: I'm the one who's ashamed
Chapter 125: weird things
Chapter 126: This is how the same thing
Chapter 127: The truth may be crueler
Chapter 128: What is Mr. Lai nervous about?
Chapter 129: bad luck
Chapter 130: It's getting weirder
Chapter 131: the truth
Chapter 132: nailed to the pillar of shame
Chapter 133: There is no need to exist anymore
Chapter 134: worry you big headed ghost
Chapter 135: Not allowed to be presumptuous
Chapter 136: The face has started to crumble
Chapter 137: Large double standard site
Chapter 138: You are afraid that your brain will be eaten by a dog
Chapter 139: highest courtesy
Chapter 140: hide a formation
Chapter 141: real purpose
Chapter 142: really crazy
Chapter 143: noisy
Chapter 144: box
Chapter 145: thousand years ago
Chapter 146: sealed
Chapter 147: memory
Chapter 148: warn
Chapter 149: Block evil
Chapter 150: provocative
Chapter 151: not long to live
Chapter 152: tomb?
Chapter 153: shouldn't exist
Chapter 154: old fool
Chapter 155: be targeted
Chapter 156: Good luck
Chapter 157: Steal life
Chapter 158: was replaced
Chapter 159: stiff as a marionette
Chapter 160: sinful
Chapter 161: calculate
Chapter 162: brain kicked by a donkey
Chapter 163: evil star
Chapter 164: Falling off a cliff
Chapter 165: causal line
Chapter 166: slap in the face
Chapter 167: Zero points
Chapter 168: Wan Duzi
Chapter 169: besieged
Chapter 170: wall dong
Chapter 171: Odds are zero
Chapter 172: loose the temper
Chapter 173: lead dream
Chapter 174: apprentice
Chapter 175: a measly five million
Chapter 176: There are visions
Chapter 177: There is a distinguished guest at home
Chapter 178: Taoist
Chapter 179: ragged old man
Chapter 180: beyond redemption
Chapter 181: weird combination
Chapter 182: omen of great misfortune
Chapter 183: I haven't been in love yet
Chapter 184: dawn in the dark
Chapter 185: come like a god
Chapter 186: I obey the destiny
Chapter 187: Lu Chaolan's displeasure
Chapter 188: let her never turn over
Chapter 189: once in a century
Chapter 190: inner obsession
Chapter 191: The power of faith
Chapter 192: must stay
Chapter 193: I put it next to me
Chapter 194: tricky
Chapter 195: The existence of killing
Chapter 196: Lost fate?
Chapter 197: sealed
Chapter 198: Recovery with interest
Chapter 199: just to support
Chapter 200: Say it again, don't be shy
Chapter 201: Do you want to be famous and crazy!
Chapter 202: he must be blind
Chapter 203: All of a sudden kicked the iron plate
Chapter 204: Inexplicably more disciples
Chapter 205: Xuanmen is willing to treat her as a guest
Chapter 206: The **** of medicine protects her majestically
Chapter 207: Why should she! !
Chapter 208: Is it not good to live?
Chapter 209: Don't talk nonsense every day!
Chapter 210: It's not a loss of memory
Chapter 211: white tiger haunting
Chapter 212: Can I catch your heat?
Chapter 213: A few lives are not enough
Chapter 214: Brother Lang, it's not about you, is it?
Chapter 215: A gift from the prince of the Lu family in Kyoto
Chapter 216: something strange
Chapter 217: so weird
Chapter 218: These are the two ancestors
Chapter 219: get me in
Chapter 220: There was an eerie silence
Chapter 221: I have to ask my cousin
Chapter 222: Dare to **** someone in front of the prince of Kyoto
Chapter 223: really scares them
Chapter 224: I'm afraid it's bad luck
Chapter 225: don't get too close to me
Chapter 226: Ke wife
Chapter 227: He is not worthy! [add more]
Chapter 228: ancient tomb discovered
Chapter 229: Kyoto Antique Research Institute
Chapter 230: want to have a chance encounter
Chapter 231: Hit and miss
Chapter 232: What wedding banquet?
Chapter 233: If the national teacher dies, the country will be in danger
Chapter 234: Said to worship me in front of my face?
Chapter 235: Is it already infected with evil spirits?
Chapter 236: symptoms
Chapter 237: The blocked person has nothing to say
Chapter 238: The pinnacle of connections?
Chapter 239: Kyoto Special Administrative Bureau
Chapter 240: That's crazy
Chapter 241: Fate star faded
Chapter 242: something unexpected happened
Chapter 243: Aunt doesn't wait
Chapter 244: If you don't want to do it, leave early
Chapter 245: give me a reasonable explanation
Chapter 246: Don't dare speak rudely in front of her
Chapter 247: hunting object
Chapter 248: take offense
Chapter 249: Formation origin
Chapter 250: Fate has been transferred
Chapter 251: The fate of three, the evil of two
Chapter 252: Introduce evil spirits into the body
Chapter 253: Don't go crazy!
Chapter 254: stand there and wait
Chapter 255: If you want to kill me, it's up to you?
Chapter 256: The angry nose is almost crooked
Chapter 257: The legendary ancient array?
Chapter 258: Found the traces of the national teacher
Chapter 259: Clues in the Chamber of Secrets
Chapter 260: So weak?
Chapter 261: angry horse fresh clothes boy
Chapter 262: Fate star haunts the gray line
Chapter 263: that's not the case
Chapter 264: must be artificial
Chapter 265: Was it arranged by the national teacher before?
Chapter 266: Wealth collides with good and bad health
Chapter 267: offensive array
Chapter 268: Looks more like a scumbag
Chapter 269: shock
Chapter 270: Copper printing is stained with evil spirits
Chapter 271: suppress
Chapter 272: The covetous evil cultivator
Chapter 273: Lobbying her to dig her own grave in the future?
Chapter 274: vanish in an instant
Chapter 275: This is a kind of resentment
Chapter 276: I almost can't catch up with this wave of gossip
Chapter 277: Today is the highlight
Chapter 278: How is Feng Shui?
Chapter 279: the blood
Chapter 280: If you really cut off your offspring, you're finished.
Chapter 281: Hit to be childless
Chapter 282: Hit her, **** you!
Chapter 283: There is a murder case in the Yun family
Chapter 284: why does it disappear
Chapter 285: I'm willing to trap you with my life
Chapter 286: Advise her to join the Warlock Guild
Chapter 287: Soul search!
Chapter 288: Are you a descendant of her apprentice?
Chapter 289: You should call me grandpa
Chapter 290: Inheritance of Jade Brand
Chapter 291: Aran's life is better than mine
Chapter 292: This thing is too absurd
Chapter 293: The national teacher took the time to give birth to a child?
Chapter 294: been followed
Chapter 295: First Love Girls
Chapter 296: stillbirth
Chapter 297: The truth is crueler than he imagined
Chapter 298: Doing things for Mrs. Lu does not feel hard
Chapter 299: not to fall in love
Chapter 300: Gu Muran: We won't have children
Chapter 301: Barbecue with beer, life is not in vain
Chapter 302: She is Wang Fa
Chapter 303: Who gave you the guts to say that?
Chapter 304: The Overlord of the Kyoto Business District
Chapter 305: that's a threat
Chapter 306: Build momentum for the princess
Chapter 307: so many girls
Chapter 308: i still like him
Chapter 309: There is a faint tendency to develop towards Peach Blossom Sha
Chapter 310: backlash
Chapter 311: sensitive
Chapter 312: verify
Chapter 313: kind of magical
Chapter 314: abnormal
Chapter 315: Grandfather's final foothold
Chapter 316: There is guidance in the dark
Chapter 317: no need
Chapter 318: almost missed
Chapter 319: woman on the roof
Chapter 320: Is it to lure fish into the bait?
Chapter 321: 100 million, we lose money and goods
Chapter 322: The sinner Liu Zidai came to make amends
Chapter 323: change of star
Chapter 324: It's not good to come in so late
Chapter 325: Am I very shameless
Chapter 326: brother
Chapter 327: Little Lord
Chapter 328: The Secret of the Liu Family Ancestral Hall
Chapter 329: self-directed
Chapter 330: bloody
Chapter 331: blood fog
Chapter 332: The soul is a little unstable
Chapter 333: blood-stained tombstone
Chapter 334: Unable to live in peace?
Chapter 335: unusual corpse
Chapter 336: Liu's more than a hundred lives
Chapter 337: breakthrough
Chapter 338: Trapped souls for millennia
Chapter 339: omen of great misfortune
Chapter 340: real burial ground
Chapter 341: he saw the face of the regent
Chapter 342: Part of the merit value disappears
Chapter 343: Simple and harmless traffic niche
Chapter 344: What the **** are you doing!
Chapter 345: What does it matter if you don't have relatives or no reason?
Chapter 346: Pay off debts for ancestors
Chapter 347: Get out of the police station with your front foot, and get into an accident with your back foot
Chapter 348: weird process
Chapter 349: it's just out of line
Chapter 350: The case suddenly became creepy
Chapter 351: my wife is rich
Chapter 352: The Nightmare Formation is his punishment
Chapter 353: flirtatious
Chapter 354: My sister asked for a contact information for you?
Chapter 355: a star will be born
Chapter 356: Was it to tempt him on purpose?
Chapter 357: Is it possible that urgency is contagious?
Chapter 358: I'm not drunk
Chapter 359: the truth
Chapter 360: So, you've been waiting until now?
Chapter 361: life saving grace
Chapter 362: The only point of connection between them is one person
Chapter 363: The patriarch left behind a kit
Chapter 364: The picture of the year is reproduced
Chapter 365: he owes you
Chapter 366: Find out about Lu Chaolan's past life
Chapter 367: Maybe it wasn't a mistake
Chapter 368: In this way, a complete closed loop is formed
Chapter 369: Gu Muran needs to take action to solve this matter
Chapter 370: It can only be said that he has an expert behind him.
Chapter 371: The genius of the Sheng family
Chapter 372: Choose another benefactor
Chapter 373: White Pond
Chapter 374: Who was it targeted at?
Chapter 375: no room for negotiation
Chapter 376: Weird dream, will it come true?
Chapter 377: easy to eat back
Chapter 378: blind
Chapter 379: i would like
Chapter 380: God **** it
Chapter 381: How could it be such a coincidence that things came like a god?
Chapter 382: The theory of shocking karmic retribution
Chapter 383: Is this hard work mixed with other people's luck?
Chapter 384: relationship between the three
Chapter 385: Ye Family's Inheritance
Chapter 386: illegitimate child
Chapter 387: Head seal
Chapter 388: The belated call from Professor Wei
Chapter 389: B level authority
Chapter 390: It was just a premeditated meeting
Chapter 391: There are too many people pursuing me, and I am also more distressed
Chapter 392: I think it should be unprecedented
Chapter 393: Senior, you should not go out today
Chapter 394: Empress dragon and phoenix bracelet
Chapter 395: What a rhetoric!
Chapter 396: this is your lesson
Chapter 397: bloodbath
Chapter 398: Fate has dimmed
Chapter 399: The instant explosion caused a sensation on the campus
Chapter 400: jade carving imitation
Chapter 401: Aren't you the most handsome man in the world?
Chapter 402: Have you ever seen this thing from your ancestors?
Chapter 403: There are traces of burns
Chapter 404: So why did they choose me?
Chapter 405: This is to lure us into a trap on purpose.
Chapter 406: dead air
Chapter 407: This thing is full of weirdness
Chapter 408: The situation is not optimistic
Chapter 409: pawn shop
Chapter 410: It's a beast
Chapter 411: His authority is far beyond their imagination
Chapter 412: drop out
Chapter 413: Confused
Chapter 414: drop your disguise
Chapter 415: self-inflicted
Chapter 416: never take chances
Chapter 417: bloody handprint
Chapter 418: She almost died, what do you think she was trying to do?
Chapter 419: inexplicable post
Chapter 420: real intention
Chapter 421: must protect him
Chapter 422: Hope to get a hexagram
Chapter 423: sound the alarm
Chapter 424: It was written by the master of the country at that time
Chapter 425: The sealed mystic master gene disappeared
Chapter 426: Grace
Chapter 427: dead strange
Chapter 428: brother likes you so much
Chapter 429: things that happened thousands of years ago
Chapter 430: He offended the head of the house and slapped me
Chapter 431: The soul is hidden in the jade seal
Chapter 432: I can recommend myself
Chapter 433: Be safe, be happy, be good
Chapter 434: This trip is fruitless
Chapter 435: New Year's Eve
Chapter 436: disappeared
Chapter 437: this is my last wish
Chapter 438: There's always someone who wants to die
Chapter 439: There is an unfinished cause and effect
Chapter 440: Lu Chaolan plays the rich brother
Chapter 441: Anomalies in the village
Chapter 442: crying for mercy
Chapter 443: This village hides a lot of evil
Chapter 444: To lure wolves into the village?
Chapter 445: illegal trading
Chapter 446: she is god
Chapter 447: she is loved
Chapter 448: Coercing the four senior Chinese painters?
Chapter 449: someone else got hurt
Chapter 450: involved with the Sheng family
Chapter 451: weakness
Chapter 452: his original name
Chapter 453: The anomaly of the exhibition
Chapter 454: Something abnormal downstairs
Chapter 455: shit nonsense
Chapter 456: People from my Sheng family?
Chapter 457: Bureau?
Chapter 458: Do you think they would be so kind?
Chapter 459: Under the building are the ancestors of the Bi family
Chapter 460: pile of spirit cards
Chapter 461: puppetry
Chapter 462: mysterious passage
Chapter 463: dark blue flame
Chapter 464: Are you really leaving?
Chapter 465: A group of dog bastards
Chapter 466: Broken kneecap
Chapter 467: inexplicable file
Chapter 468: National teacher stealing national luck?
Chapter 469: The coffin lid can't hold it down anymore
Chapter 470: relapse
Chapter 471: An accident happened
Chapter 472: trade off
Chapter 473: Ragdoll
Chapter 474: dead body disappears
Chapter 475: Where are you going, little sister?
Chapter 476: black rune paper
Chapter 477: burnt woman
Chapter 478: Sister, you are always so eccentric
Chapter 479: hatred in their eyes
Chapter 480: Siblings? It's better to say that the enemy is kinder
Chapter 481: Emperor's Mausoleum is not guaranteed
Chapter 482: feel like a pervert
Chapter 483: foreknowledge
Chapter 484: don't want to die young
Chapter 485: Refining room
Chapter 486: resentment
Chapter 487: Yan Heng knows everything
Chapter 488: He clearly loves the person in front of him
Chapter 489: The logic of strange circles
Chapter 490: reincarnation
Chapter 491: My master always calls me Ah Ran
Chapter 492: Sister, how can you favor an outsider
Chapter 493: Hit without a wife
Chapter 494: Turnaround
Chapter 495: please stay away from me
Chapter 496: crowd gathering
Chapter 497: You are a legal couple, what are you afraid of?
Chapter 498: spell
Chapter 499: something big is going to happen
Chapter 500: Stimulate or not
Chapter 501: blood ice mountain
Chapter 502: curse
Chapter 503: angel **** shop
Chapter 504: Weird way
Chapter 505: buyer
Chapter 506: Tips change
Chapter 507: Emperor's Tomb
Chapter 508: Mysterious Special Administration
Chapter 509: Did I meet you somewhere?
Chapter 510: Who are you?
Chapter 511: Shuryo
Chapter 512: we are guilty
Chapter 513: Karma Blood Fiend Riot
Chapter 514: Ancestral handwriting
Chapter 515: Generations are short-lived
Chapter 516: How can there be such a face?
Chapter 517: regret
Chapter 518: Anxiety of life and death
Chapter 519: not him
Chapter 520: insider
Chapter 521: dragon coffin
Chapter 522: weird corpse
Chapter 523: Junior sister?
Chapter 524: Powerless
Chapter 525: She is the one he wants all his life
Chapter 526: Dying
Chapter 527: her luck
Chapter 528: Have you ever thought about it?
Chapter 529: dead body
Chapter 530: Pingyao
Chapter 531: How did you become that traitor?
Chapter 532: imprisoned
Chapter 533: Sudden
Chapter 534: like seeing the truth of everything
Chapter 535: More than uneasy and kind?
Chapter 536: close to death
Chapter 537: target of the man behind
Chapter 538: I want to wear away all her strength
Chapter 539: How do you think I need to be polite with you?
Chapter 540: Still pretending to be confused here
Chapter 541: lottery
Chapter 542: their strategy was successful
Chapter 543: Scarlet Jade
Chapter 544: Atonement? It's ridiculous!
Chapter 545: Is it not as you wish?
Chapter 546: Dream B&B
Chapter 547: Don't run around when it's dark
Chapter 548: weird meal
Chapter 549: shadow outside the window
Chapter 550: bad omen
Chapter 551: corpse case
Chapter 552: Everyone despises
Chapter 553: Isn't it all thanks to you?
Chapter 554: Why is the soul power so weak?
Chapter 555: Ask the regent to kill this witch
Chapter 556: shelter?
Chapter 557: death is more terrifying
Chapter 558: bigger conspiracy
Chapter 559: does it worth?
Chapter 560: Cried
Chapter 561: Abnormalities in Xishan Village
Chapter 562: Controlled by the Dreamweaver
Chapter 563: Clay sculpture
Chapter 564: Authenticity to be considered
Chapter 565: misfortune
Chapter 566: This wave, no loss!
Chapter 567: ice coffin
Chapter 568: The storm is coming
Chapter 569: record
Chapter 570: someone else's soul
Chapter 571: can no longer be called human
Chapter 572: Detain soul
Chapter 573: dream weaver
Chapter 574: don't daydream
Chapter 575: dead
Chapter 576: mutiny
Chapter 577: giant pit
Chapter 578: successive explosions
Chapter 579: Will these have something to do with their Cui family?
Chapter 580: cat and mouse
Chapter 581: Touch ban
Chapter 582: Merit points are all derived from her
Chapter 583: Who is Gu Muran's classmate?
Chapter 584: financial resources
Chapter 585: hint her
Chapter 586: My wife is my ideal type
Chapter 587: That's the ancestral feud
Chapter 588: Who got into the eyes of the prince
Chapter 589: future niece and daughter-in-law
Chapter 590: I can't see the little girl's expression clearly
Chapter 591: Lu Chaolan asked Second Aunt for help
Chapter 592: Got something bad?
Chapter 593: dead bodies
Chapter 594: immersion body
Chapter 595: meet by chance
Chapter 596: insanity
Chapter 597: he said i was dirty
Chapter 598: Bewitched
Chapter 599: Take the initiative
Chapter 600: Something big happened
Chapter 601: Set up a death row
Chapter 602: Please follow me back to the police station to cooperate with the investigation
Chapter 603: hide something unclean
Chapter 604: cruel
Chapter 605: Chilling
Chapter 606: Curse of the Ten Directions
Chapter 607: I've always had revenge
Chapter 608: you let me in, okay?
Chapter 609: blatant threat
Chapter 610: Junior sister, what are you planning?
Chapter 611: the presence of variables
Chapter 612: i never regret
Chapter 613: What Weakness Really Means
Chapter 614: Weaknesses can change the game
Chapter 615: must protect him
Chapter 616: Just like the initial restraint
Chapter 617: Soul is affected
Chapter 618: The breath of an angel's **** shop?
Chapter 619: They want to - explode
Chapter 620: ferocious soul like a wolf cub
Chapter 621: Could it be that they are forcing us to take the initiative?
Chapter 622: stay away from me
Chapter 623: noble son
Chapter 624: did not challenge each other
Chapter 625: Disguise
Chapter 626: it's all your fault-
Chapter 627: brother appears
Chapter 628: Intertwined fingers
Chapter 629: The matter of Shengze
Chapter 630: Abbot of Tongling Temple
Chapter 631: is auspicious
Chapter 632: misfortune
Chapter 633: dare not take joe
Chapter 634: Everything has a fate, everything is up to you
Chapter 635: Marry a beautiful girl, give birth to a fat baby
Chapter 636: pawn
Chapter 637: Aran's painting skills are getting better and better
Chapter 638: disappeared
Chapter 639: You really don't have a long memory
Chapter 640: the bubble
Chapter 641: Young master of the Ning family
Chapter 642: Attending with family members?
Chapter 643: wish for
Chapter 644: Brother, I'm really going to be chilled.
Chapter 645: I've hurt people for so many lives
Chapter 646: What are you dreaming about?
Chapter 647: I can only leave her
Chapter 648: It's all the witch's fault
Chapter 649: Ice Spirit Mirror
Chapter 650: Chiling Mountain
Chapter 651: cremation
Chapter 652: legends of the spirit world
Chapter 653: Born in front of Tianze Stone
Chapter 654: She is not from your world
Chapter 655: When did I lie to Junior Sister?
Chapter 656: Will you choose to cooperate with the enemy?
Chapter 657: Apologize
Chapter 658: deep-rooted reaction
Chapter 659: Is it up to you?
Chapter 660: just now
Chapter 661: choose me
Chapter 662: official announcement
Chapter 663: Not a descendant of the national teacher
Chapter 664: Do you know how the national teacher died back then?
Chapter 665: You will only be more miserable
Chapter 666: still dare not presumptuous
Chapter 667: misfortune
Chapter 668: let me go
Chapter 669: Came here because of what Ms. Gu said about breaking the game
Chapter 670: Superb acting
Chapter 671: why the rules
Chapter 672: you are a devil
Chapter 673: repeat the same trick
Chapter 674: this is your own admission
Chapter 675: Legacy of the Mystic
Chapter 676: more mysterious existence
Chapter 677: bullying
Chapter 678: You will know when you start
Chapter 679: But changed your mind?
Chapter 680: Cause and Effect of the Secret Service
Chapter 681: Meet
Chapter 682: What game was broken?
Chapter 683: Can't see the existence of light
Chapter 684: full of sin
Chapter 685: white heart?
Chapter 686: showed up
Chapter 687: omen of great misfortune
Chapter 688: being targeted
Chapter 689: VIP visit
Chapter 690: to give a bad review
Chapter 691: innocent person
Chapter 692: Dogs hate dogs
Chapter 693: he deserves it
Chapter 694: His Royal Highness
Chapter 695: It seems that the junior sister is not satisfied with this gift
Chapter 696: So what if the scourge is lowered?
Chapter 697: it's all bullshit
Chapter 698: something is wrong
Chapter 699: If restore all?
Chapter 700: Her soul power is the most attractive
Chapter 701: shocking secret
Chapter 702: Digging pits?
Chapter 703: stimulate the blood
Chapter 704: Turn against each other
Chapter 705: Anomalies
Chapter 706: hide insider
Chapter 707: something is wrong
Chapter 708: really unexpected
Chapter 709: long heard name
Chapter 710: The sky in Kyoto is about to change
Chapter 711: terrible idea
Chapter 712: Not very clear
Chapter 713: Give way
Chapter 714: I think they are laying out
Chapter 715: she's taking revenge on everyone
Chapter 716: Not yet a crash situation
Chapter 717: Apprenticeship
Chapter 718: don't bother you
Chapter 719: breaking news
Chapter 720: How is she worthy!
Chapter 721: She is the teacher herself
Chapter 722: Carrying souls
Chapter 723: bad feeling
Chapter 724: it's all bullshit
Chapter 725: Lu Jiahu Duzi
Chapter 726: how is this possible
Chapter 727: weird dream
Chapter 728: What is the purpose?
Chapter 729: The reincarnation of the national teacher
Chapter 730: God's instructions
Chapter 731: not a good time
Chapter 732: inevitable
Chapter 733: hit it off
Chapter 734: What evidence?
Chapter 735: Irregular picture
Chapter 736: Can you believe in past and present lives?
Chapter 737: cause of past life, fruit of present life
Chapter 738: The witch is a disaster for the country
Chapter 739: no place to die
Chapter 740: Ask for help with a begging attitude
Chapter 741: Stubborn
Chapter 742: Do you cry for yourself in advance?
Chapter 743: Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 744: Curse you can't love
Chapter 745: another catastrophe
Chapter 746: Uncle, stop her quickly!
Chapter 747: blatant threat
Chapter 748: These years, I have suffered from you
Chapter 749: now the choice is yours
Chapter 750: everything came so suddenly
Chapter 751: that will be punished
Chapter 752: I wish to protect you with all my beliefs
Chapter 753: ten generations for one
Chapter 754: She is just my wife in this life
Chapter 755: Former apprentices are now big bosses
Chapter 756: Transferring the cause and effect of blood evil, the culprit is bound in a cocoon
Chapter 757: Cui's tomb guard vs the reincarnation of the prince
Chapter 758: Didn't this life end well?
Chapter 759: The Tomb of the National Teacher
Chapter 760: Life is not the same quilt, death is the same hole
Chapter 761: Finale (1)
Chapter 762: finale (end)