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[MT]Quanmin Island: My island is alive!Traveling to Blue Star, eighteen-year-olds in this world can enter the island world and become island owners after being tested. Xu Chengfeng’s awakening talent ability “Life Activ...
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Latest chapter:Chapter 401: Five-color dragon! Evil Dragon! Blood of the Black Dragon!

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《[MT]Quanmin Island: My island is alive!》Latest chapter

Chapter 401: Five-color dragon! Evil Dragon! Blood of the Black Dragon!
Chapter 400: Overlord meal! He is quite sensible, unlike you!
Chapter 399: The dragon roars! Little Della enters the town!
Chapter 398: My mother is Natalie! Twenty days have passed!
Chapter 397: Conspiracy to rebel! We want to be masters! Overthrow Xu Chengfeng's rule!
Chapter 396: The little white dragon hatches! The pride of pure blood dragons!
Chapter 395: I'm curious! The story of Dill, Bishop of the Church of Stormwind!
Chapter 394: Receive people first! Process again! I am indeed betrayed!
Chapter 393: Executed Philip! Gamir exposed!
Chapter 392: Last goodbye! Thea and the deep sea giant
Chapter 391: Over-nutrient white dragon eggs! Heal Skarna!
Chapter 390: Lord Lord please kill Dill! Underworld rotten water!
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《[MT]Quanmin Island: My island is alive!》all chapters

Chapter 1: A talent that surpasses the world's assessment: Life Activation!
Chapter 2: Revitalize the heart of the island! Become an island owner!
Chapter 3: Newcomer King! Dragon Blood Warrior!
Chapter 4: Kill the bear with one punch! The spirit of the island!
Chapter 5: Activate the Fountain of the Holy Spirit! Treasure against the sky!
Chapter 6: Falling cherry tree! Back to Blue Star!
Chapter 7: Consortium draws! Independent development!
Chapter 8: Open up wasteland! Mass production of subordinates!
Chapter 9: Crazy upgrade! Prepare to open up wasteland!
Chapter 10: planting! The surrounded vice-principal Bai!
Chapter 11: Never reveal your coordinates!
Chapter 12: Crazy life energy! The provocation of the second island owner!
Chapter 13: Set sail! We have to rely on the waves!
Chapter 14: Capital power! Surely you can put that lucky guy on the bottom of your feet!
Chapter 15: Horror Aboriginal Numbers! Island planning will not!
Chapter 16: New island! Dread python! More entangling than a dread python!
Chapter 17: Trading channel! Irrigation of blood tree seeds!
Chapter 18: Does it have a tail? Have pointy ears? Does it have wings?
Chapter 19: Actively skip the newcomer protection period! Unexpected attack!
Chapter 20: I don't sail! But I can drive the island!
Chapter 21: Low-level development scroll! Black-hearted merchants!
Chapter 22: Bitten ice cream and space ring!
Chapter 23: Wilson being mocked by the crowd! Revitalize Yeti and Space!
Chapter 24: Spirit of space! The first drop of holy spring!
Chapter 25: Crumb World! Farmland blood locusts!
Chapter 26: Trade Island Seeds! Gold mid-grade crystal nucleus!
Chapter 27: Aboriginal riots! Wilson lost a lot!
Chapter 28: The prototype of the sea, land and air army! Time to go back!
Chapter 29: Back to Blue Star! Set up a company!
Chapter 30: Pinghai Trading Company! Chen Xinping!
Chapter 31: Interest free loan! trivia! Chengfeng trade!
Chapter 32: Aboriginal island! Spirit of the Island talent upgrade!
Chapter 33: Professional fight! Take orders online!
Chapter 34: Direct Deal! Sell ​​Intermediate Island Seeds!
Chapter 35: A wave of riches! The Spirit of the Gold Top Grade Holy Spring!
Chapter 36: Speed ​​up the island! Ogre's Mace!
Chapter 37: Low-level development scroll! Bronze rank corpse!
Chapter 38: exercise! And deal with the living corpses!
Chapter 39: I'm already great! You are a pervert!
Chapter 40: The first immigration and island construction!
Chapter 41: Chef and planning! Keep taking orders!
Chapter 42: 256 cubic meters of space! Atmospheric boss Xu!
Chapter 43: Xu Chengfeng, who is suspected of manipulating the territorial area rankings!
Chapter 44: I'm not insulting you! I am educating you!
Chapter 45: Ten days! Exam completed! Island Master Xu is tired!
Chapter 46: Boss Xu, don't worry! Please watch my performance by Ichiro Tanaka!
Chapter 47: White-eyed wolf Ichiro Tanaka! Smooth price increase!
Chapter 48: Arrived at Resource Island! Imposing building!
Chapter 49: Temple of the Storm! Storm believer living corpse!
Chapter 50: Excavation of the Temple! Goddess Statue!
Chapter 51: Resurrection of the Storm Goddess? Missionary?
Chapter 52: Is there any idea of ​​replacing Stia as the goddess of the storm?
Chapter 53: Freedom and ideals and goals! Storm Goddess Janna!
Chapter 54: Totally hit! Flower fairy!
Chapter 55: Conspiracy Flower Fairy! leave safe waters
Chapter 56: Plan! Attract demonic beasts from the nearby seas!
Chapter 57: Must be the master's right-hand man! The boiling demonic beast!
Chapter 58: It should be fine, trust me!
Chapter 59: Grandma said that elemental elves are relatively simple
Chapter 60: Janna-sama's master is so scary!
Chapter 61: Flower Spirit's Fruit Wine! Cheap Elf!
Chapter 62: cerebellum hypoplasia elf wendini
Chapter 63: To save the flower elves! Don't fall!
Chapter 65: Elf! tree man! flower! Prepare!
Chapter 66: Safety! paradise! Can we stay?
Chapter 67: The attachment of the flower spirit! The unfathomable island owner!
Chapter 68: Double the size of the island! Harvest!
Chapter 69: The abyss black fog! Abyss Demon Sparrow is coming!
Chapter 70: Invitation and training of Longguo Island Owners Association
Chapter 71: The surprise brought by the flower elves, the million-year-old farming player!
Chapter 72: Strategic material! The preciousness of magic potions!
Chapter 73: The scolded Xu Chengfeng! Crazy Stephen!
Chapter 74: Cut the leeks! Monica's Lucky Necklace
Chapter 75: New skill burst! Lilith who wants to change!
Chapter 76: Conscience businessman Xu Chengfeng! What about my big pool?
Chapter 77: 1 square kilometer of lake! keep cutting leeks
Chapter 78: Xanadu! Take a photo with the Flower Fairy!
Chapter 79: Work out to exhaustion! Wentini takes the blame!
Chapter 80: Island World is definitely going the wrong way!
Chapter 81: Until the last minute, don't show your trump card!
Chapter 82: I want to blatantly manipulate the leaderboard!
Chapter 83: Harvest is complete! Exaggerated to the extreme wealth!
Chapter 84: Longguo Island Owners Association Invitation Letter! Liu Lele wants to go to the island!
Chapter 85: Interview again! Caring for the Flower Fairy!
Chapter 86: Elf Village Ruins! Green Spirit Fruit Tree!
Chapter 87: Explore the second island! Green Spirit Fruit Tree Cultivation Upgrade!
Chapter 88: buy fish! Can your small fish pond hold that many fish?
Chapter 89: Brick the island roads! Janna who slipped away early!
Chapter 90: The expansive upper village! Adamantite mine! Overtime tonight!
Chapter 91: Janna's information! So you are there!
Chapter 92: Grab some demonized beasts and throw them to Crescent Island! Kill the big family!
Chapter 93: Ask the price! Thirty space rings! Legion!
Chapter 94: The official dragon country expresses its sympathy! C-class gravity chain mail!
Chapter 95: Thomas Consortium! Enhance international influence!
Chapter 96: Abyss and Kane World and Blue Star! Harvest corn and potatoes!
Chapter 97: The third elven island! The Queen of Flowers!
Chapter 98: Lilith's invitation! Come be my neighbor, queen bee!
Chapter 99: Lighthouse Project! Beautiful country official joint top consortium!
Chapter 100: Three kingdoms fight together! Pull Xu Chengfeng off the top spot!
Chapter 101: If they join forces, things get even more interesting!
Chapter 102: He said it was fun! Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers
Chapter 103: Dragon Kingdom's official response! Support Tong Mu!
Chapter 104: The outbreak of state and capital power! Strengthen the water spirit army!
Chapter 105: Beasts always walk alone, only cattle and sheep will be in groups!
Chapter 106: Fight fiercely and enter the danger zone!
Chapter 107: Acquire low-level development scrolls! The Betrayal of the New Island Owners
Chapter 108: Xu Chengfeng's Yang Conspiracy! Tong Mu raises the price! Bidding wildly!
Chapter 109: Boss Xu! God of price increases! Crazy provocation of the Three Kingdoms!
Chapter 110: a lie! Put the three powers on fire!
Chapter 111: Not only to be punished! And whip the corpse! Also make money!
Chapter 112: Liberate the Shui Ling troops! pressure on countries
Chapter 113: More troops! fleet! Thirty more water spirit troops!
Chapter 114: hopeless! Sakura Country announced to withdraw from the Merit List competition!
Chapter 115: Murder and kill! rest assured! The advantage is with us!
Chapter 116: Flying monster island! Get good fertilizer!
Chapter 117: Concern and encouragement from Boss Xu!
Chapter 118: The navy that disappeared from the dangerous sea! Boss Xu, who is addicted to digging dung!
Chapter 119: Forced to collectively give up the merit list! Merge the islands!
Chapter 120: sneak attack! The day of the decisive battle is tomorrow!
Chapter 121: Last half hour! Sure enough, a bunch of despicable villains!
Chapter 122: Aboriginal leaderboard! World class reversal!
Chapter 123: Final battle! The first of the three list! myth!
Chapter 124: Charming heart! D-level talent Lingquan!
Chapter 125: Broken Tree of Life Seeds! I am a pixie!
Chapter 126: Go to Beijing! The entourage Zhou Ling!
Chapter 127: Tied pigs are on the island, and their grades are similar to yours!
Chapter 128: Island World Hotel! Advocate for yourself!
Chapter 129: Longguo Island Owners Association training! Drunk Tong Mu
Chapter 130: Training is over! Space Force!
Chapter 131: Shangcun develops Crescent Island! Janna's gift!
Chapter 132: Fog Demon Squad! An island shrouded in mist!
Chapter 133: Sneak into the village! Take away the Medium Adamantite Ore!
Chapter 134: Tong Mu and others have a headache! The shock of the Temple of the Storm!
Chapter 135: The Temple of the Wind Sktos! The secret of the Seven Temples of Stormwind!
Chapter 136: Diamond-grade seraph! I will not sell it to you!
Chapter 137: Five thousand silk lotuses! Break through to the bronze level!
Chapter 138: The ruins of ancient buildings and golden demonic beasts in the ocean!
Chapter 139: What a start! Island world illegitimate child!
Chapter 140: Song Yongming, a senior in the sky list! The value of pure gold!
Chapter 141: sss abyss dragon venom! Offer for a medium-sized Adamantite mine!
Chapter 142: Fragments of the Shield of Ares! Terrible tech madman!
Chapter 143: Venom and Aegis! A little treat from God of War!
Chapter 144: The majestic full body armor! Prepare to explore!
Chapter 145: Explore the ruins! The temple that was completely destroyed thousands of years ago!
Chapter 146: Salvage Sktos! Diamond grade nuclei!
Chapter 147: Continue to expand the water spirit army! Crazy boost!
Chapter 148: Memories! The bonus of the wonders of the Holy Land!
Chapter 149: The Book of Sktos! Harvest with water ghost upper body!
Chapter 150: The core secret of the Island Owners Association! Saint or God-killer!
Chapter 151: Tan Ying's call! The coordinates shared by dead friends!
Chapter 152: The value of coordinates! Longguo Island Master Association Coordinate Database!
Chapter 153: Tong Mu's help! Fu Qingze with an encouraging attitude!
Chapter 154: Non-exclusive coordinate information! Tick ​​for Miss Clan!
Chapter 155: The identification of special plants by wind spirits! Clay figurine prospecting!
Chapter 156: Small town size! Just pay the toll!
Chapter 157: End of the month! Strong storm is coming! Prepare!
Chapter 158: Enjoy the rain in the storm! Wait for the night!
Chapter 159: The new island owner who is starting to disappear! cruel!
Chapter 160: The two island owners who enjoy the storm! The taste of rain!
Chapter 161: Lucky Heart! Earth Dragon Beast Essence and Blood! Gold tier defense
Chapter 162: Huge harvest! Bronze middle grade! Explosion rate increased!
Chapter 163: Tan Ying's mysterious coordinates! Yuan Magnetic Mineral Vein!
Chapter 164: Activate the element magnet! Elemental Magnetic Snake!
Chapter 165: Your Yuan Magnetic Shield is made of Yuan Magnet? Misunderstanding!
Chapter 166: The power of blood! Biomineral veins!
Chapter 167: The resourceful man! Imperial mid-grade crystal nucleus!
Chapter 168: Collective promotion! The tree of life changes!
Chapter 169: water of life! Time to increase the size of the island!
Chapter 170: Small goals! An increase of 100 square kilometers! Island Spirit loves drag racing!
Chapter 171: Thank you to Tan Ying! People's curiosity!
Chapter 172: The trustworthy boss Xu! Horror speed up!
Chapter 173: The veteran island owner of the Dragon Kingdom who heard the wind! Change the deputy island owner to come forward!
Chapter 174: Your boss has mine in his hands! The vice president has to give face!
Chapter 175: Resource depletion! Three Kingdoms Bounty! Pirates of the island world!
Chapter 176: Mithril engraving! Angel's smile!
Chapter 177: Angel Angel! Tears of Light!
Chapter 178: Angela waiting for redemption! God is gone!
Chapter 179: Eternal Ice Coffin! Half man, half spider!
Chapter 180: The mortal enemy of the elves! Spider Queen Rose and the Dark Elves!
Chapter 181: A girl from ten thousand years ago! My own broken feet!
Chapter 182: Sleep in the basement! Pirates of the abyss!
Chapter 183: Trading again! Scary numbers!
Chapter 184: Hao Heng Ning Yongming! Dwarf Forge!
Chapter 185: lure! Want to fly? I promise not to stay alive!
Chapter 186: All dwarves! Join the Dragon Country Island Owners Association!
Chapter 187: sss Venom Legion takes shape! Leave the tears angel!
Chapter 188:
Chapter 189: Lucky day for Octopus! Hunt the remnants of two gods one after another!
Chapter 190: Hell heaven! Instant transformation! The waiting powerhouses!
Chapter 191: Heart of Darkness and Black Dragon Warrior! Battleship of the Carthaginian Empire!
Chapter 192: The goddess sealed again! The coffin of the abyss!
Chapter 193: The abyss is terrifying! But you are scarier than the abyss!
Chapter 194: The highest praise for beauty! Excited Angel!
Chapter 195: Actually we could eat her! It's a big supplement!
Chapter 196: We can't see the goddess! But the big guys are starting to pick and choose!
Chapter 197: Under the cover of the nest, An You has finished the egg! Dragon Country Island Owners Association in action!
Chapter 198: Want to be a saint? The kind who work until the end of the world!
Chapter 199: Super long range! Activate four hundred goblin technology energy cannons!
Chapter 200: A gift from the Island Owners Association! sss flame flame
Chapter 201: End of March! Sweep the coordinates, and prepare to explore the outer domain!
Chapter 202: SS-level charm talent! Blood of the Black Dragon! Pick up big bargains!
Chapter 203: By leaps and bounds! Gold bottoms! The goddess of the night has something to say!
Chapter 204: The Equal Contract of Paradis, the Goddess of the Night!
Chapter 205: Treat Wentini! S-class water of life!
Chapter 206: Follow the master! Believers are not the problem!
Chapter 207: The Church of the Night is established! Join Angel!
Chapter 208: Xu Chengfeng: I have a friend who was almost killed by you!
Chapter 209: The famous Xu Cheng Feng from the school!蚌zoku jade fat!
Chapter 210: Yuzhi Yuzhu sisters! The escorted clan people!
Chapter 211: Be a slave to a master! It is your honor!
Chapter 212: Thanks to Xu Chengfeng's clam clan! Tong Mu in danger!
Chapter 213: A nuclear warhead that was detonated prematurely! I am waiting for someone!
Chapter 214: A close call! Tong Mu's guidance and cover!
Chapter 215: The pirate was killed by my subordinates! grateful!
Chapter 216: accelerate! All the way north! The last three coordinates!
Chapter 217: High prestige! Congratulations to Tong Mu, the second place in the third list!
Chapter 218: Dark Warrior Abel's Combat Experience Book!
Chapter 219: The Sword of the Holy Shield! Battle within the intermediate pioneering scrolls!
Chapter 220: Tong Mu's gift and shock! Tianxin Tea Tree!
Chapter 221: Are you interested in me? I am not a good guy!
Chapter 222: Wouldn't that President Chu decide to kill a god?
Chapter 223: Chu Bozhong: It is a dream to become a god! Don't want to give up!
Chapter 224: Honorary Vice President! Church of the Night!
Chapter 225: Creator Authority! I really want to own it!
Chapter 226: Emperor Tianxin Tea Tree! Last coordinates!
Chapter 227: Do you remember Abel? Flower Elf Enri!
Chapter 228: The island owner said that the flower elves are the cutest!
Chapter 229: The Church of Light and the Church of the Water God are unveiled! Battle of Faith!
Chapter 230: Build momentum for Angel! The Saint of the Church of the Night!
Chapter 231: Dragon Country Island Owners Association Meeting! Angel is here!
Chapter 232: Shock the world! Enter Outland!
Chapter 233: Dark Spirit Army Plan! Borrow the chicken to lay the egg!
Chapter 234: I am the only one who has it, or do other island owners have it?
Chapter 235: Dangerous Seas! Five hundred butterfly eggs
Chapter 236: Royal Grade Mid-Grade Tianyi Heavy Water! Powerful impact!
Chapter 237: Disadvantage is a blessing! But I don't want to have this blessing!
Chapter 238: Outland intelligent creatures appear! Mermaids chasing murlocs!
Chapter 239: Kerban Mermaid! Murloc Fields!
Chapter 240: Master, I think the mermaid family is a bit too much!
Chapter 241: Seven-star city-state alliance! Star Leaf Island!
Chapter 242: I feel like I'm not as good as a slave on an island!
Chapter 243: Kelp Stew! The reaction of the mermaid
Chapter 244: The scared mermaid elder! Target Bayeux City!
Chapter 245: Xu Chengfeng's gift! Star Leaf Island Angus!
Chapter 246: Angus Breakthrough! Conjectures on Mysterious Visitors!
Chapter 247: The trouble of too much demonized beast meat! Fat Army!
Chapter 248: The status of Bayeux City! Angus waits!
Chapter 249: Arrive at Star Leaf Island! I'm not even qualified to be a maid!
Chapter 250: Visit Bayeux City! Barren city!
Chapter 251: Angus hospitality! Gold-level Blood Spirit Bee!
Chapter 252: Thousand years of secrets! The origin of the abyss messengers!
Chapter 253: Tina's request! Venom Thirty-One!
Chapter 254: The mermaid family who poked the abyss demonized beast nest!
Chapter 255: deep sea giant
Chapter 256: Magic: Great Tsunami! The undeveloped deep-sea overlord!
Chapter 257: no name! Only numbers! No-Name Thirty-One!
Chapter 258: The clam clan eats so well! The status must be very high on the island, right?
Chapter 259: The elite Stegosaurus battleship of the Carthaginian Empire! Watch the boat!
Chapter 260: The Art of Landscaping: Beach No.
Chapter 261: Carthaginians! Carthage Fleet Logistics Unit!
Chapter 262: big Bang! The Sinks line! Nautical chart!
Chapter 263: Hold on till you can't walk! Are you prejudiced against the Church of the Evernight?
Chapter 264: A hundred years ago, the Seven Star City-State Alliance purged the church!
Chapter 265: The difference between having a backer and not having a backer! Mermaid Clan Meeting!
Chapter 266: Is it to rush out of the South Star Sea, or to take refuge in the mysterious island owner?
Chapter 267: Of course hunters are not afraid of their prey! Only afraid of too little!
Chapter 268: The Kerban Mermaid Clan's refuge! Royal blood Thea!
Chapter 269: Epic migration a hundred years ago! Thea has a big problem!
Chapter 270: Paradis: I signed a slave contract with the island owner!
Chapter 271: Dark-bellied goddess of the night! Stia and Gamir!
Chapter 272: Stia, we want to be together! Crying gods!
Chapter 273: Stia has no hope of resurrection! Gamir's cry!
Chapter 274: Stia's consciousness has long been destroyed! God descending tool!
Chapter 275: Crybaby is a little crazy! Being deceived is common!
Chapter 276: Ning Yongming's mobile island has been exposed!
Chapter 277: Xu Chengfeng's family history exposed! Story time!
Chapter 278: The treasure of the mermaid family - Emperor Jade Jade Coral!
Chapter 279: Gamir: Janna, why are you ignoring me?
Chapter 280: Borrowing the country to lay eggs! Your goddess my servant!
Chapter 281: You scared me, you want to pay for mental damage!
Chapter 282: The goddess of the night who was so angry that she broke her defense! Still owed protection fees!
Chapter 283: Recruit people with a talent for dark magic! Also asked Xu Chengfeng!
Chapter 284: You've made a fortune again! Static to self-cultivation, frugal and Germany to support!
Chapter 285: The two sides officially trade! The Dark Master has landed on the island!
Chapter 286: Hollow out the crystal core reserves of Xingye Island! The queen bee of the top-grade blood spirit bee!
Chapter 287: Royal-grade middle-grade jadeite coral! Ocean Field!
Chapter 288: Professional: I admit it! I am a poor man!
Chapter 289: Master, I seem to have seen His Royal Highness Paradis blushing just now
Chapter 290: If I were a hundred years younger, I would want to go too!
Chapter 291: plan? What is the plan? Ellie's apprenticeship! leave!
Chapter 292: Caterpillars raised by Wentini! They are so cute!
Chapter 293: Crazy Shark Clan Appears! The lost island!
Chapter 294: Look for traces! Ocean Church Church relief story!
Chapter 295: Black Shark! Tiger Shark Corps! Catch the mermaid!
Chapter 296: Two flares! Artillery bombing!
Chapter 297: Great sea battle! Big bomb! Fifth round of shooting!
Chapter 298: Backstab from Elder Tiger Shark! Smart people's choice!
Chapter 299: Forbidden lock! Legendary White Dragon Egg!
Chapter 300: Pay the ransom! Eight billion energy points!
Chapter 301: Emperor-level top grade Jannadi
Chapter 302: Islanders who are looking forward to being harvested! Not enough water for life!
Chapter 303: Red-Eyed Eagle and Deep Sea Giant
Chapter 304: Syrah Mage! waiting! Battleship City!
Chapter 305: tell me, little black shark, have you ever seen a mermaid?
Chapter 306: Crazy Sharks and Deep Sea Giants
Chapter 307: Sila Family Heritage Magic Notes! Teach yourself magic!
Chapter 308: Receive the magic note! Islanders who taught themselves magic!
Chapter 309: A small gift from Paradis, the goddess of the night!
Chapter 310: The gate of the abyss! King-level King Kong Magic Eagle!
Chapter 311: Ning Yongming's gift! The king-level white moon dolphin!
Chapter 312: I say send you to send you! The tough and eccentric Ning Yongming!
Chapter 313: The oolong caused by Ning Yongming! Can't bear to separate them!
Chapter 314: As long as it is a creature that can eat and drink, it is troublesome!
Chapter 315: An island targeted by minions of the abyss!
Chapter 316: Enter the territory of the mad shark family! A thousand fire demon crystal spirits!
Chapter 317: whale shark first
Chapter 318: The not-for-sale item of the mad shark family - forbidden magic iron!
Chapter 319: Emperor-level Soul Eater! I don't want to break my principles!
Chapter 320: Troop expansion! The strength has greatly increased rapidly!
Chapter 321: Ning Yongming did it himself! A thousand energy cannons!
Chapter 322: Abyss Giant
Chapter 323: Angel of Tears
Chapter 324: The merit value exceeds that of the island owner of the Tianbang! Are all dragons monsters?
Chapter 325: Seriously pick up the bargains of the meritorious store! The inheritance of the emperor-level black dragon!
Chapter 326: The identity of a newcomer is a protection for others, and a **** for Xu Chengfeng!
Chapter 327: The despised Xu Chengfeng! Eight long legs are gone!
Chapter 328: Invasion of the Church of the Water God! Uncle Chu's anger!
Chapter 329: Erwuzai
Chapter 330: Blue Star's first mine owner Xu Chengfeng! Long live President Xu!
Chapter 331: Buy the Island Owners Association! New leeks can be cultivated and harvested repeatedly!
Chapter 332: Just looking for a bargain! How did you start discussing **** of the world?
Chapter 333: They must be allied! Not enough flower fields!
Chapter 334: The abyss demonized beast group that did not attack the Naga family!
Chapter 335: Shake the three clans! Sarah and Dill and the Old Woman!
Chapter 336: The number of demonized beasts is greatly reduced! Feel threatened!
Chapter 337: Guests on Xu Chengfeng Island! Official inspection team!
Chapter 338: The shock of the investigators of the Island Owners Association! Come on you two!
Chapter 339: Warning to Gamir! The helplessness of the gods of the world of Kane!
Chapter 340: The little spiders that sneaked into the island! Scary island spirit!
Chapter 341: Catch a little spider all night! Revitalize the Abyssal Spider!
Chapter 342: Control the creatures of the abyss! Undercover program! Pay raise!
Chapter 343: Want to prostitute the water of life? I've been in retreat for fifty years!
Chapter 344: The angry Chen Xinping! Ask Vice President Feng Yu face to face!
Chapter 345: All forces gather! Xu Chengfeng, who plans to close the island!
Chapter 346: Deal with pests! Good advice to persuade President Xu not to close the island!
Chapter 347: Feng Yu, Ning Yongming said, he may want to flatten your island!
Chapter 348: If you don't succeed, you must become Ren's vice president Feng Yu!
Chapter 349: Before I could make a shot, the enemy fell!
Chapter 350: I just want them to know I have a bad temper!
Chapter 351: Armless woman! Bishop Skarna of the Southern Star Sea!
Chapter 352: A hundred years of waiting! Crying Skarna!
Chapter 353: Believers embraced by Gamir! Lux must die!
Chapter 354: Before the war! Prepare for war!
Chapter 355: The release limit of Spirit of the Island! Tree of Life Energy Storage!
Chapter 356: Emperor-class tsunami! Overwhelming flying monsters!
Chapter 357: Joint operations! Surface-to-air artillery! Destruction!
Chapter 358: Sit firmly on the Diaoyutai! Selfie! Venom forbidden zone!
Chapter 359: The power of the sea god! Water Elemental Resonance: Super Tsunami!
Chapter 360: A repressive victory! Beheaded by abyss spiders!
Chapter 361: Submerged by the demonized beast crystal nucleus! Shock both worlds!
Chapter 362: The demonized beast swept away by the tsunami! I like to be quiet!
Chapter 363: Ten royal-level high-grade abyss spiders! Undercover dispatched!
Chapter 364: Three legendary powerhouses! The role of the Spirit of the Holy Spring!
Chapter 365: At least not for nothing! It's not like Lux!
Chapter 366: The abyss spider, Monroe, was touched by the red-eyed giant eagle!
Chapter 367: The mad shark family who took the initiative to take refuge in! Seven trees of life!
Chapter 368: The new Holy Spring Spirit! Why activate her?
Chapter 369: You are still the only one of the master! And I am not anymore!
Chapter 370: Special advanced development scroll - Colorful Lake Temple!
Chapter 371: Exploration of a Shattered World! Emperor-level abyss ichthyosaur!
Chapter 372: Colorful Lake Temple! Holy and gentle Gamir!
Chapter 373: Colorful lake with eight colors! The cycle of history!
Chapter 374: The visit of the Naga clan! Eight-armed Naga!
Chapter 375: I want to ask a rude question! Ok?
Chapter 376: Eight-armed Naga! Eight middle fingers! A small gift from the Naga!
Chapter 377: One drop of sss-grade holy spring every day! Unique Natalie!
Chapter 378: The sss-level talent is the spirit of the island! Camera lover light angel!
Chapter 379: The master of Yoshida Island, the cherry blossom country, takes the bait! Xu Chengfeng's gift!
Chapter 380: Take the first drop of the holy spring! Awaken the SS-level Fury Fire talent!
Chapter 381: Swelled to more than 200 square kilometers on behalf of the island! Boost your talent!
Chapter 382: can i go with you? Forced into jail!
Chapter 383: Ella! my good sister! Missing Linda!
Chapter 384: The wonder of colorful lake! Kane's first lake in the world!
Chapter 385: June ends! Target: SS-level lucky heart talent!
Chapter 386: How smart is Gamir! Or fake smart?
Chapter 387: sss career template upgrade scroll! Four hundred billion merits!
Chapter 388: Five Shield of Ares Fragments! sss-level speed enhancement talent!
Chapter 389: Remnants of believers! Dill he's a traitor!
Chapter 390: Lord Lord please kill Dill! Underworld rotten water!
Chapter 391: Over-nutrient white dragon eggs! Heal Skarna!
Chapter 392: Last goodbye! Thea and the deep sea giant
Chapter 393: Executed Philip! Gamir exposed!
Chapter 394: Receive people first! Process again! I am indeed betrayed!
Chapter 395: I'm curious! The story of Dill, Bishop of the Church of Stormwind!
Chapter 396: The little white dragon hatches! The pride of pure blood dragons!
Chapter 397: Conspiracy to rebel! We want to be masters! Overthrow Xu Chengfeng's rule!
Chapter 398: My mother is Natalie! Twenty days have passed!
Chapter 399: The dragon roars! Little Della enters the town!
Chapter 400: Overlord meal! He is quite sensible, unlike you!
Chapter 401: Five-color dragon! Evil Dragon! Blood of the Black Dragon!