[MT]Pirates: Swing a Knife and Become Stronger

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[MT]Pirates: Swing a Knife and Become StrongerBai Yu traveled to the world of One Piece and activated the strongest swordsman system at the beginning. No need to practice, swinging a knife will become stronger! Thus, Bai Yu started his daily rout...
[MT]Pirates: Swing a Knife and Become Stronger is a ACG manga created by God level chicken master,read the latest chapters of [MT]Pirates: Swing a Knife and Become Stronger online for free in Found Novel.

Latest chapter:Chapter 506: season finale

Update:2022-12-23 08:11:33

《[MT]Pirates: Swing a Knife and Become Stronger》Latest chapter

Chapter 506: season finale
Chapter 505: Em appears! last hole card
Chapter 504: Kill Shanks first! Cut Luffy Again
Chapter 503: Quick fix! one trick decides the outcome
Chapter 502: One against three! Luffy with increased strength
Chapter 501: Arriving at Ralph Drew! Compete for OnePiece
Chapter 500: The final expedition! target rav drew
Chapter 499: After the decisive battle! new admiral
Chapter 498: Evacuate all! Shirahoshi rushed to
Chapter 497: Gather the power of everyone! destruction begins
Chapter 496: Goal, destroy Murloc Island
Chapter 495: The continent collapsed! Survival on Fishman Island
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《[MT]Pirates: Swing a Knife and Become Stronger》all chapters

Chapter 1: Navy recruits! Swing a knife and become stronger
Chapter 2: trade! Poor Garp
Chapter 3: Special mission! Naval soldiers dissatisfied with the arrangement
Chapter 4: Danger!
Chapter 5: Azure Dragon Sword Qi! Baroque Works
Chapter 6: Mr. 5! Explosive Fruit Ability
Chapter 7: block the way! ability to cut fruit
Chapter 8: Break the defense! end with one knife
Chapter 9: award! Three-color domineering
Chapter 10: cut! Armed color domineering
Chapter 11: Take advantage of the victory and pursue! Blue Dragon Slash
Chapter 12: seriously injured! knowledgeable domineering
Chapter 13: Pole, jade cut! Azure Dragon's Qi
Chapter 14: Princess Weiwei's trust! rushed to the battlefield
Chapter 15: reward! Forge on
Chapter 16: Talk at night! farewell vivi
Chapter 17: Escort! Colonel Smoker
Chapter 18: Fight Smoker! invalid attack
Chapter 19: promotion! Dragon Flame Sword
Chapter 20: plan! Pluto blueprint
Chapter 21: Gaya Island! Cultivate cronies
Chapter 22: award! Six consecutive strikes
Chapter 23: My people, you also cooperate
Chapter 24: Complete insight! cut
Chapter 25: promoted! Colonel White Feather
Chapter 26: The undercurrent is surging! stare at
Chapter 27: arrival! City of Seven Waters
Chapter 28: track! Cp9 shows up
Chapter 29: The moon is dark and the wind is high! ship breaking house
Chapter 30: Got it! Pluto blueprint
Chapter 31: Admiral! yellow ape
Chapter 32: Battle of swords! Amazon Cloud Sword
Chapter 33: Broken Sword! Six in a row
Chapter 34: After the war! strength improvement
Chapter 35: Task! death race
Chapter 36: Let's go! Foxy Pirates
Chapter 37: Shock everyone! cooperate
Chapter 38: sneak into! favorite
Chapter 39: Needles! containment
Chapter 40: The competition begins! block the way
Chapter 41: solve! chopping signal
Chapter 42: Act vigorously! cut off
Chapter 43: Fudge is real! Gaspardi
Chapter 44: Fierce battle! naval siege
Chapter 45: Slash! victory
Chapter 46: Suppress all! post-war harvest
Chapter 47: Dragon fruit! ancient pterosaur
Chapter 48: Do it! Zhantaowan
Chapter 49: Skill! domineering collision
Chapter 50: My domineering, stronger
Chapter 51: Mainline Rewards! dragon force
Chapter 52: Return! Acceptance results
Chapter 53: Reward Ben Lei! mystery woman
Chapter 54: Mainline! cursed holy sword
Chapter 55: Miko Maya! agas i.
Chapter 56: Night attack! Flying finger gun
Chapter 57: runaway! Holy Sword Control
Chapter 58: Lightspeed Swordsman! duma
Chapter 59: Sword intent confrontation! complete victory
Chapter 60: and so on! Unforgiven
Chapter 61: Move like thunder! spike
Chapter 62: Bloody full moon! Battle of Holy Sword
Chapter 63: Slash vs. Slash! rolling
Chapter 64: Hit with all your might! seconds
Chapter 65: Forging knife upgrade! Wushuang Taidao
Chapter 66: New subordinates! Miko Maya
Chapter 67: G5 branch! Lieutenant General Virgo
Chapter 68: Fierce battle! Armed color domineering collision
Chapter 69: Shichibukai! doflamingo
Chapter 70: exposed? doflamingo's intentions
Chapter 71: Sword intent cuts the line! Full capacity of fruit
Chapter 72: String fruit! fruit awakening
Chapter 73: kill? Domineering advanced skills
Chapter 74: Shadow riding line! Doppelganger to resist
Chapter 75: Virgo defected! plan
Chapter 76: Target! Kirby's determination
Chapter 77: award! Advanced Fencing
Chapter 78: branch line! Defeat the Golden Lion Shiji
Chapter 79: misfortune! Meteor Crisis
Chapter 80: chance encounter! crazy golden lion
Chapter 81: Enter! strong world
Chapter 82: stop! Deputy of the Golden Lion Pirates
Chapter 83: Golden lion! parties
Chapter 84: fight! The Might of the Golden Lion
Chapter 85: Advanced Swordsmanship! talent
Chapter 86: Gather Twelve Companies! overwhelming
Chapter 87: Kill the golden lion! archipelago fall
Chapter 88: command! Two generals and one hero
Chapter 89: team up! Slash the heart of the island
Chapter 90: Qinglong · Extreme · Ten Thousand Blade Scroll
Chapter 91: The supreme sharp knife! Sakura ten dead wood
Chapter 92: Great route! calm zone
Chapter 93: Pull the boat! Taming Neptunes
Chapter 94: Nine Snake Pirates! shot
Chapter 95: Headquarters letter of appointment! promotion of major general
Chapter 96: sparring! A tacit trio teamed up
Chapter 97: Build rewards! Fusion Forged Knife
Chapter 98: The supreme sharp knife! Sakuragi
Chapter 99: Pick three hundred! White Feather Trial Knife
Chapter 100: Nightmare hour! beheaded
Chapter 101: Chambord Islands! Goodbye Smoker
Chapter 102: cooperate! target don quixote cadre
Chapter 103: It's him! too rough
Chapter 104: Secret execution! Goodbye Dashiqi
Chapter 105: Into the bottom of the sea! Heavy knife shock
Chapter 106: deep sea! Dangerous
Chapter 107: arrival! new world
Chapter 108: curious! Bai Yu's secret to become stronger?
Chapter 109: start! giant children
Chapter 110: Maya shows off! brutal human experiment
Chapter 111: Arrived in Punk Hazard! PH force
Chapter 112: Show your skills! silent sniper
Chapter 113: Divide into three groups! rescue hostages
Chapter 114: Goodbye Virgo! just one knife
Chapter 115: The ultimate slash! Draw a knife and chop
Chapter 116: Runaway Caesar! Gas Fruit Ability
Chapter 117: Seriously hurt Caesar! successful arrest
Chapter 118: The hostages are in hand! lead snake out of hole
Chapter 119: Trading starts! Movement of the Four Emperors
Chapter 120: Fight Dover again! with full force
Chapter 121: One of the Flying Six Cells! Triceratops Sasaki
Chapter 122: Instantly kill Sasaki! Dover's ultimate ult
Chapter 123: Kill Dover! Reward two swords
Chapter 124: Receive cronies again! Smoker follows
Chapter 125: Fruit ability development! Summoned by the headquarters
Chapter 126: Take over G5! Play against Karp
Chapter 127: High-level domineering! Knowledge and Prediction
Chapter 128: Two swords flow! Faster Twelve Slashes
Chapter 129: Successfully cut! Strength and then improve
Chapter 130: Thanks Vegapunk! Unlock new moves
Chapter 131: Arrived at G5! big reform
Chapter 132: Probe! Pluto's weapons
Chapter 133: Design new weapons! Pluto's Weapon
Chapter 134: The Celestial Dragon was beaten! Navy sortie
Chapter 135: Broken arm! five supernovas
Chapter 136: Fight against five supernovas alone! rolling
Chapter 137: Revolutionary Army Bears! Pluto Rayleigh
Chapter 138: Fight Rayleigh! clash of swords
Chapter 139: misfortune! thunderclouds rolling
Chapter 140: Revolutionary Army Dragon! big event begins
Chapter 141: The eve of the war! Research and development of new weapons
Chapter 142: Lethal! The power of scientific research
Chapter 143: Ready to move! united tripartite forces
Chapter 144: Advance to the city jail! arrival
Chapter 145: Talk to Ace! Pirates
Chapter 146: main mission! Guard the Push City
Chapter 147: Show off your new weapon! Flying Six Cells Appear
Chapter 148: Random shot! Peggy Wan defeated
Chapter 149: Gather in Advance City! single man
Chapter 150: Complete insight! juggling five
Chapter 151: The strongest killing move! one move is enough
Chapter 152: All the killer moves! destroy everything
Chapter 153: Eclipse·Ghosting! big win
Chapter 154: System forging! There are no double swords in heaven and earth
Chapter 155: Big event! top war
Chapter 156: The strongest man in the world! White beard
Chapter 157: Charge alone! Kill the captain first
Chapter 158: The sharpest knife VS the strongest defense
Chapter 159: Strong duel! white beard comes
Chapter 160: King to King! Overlord Collision
Chapter 161: The fighting spirit is aroused! distracted white beard
Chapter 162: Giant Oz! Everyone was furious
Chapter 163: Chaotic situation! straw hat boy
Chapter 164: Shake the whole Marin Vanduo! white beard falls
Chapter 165: Anxious! chase and escape
Chapter 166: Twelve companies! Twenty-four companies! Forty-eight companies
Chapter 167: Badly hurt Rayleigh! don't even try to run away
Chapter 168: Impulsive Akainu! A new enemy is coming
Chapter 169: Four emperors appear! redhead shanks
Chapter 170: SSS level physique! double crit
Chapter 171: General appointment! Qiwuhai Pursuit Order
Chapter 172: G5 big change! Brigade of Thousands
Chapter 173: First goal! Moonlight Moriah
Chapter 174: Thousands of people advance! Moriah shot
Chapter 175: Trigger a crit! one shot kill
Chapter 176: The world's number one swordsman! Hawkeye Mihawk
Chapter 177: All round! ultimate knife
Chapter 178: Fight fast! Two Swordsmanship
Chapter 179: Amazing physical strength! Suppress Hawkeye
Chapter 180: Slash Qiwuhai in a row! Turmoil
Chapter 181: Daughter Island Crisis! Golden Emperor Tezzolo
Chapter 182: Arrived at Daughter Island! Ambush
Chapter 183: Advance all the way! frontal battlefield
Chapter 184: Key to the rescue! vs Tezzolo
Chapter 185: Golden City! capacity maximization
Chapter 186: Awaken the strongest form! golden giant
Chapter 187: The strongest moves! Golden God's Retribution
Chapter 188: Slay Tezoro! big win
Chapter 189: Reap rewards! Nine Snake Pirates Join
Chapter 190: New try! Fusion Forged Knife
Chapter 191: Fusion New Knife! Karp is injured
Chapter 192: Mary Joa! Pangu City
Chapter 193: The undercurrent is surging! Talks of the Five Old Stars
Chapter 194: Bai Yu being targeted! C90 dispatched
Chapter 195: Arrived at Fishman Island! King Neptune
Chapter 196: Meet! mermaid princess white star
Chapter 197: The relationship is getting closer! Go to Murloc Street
Chapter 198: Force a shot! Van der Daken Base
Chapter 199: Kill Van der Daken in seconds! New Murloc Pirates
Chapter 200: Destroy one person! unstoppable slash
Chapter 201: Badly hurt Hoddy! waste is waste
Chapter 202: Lady Charlene's Prophecy! future white feather
Chapter 203: Tell it all! secret cooperation
Chapter 204: Under siege! Weird source of weapons
Chapter 205: Soaring a thousand times the power! Hody reappears
Chapter 206: The glass industry is on fire! Cut Hoddy
Chapter 207: Seal and kill! Luke's maintenance
Chapter 208: Missing Charlie! to noah
Chapter 209: The killing intent is awe-inspiring! Chase down CP0
Chapter 210: Kill CP0! Farewell to Fishman Island
Chapter 211: Naval accident! Aokiji seriously injured
Chapter 212: Recruit the green pheasant! new admiral
Chapter 213: On to the mission! hancock joins
Chapter 214: Back to the new world! Attack on Dressrosa
Chapter 215: block the way! trusted choice
Chapter 216: Recruit Ovillet! strong combination
Chapter 217: Easy spike! Liberate Dressrosa
Chapter 218: The transfer station is negotiated! leave
Chapter 219: Crusade against the black-armed Zefa! Dyna Rock
Chapter 220: Do more with less! Aokiji participation
Chapter 221: Team of five! tacit cooperation
Chapter 222: Fake pacifists! king to king
Chapter 223: Who spared whom! Zefa
Chapter 224: The same trick! Which is stronger and which is weaker
Chapter 225: Slash with all your strength! Reward Saber Awakening
Chapter 226: Awakened form! undefeated field
Chapter 227: Terrible suppression! Field of excellence
Chapter 228: Frequent accidents! The alliance of the four emperors
Chapter 229: Capture the thief first and capture the king first! lightning shot
Chapter 230: Go all out! strength gap
Chapter 231: Beast Legion! 'Drought' Jack
Chapter 232: Brute force! mammoth form
Chapter 233: Amazing restoration! Jack's Awakened Form
Chapter 234: wake up! I can do it too
Chapter 235: One knife one cut! full strength
Chapter 236: Increase quadruple crit! G5 accident
Chapter 237: World Government Investigator! tough attitude
Chapter 238: Stare at the fruit to show its power! Find out the ghost
Chapter 239: Misunderstand! turn danger into opportunity
Chapter 240: Just count! cast in place
Chapter 241: The undercurrent is surging! successful strategy
Chapter 242: Up and down! The rapid rise of G5
Chapter 243: Turbulent world! Revolutionary Army
Chapter 244: Princess Vivi is injured! Fujitora
Chapter 245: One trick appointment! Zhan Fujitora
Chapter 246: Warring parties! across the battlefield
Chapter 247: Arrived at the palace! grateful cobra
Chapter 248: The moon is dark and the wind is high! lead snake out of hole
Chapter 249: Deal with you! no need for a knife
Chapter 250: Solve the killer! Sabo's Night Talk
Chapter 251: Take away Princess Vivi! resume routine
Chapter 252: G5 selection! Orc army formed
Chapter 253: The Centuries are destroyed! furious white feather
Chapter 254: Side missions! eye for eye
Chapter 255: Thirty thousand people besieged! Plague Quinn
Chapter 256: Kill most of them! Poison gas approaching
Chapter 257: Fight Quinn! Brachiosaurus Form Awakening
Chapter 258: There is no chance of winning! unilateral torture
Chapter 259: Glaze Divine Fire! burn everything
Chapter 260: reward! Flameburst Airflow Slash, Berserk
Chapter 261: Berserk state! Bai Yu personally trains
Chapter 262: Great development! 'Moon Wolf' established
Chapter 263: Training is over! Test results
Chapter 264: Clever strategy! one after another
Chapter 265: Come back! One Piece World Expo
Chapter 266: Conspiracy! side quest trigger
Chapter 267: Set off! Prove the strength of G5
Chapter 268: Three legs stand together! fierce battle
Chapter 269: Kill the supernova in seconds! Barrett shows up
Chapter 270: Bombardment and shooting! full fire suppression
Chapter 271: Burn thousands of people with one move! vs Barrett
Chapter 272: Ghost Qi and Sword Intent! Strong duel
Chapter 273: Bullet form! Composite fruit
Chapter 274: The collision of power! combo reappearance
Chapter 275: Super giant monster! Combined Awakened Form
Chapter 276: Cover the islands! amazing awakening ability
Chapter 277: Infinite Recovery VS Infinite Slash
Chapter 278: End the streak! kill monsters
Chapter 279: Rewards, Soul Knife, Combined Fruit
Chapter 280: Straight to the soul! Soul Sword
Chapter 281: Trading trap! Aokiji trapped
Chapter 282: There is another storm! hidden crisis
Chapter 283: The Four Emperors join forces again! Tiger's mouth
Chapter 284: The fierce battle begins! Katakuri and crackers
Chapter 285: Cadres unite! pitted pirate
Chapter 286: Kill Katakuri! indiscriminate explosion
Chapter 287: The Demon Slaying Order is coming! heavy casualties
Chapter 288: fury! crusade against the four emperors
Chapter 289: Summon the three parties! Millionaires
Chapter 290: shock the world! The panic of the pirates
Chapter 291: New moves! Night Soul Invasion
Chapter 292: Budu Soul Blade! Depart from all countries
Chapter 293: Millions advance! Clear Thirty-Four Islands
Chapter 294: Good news again and again! Battle Cake Island
Chapter 295: BIGMOM! Homiz who controls Thunderfire
Chapter 296: Strong duel! Three Homiz Weapons
Chapter 297: Burn everything! Glazed fire
Chapter 298: lose consciousness! Homiz's Protection
Chapter 299: Budu Royal Soul! soul slaying power
Chapter 300: Destroy Prometheus! BIGMOM runaway
Chapter 301: Multiple interceptions! It's time to pay off the debt
Chapter 302: Unbreakable defense! field open
Chapter 303: Endless combos! suppress
Chapter 304: The wind blows the wall down! BIGMOM lost
Chapter 305: After the war! The whole army celebrates
Chapter 306: conversation! real deal list
Chapter 307: Generals gather! execution eve
Chapter 308: Public execution! black beard appears
Chapter 309: Shaking fruit! dark fruit
Chapter 310: One person, one knife! helpless
Chapter 311: The first of the three disasters! fire embers
Chapter 312: Pteranodon form! Flame Emperor's Fire
Chapter 313: Break through all methods with one force! Kaido Appears
Chapter 314: Strong old and new! thunder gossip
Chapter 315: The strongest creature in the world! Kaido's power
Chapter 316: Monster-like defense! Unable to break the defense
Chapter 317: The streak begins! Kaido's dragon form
Chapter 318: The combo worked! The strongest dragon form
Chapter 319: The operation of pig teammates! kill BIGMOM
Chapter 320: Kaido flees! Fusion Forged Knife
Chapter 321: Successful forging! Sakura·Budu Royal Soul
Chapter 322: take full charge of! Preparing for the meeting
Chapter 323: Then to Pangu City! bear in slavery
Chapter 324: Arrogant and domineering! Sword Slaying Dragon Man
Chapter 325: Weird five old stars! Allies are here
Chapter 326: World Conference! Officially begin
Chapter 327: main mission! Revolutionary Army Invasion
Chapter 328: prestige! to suppress
Chapter 329: Meet Sabo again! Self-inflicted Draco
Chapter 330: Im's design! one after another
Chapter 331: Surrounded! Rebirth
Chapter 332: Riot! undercurrent
Chapter 333: Stand out! The two generals arrived
Chapter 334: One against two generals! easily resolved
Chapter 335: Sakura · Budu Royal Soul! wake up
Chapter 336: Soul trauma! crush two generals
Chapter 337: Fake G5! face to face
Chapter 338: Ten of Im's confidantes! CP0 is the strongest
Chapter 339: An indestructible slash! to tease
Chapter 340: Overlord-colored defense! terrorist power
Chapter 341: End! Flame Burst Slash
Chapter 342: Harvest people's hearts! end of task
Chapter 343: Increased strength! world government bows
Chapter 344: Disappointed! World Government vs Revolutionary Army
Chapter 345: Brush rewards again! Arrive at G1 Navy Headquarters
Chapter 346: One handsome and four generals! The most powerful meeting
Chapter 347: Marshal Akainu's invitation to battle! Take the lead
Chapter 348: Onlookers! peak duel
Chapter 349: Tough front! Thousand Falling Feather Cut
Chapter 350: Take the move in advance! win over red dog
Chapter 351: Lead one hundred thousand troops! Attack on Shemale Island
Chapter 352: Go ahead! trap or not
Chapter 353: Forty thousand against 120 thousand! give it a go
Chapter 354: Strong suppression! Break down one by one
Chapter 355: Later! the battle is over
Chapter 356: Shemale King! Ivankov
Chapter 357: Soul Invasion VS Encouraging Fruit
Chapter 358: Leader of the Revolutionary Army! Monkey D. Long
Chapter 359: Both sides release water! formal confrontation
Chapter 360: Absolute control of the wind! tough opponent
Chapter 361: suppress! combo start
Chapter 362: The combo fails! mysterious power
Chapter 363: mission completed! dual domain
Chapter 364: Weird natural disaster! G5 branch accident
Chapter 365: Thunderbird Thunderbolt! to intercept
Chapter 366: 'God' Enel! Thunder Dragon VS Jade Crystal Dragon
Chapter 367: Two hundred million volts of Thor! Cut and break
Chapter 368: The killing move of destruction! Lei Ying
Chapter 369: Last words! mysterious force
Chapter 370: The four emperors being targeted! custom record pointer
Chapter 371: Record pointer generated! Chase Four Emperor Shanks
Chapter 372: Combined fruit! Vivi of Fusion Warship
Chapter 373: Full search! The Mayan Trio Meets the Enemy
Chapter 374: Rescue in time! Mysterious 'Silver Axe'
Chapter 375: The ultimate swordsman! Pirate BOSS behind the scenes
Chapter 376: Swordsmanship of the past! swordsman identity
Chapter 377: Gradually become clear! Find out the source
Chapter 378: Time Fruit! Rocks Pirates
Chapter 379: Start making Pluto! former overlord
Chapter 380: Hidden danger in Fishman Island! white star being targeted
Chapter 381: Disappear out of thin air! missing white star
Chapter 382: Side missions! take back white star
Chapter 383: One person against ten thousand! captain john
Chapter 384: Domineering and shocking! easy crushing fight
Chapter 385: Ins and outs! Rocks Pirates Stronghold
Chapter 386: Armed color promotion! Fusion Sakura
Chapter 387: Shichibukai! white beard ii
Chapter 388: Weigh the pros and cons! G5 that takes time
Chapter 389: Rush to the destination! meet marco again
Chapter 390: Whitebeard II! big...earthquake
Chapter 391: Flow cherry show power! one shot
Chapter 392: Go out in the dark! Aokiji Going Together
Chapter 393: Sneak in! Dread Bark
Chapter 394: Top sniper! Wang Zhi
Chapter 395: Extreme speed under anger! Capture Wang Zhi Alive
Chapter 396: The eve of the war! overall enhancement
Chapter 397: The Battleship! bombardment
Chapter 398: ready! Crusade against the Four Emperors Kaido
Chapter 399: Declare war on Kaido, the Four Emperors! shock the world
Chapter 400: Head to head! change of plans
Chapter 401: Six villages and one island! Ambush in Ximei Township
Chapter 402: Kurotan Kanjuro! The deceit of pen pen fruit
Chapter 403: Go straight to Huanglong! Black Charcoal Orochi of Flower City
Chapter 404: Two swords flow VS two swords flow
Chapter 405: Eight lives! Yamata no Orochi form
Chapter 406: Kill Yamata no Orochi! Straight to Ghost Island
Chapter 407: Blackbeard's blocking! big tsunami
Chapter 408: Joined forces! black beard madness
Chapter 409: The Battleship! One shot flat
Chapter 410: All-out war! fight Kaido again
Chapter 411: Kaido in Azure Dragon Form! Quick fix
Chapter 412: One move after another! Undefended Soul Slash
Chapter 413: Fusion flow cherry suppression! Completely break the defense
Chapter 414: Forced to be tough! Reproduce combo
Chapter 415: Kill! Fall of Kaido, the Four Emperors
Chapter 416: Destroy the Beast Pirates! great shadow falls
Chapter 417: Ruthlessly destroyed! Rocks Pirates Appear
Chapter 418: Rocks Pirates! all-out war
Chapter 419: God Thunder and Fire Flash! Overlord color shape change
Chapter 420: debate! Four signposts history text
Chapter 421: crisis! Murloc Island under duress
Chapter 422: The fourth road sign history text! Army Rescue
Chapter 423: Fight again! heyday golden lion
Chapter 424: Dragon-shaped overlord color! Slash the Golden Lion
Chapter 425: God Thunder and Fire Flash! super extreme instant kill
Chapter 426: main mission! **** signpost history text
Chapter 427: Kingdom of Giants! albaf
Chapter 428: One against two! goodbye young emperor
Chapter 429: Can't be shaken! rare joint
Chapter 430: Stronger domineering! unfathomable speed
Chapter 431: Elite giants! timely rescue
Chapter 432: Refuse to negotiate! The giant's voice shook the earth
Chapter 433: Bet! Fight against the captain of the giant clan
Chapter 434: Yuhun Slash Soul! signpost history text in hand
Chapter 435: Healing skill book! Rox's Appeal
Chapter 436: Side missions! defensive advance city
Chapter 437: Arrived in Advance City! Strengthen the line of defense
Chapter 438: Defense begins! The Indiscriminate Bombardment of Pirate Ships
Chapter 439: Strong attack! destroy the pirate ship
Chapter 440: Intense defensive attack! without stopping
Chapter 441: Move out while it is dark! Ignite the pirate ship
Chapter 442: Unexpected result! second day defense
Chapter 443: The Pirates of the Four Seas Arrive! The war begins
Chapter 444: Kill! Caribou Pirates
Chapter 445: The second day ends! a weary navy
Chapter 446: Difficult offensive and defensive battles! Late at night strikes again
Chapter 447: The wall has been breached! double crisis
Chapter 448: Magellan defeated! The arrival of the Blackbeard Pirates
Chapter 449: Blackbeard's Ascension! Fighting the Blackbeard Pirates
Chapter 450: Race against time VS procrastination
Chapter 451: with full force! Beheaded one after another
Chapter 452: Extreme arm strength! unshakable
Chapter 453: Nine-tailed fox form! The ability to see through the undead
Chapter 454: Thunder flashes! Blackbeard Awakens
Chapter 455: Awaken the dark fruit! swallow all power
Chapter 456: The situation is reversed! get started
Chapter 457: The streak begins! defenseless slash
Chapter 458: Destroy the Blackbeard Pirates! Aokiji injured
Chapter 459: Surrounded! The Power of Young Whitebeard
Chapter 460: The disadvantages of time fruit! differentiation of power
Chapter 461: Whitebeard in his heyday! Fight to the top again
Chapter 462: The arrogance that cuts through the sky! Strong duel
Chapter 463: Reinforcements are here! Pirate's Rout
Chapter 464: The situation is reversed! God of death comes
Chapter 465: The defense is over! big win
Chapter 466: Knowledge promotion! The eye of the flaw
Chapter 467: Increased strength! overlord color top full
Chapter 468: Six in one! Shocking power
Chapter 469: See through everything! Cut the flaw point
Chapter 470: Break through one by one! Confidant reward trigger
Chapter 471: War is on! final battle
Chapter 472: Rocks is here! The Navy's Defeat Begins
Chapter 473: Army attack! Reproduce the army of millions
Chapter 474: Blocker! Meet Young White Beard Again
Chapter 475: Go all out! True Thunder Dragon Slash
Chapter 476: Shake the field! Awakening of Zhenzhen Fruit
Chapter 477: Thirty-two times critical strike! one shot kill
Chapter 478: The situation has changed! Special Pirate Allies
Chapter 479: Bad feeling! Take the initiative
Chapter 480: Rush to the frontal battlefield! Kill the mechanical bird
Chapter 481: The origin of the mechanical bird! threatened future state
Chapter 482: Lost Rocks! Giants are rampant
Chapter 483: Rocks appears! red dog injured
Chapter 484: Prince Loki's bet! embarrassed red dog
Chapter 485: Crazy Rocks! Destroy the red land
Chapter 486: Unacceptable truth! final battle
Chapter 487: Ineffective passive crit! Lost slashing power
Chapter 488: Rocks power! Reappear the dark fruit
Chapter 489: All energy is invalid! Endless streak begins
Chapter 490: The way to crack it! never stop knife
Chapter 491: Break through all methods with one force! break all defenses
Chapter 492: Kill Rocks! The Destruction of the Red Land
Chapter 493: Im's slayer! Large healing skills
Chapter 494: Kill with lightning speed! full evacuation
Chapter 495: The continent collapsed! Survival on Fishman Island
Chapter 496: Goal, destroy Murloc Island
Chapter 497: Gather the power of everyone! destruction begins
Chapter 498: Evacuate all! Shirahoshi rushed to
Chapter 499: After the decisive battle! new admiral
Chapter 500: The final expedition! target rav drew
Chapter 501: Arriving at Ralph Drew! Compete for OnePiece
Chapter 502: One against three! Luffy with increased strength
Chapter 503: Quick fix! one trick decides the outcome
Chapter 504: Kill Shanks first! Cut Luffy Again
Chapter 505: Em appears! last hole card
Chapter 506: season finale