[MT]Pirate: Seeing My Proficiency, I Became a Legend

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[MT]Pirate: Seeing My Proficiency, I Became a LegendOn the vast sea, Aokiji stopped a ship. After a great battle, Aokiji smiled helplessly, “Hey! Brother! Don’t waste your efforts! I am a natural-type ability! You can’t be...
[MT]Pirate: Seeing My Proficiency, I Became a Legend is a ACG manga created by quiet night,read the latest chapters of [MT]Pirate: Seeing My Proficiency, I Became a Legend online for free in Found Novel.

Latest chapter:Chapter 305: season finale

Update:2022-12-26 08:11:21

《[MT]Pirate: Seeing My Proficiency, I Became a Legend》Latest chapter

Chapter 305: season finale
Chapter 304: The destroyed holy land, sword tour Taixu
Chapter 303: Ascending to the Holy Land again, the sword light that traverses the sky
Chapter 302: The 6 emperors of the sea, the collaboration between Big Mom and Kaido
Chapter 301: Redhead, what do you think?
Chapter 300: The last of the 4 kings - Shanks
Chapter 299: Father is kind and son is filial? Yamato VS Kaido
Chapter 298: reappearing moon evening flower morning
Chapter 297: Dialogue Straw Hats, Robin Says Hope
Chapter 296: Candidates from Wano Country, goodbye
Chapter 295: After all nations, come to the country of Wano again
Chapter 294: Fujitora sees Tozawa, reappears after a lifetime
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《[MT]Pirate: Seeing My Proficiency, I Became a Legend》all chapters

Chapter 1: Dreaming of the East China Sea
Chapter 2: "Female Tyrannosaurus!"
Chapter 3: The conversation between father and daughter, Dongze who is crazy about brushing proficiency
Chapter 4: The 2 people who fought again shocked everyone
Chapter 5: The competition ended, the shocked Koshiro
Chapter 6: Release the lottery today and send you to Huangquan
Chapter 7: The night is darkening, the killing is coming
Chapter 8: A sniper in the dark night, the magical effect of the heart net
Chapter 9: 0-step flying sword finally unsheathed
Chapter 10: Returning the Sword, Unpredictable Fate
Chapter 11: The overlord's color that was unexpectedly awakened, Drago's amazement!
Chapter 12: Proverbs 3 can be safe
Chapter 13: The sword casting skill is at full level, start casting swords
Chapter 14: Jiancheng, plans to go to sea
Chapter 15: Finale before departure! Koshiro's true strength!
Chapter 16: Tentative route, meeting pirates
Chapter 17: A fateful encounter, a crazy pirate hunter
Chapter 18: sorry for A
Chapter 19: Vanishing Robin, Navigator Puppet
Chapter 20: Met Bucky by chance, alas! Can't beat it!
Chapter 21: Encounter a black businessman, a young "little thief cat"
Chapter 22: Who is behind the scenes and the truth revealed
Chapter 23: Spreading the fire of revolution, Aokiji is in action!
Chapter 24: Do you believe it? that sword will do wonders
Chapter 25: Nami returns home, resists the first song
Chapter 26: When the rebellion is going on, the tearful little thief cat
Chapter 27: The evil dragon is destroyed, the overlord of the world
Chapter 28: Departure, Target - Abrastan
Chapter 29: Watching the sunset over the long river, the sword will be unlocked
Chapter 30: Reactions from all walks of life, cross-border kendo is unlocked
Chapter 31: Goldfinger in an emergency, meeting with the sand crocodile
Chapter 32: Fight Crocodile, Dad teaches you how to be a man
Chapter 33: Swipe the crocodile in anger, take stock of the harvest!
Chapter 34: When I met Garp, I had no choice but to run away
Chapter 35: race, fly
Chapter 36: Dialogue with Karp, an inescapable battle
Chapter 37: Fighting Garp, the ultimate armed color
Chapter 38: The battle is heating up, and the locked proficiency
Chapter 39: The collision of sword intent and domineering color
Chapter 40: karp's compliment, what a dream
Chapter 41: you are a dog
Chapter 41: The road to advancement, Xuantian sword box
Chapter 42: Choice and knowledge, planning the way forward
Chapter 44: With the help of Kulikai, sleepless brush iron sand
Chapter 45: Face 1 thunder, fight the boss at the beginning
Chapter 46: The battle is on, the shocked god
Chapter 47: The elemental me was hammered?
Chapter 48: Out of body sword intent, thunder **** descends
Chapter 49: how do you want to die
Chapter 50: The first appearance of the tool man, the second piece of historical text
Chapter 51: Hidden consciousness, listening to the memories of time
Chapter 52: Get the sword and the long river, the trace of the green pheasant
Chapter 53: I lost to a fool
Chapter 54: Wake up with a thunderstorm, Kuzanzhi
Chapter 55: When we meet for the first time, the battle will start
Chapter 56: Aokiji's words reveal the truth
Chapter 57: The beginning of the fierce battle, the ice age that changed the sky
Chapter 58: Stand still, take a rest, when the fierce battle is in progress
Chapter 59: Yishui Hanxian, frozen green pheasant
Chapter 60: burst, icewithered
Chapter 61: Target Shampoo Land, Aokiji Action
Chapter 62: Aokiji's conversation with Garp, Robin's shock
Chapter 63: The shock of the sea, the sword tests the world
Chapter 64: The upper limit of proficiency, stop at 999
Chapter 65: Call Dad!
Chapter 66: Lieutenant General Jason, an accident
Chapter 67: Stupidity is a disease with no cure
Chapter 68: Unexpected person, Pluto blocks the way
Chapter 69: So that person is you! !
Chapter 70: Aokiji's illegitimate son?
Chapter 71: The flying sword comes out, Pluto is startled
Chapter 72: Qinghai monkey, eats air
Chapter 73: Lei Lisa, have you heard of penalty standing?
Chapter 74: The Intruder, Rayleigh's Extreme Speed
Chapter 75: Rayleigh's rescue, 9 snakes that narrowly escaped
Chapter 76: Sorry, there is now
Chapter 77: Passing the law, opening the field of sword intent
Chapter 78: Forge the sword again
Chapter 79:
Chapter 80: Meteorites only talk, human nature is different
Chapter 81: I call you slave! Lei Ying blooms
Chapter 82: Unexpected knife, who made it
Chapter 83: turmoil on all sides,
Chapter 84: Keep the sword, message, Rayleigh vibration
Chapter 85: go away, target hawkeye
Chapter 86: 1.5 karp? system update
Chapter 87: I still need 1 boat ticket
: There are sensitive words in the section, which have been reviewed and are not being revised.
Chapter 88: May all your wishes come true
Chapter 89: First contact with Hawkeye
Chapter 90: Battle begins
Chapter 91: Break God!
Chapter 92: Who the **** is he?
Chapter 93: Fierce battle!
Chapter 94: Guild Wars (2)
Chapter 95: Guild Wars (3)
Chapter 96: Talk to Hawkeye, Wild Hope
Chapter 97: Go beyond this sword!
Chapter 98: The sudden CP organization
Chapter 99: shot
Chapter 100: Huake is behind, the field is open!
Chapter 101: Beginning to show power in the field of sword intent
Chapter 102: 5 old star reactions, unexpected peach rabbit
Chapter 103: ask for a fight
Chapter 104: go to sea! The Surprising Peach Rabbit
Chapter 105: Broken thoughts, the explosive Dongze
Chapter 106: This is sword intent
Chapter 107: bribe?
Chapter 108: Does the sword cry?
Chapter 109: fight
: List testimonials!
Chapter 110: suck?
Chapter 111: Mark of Fire, another way
Chapter 112: Specialization and 1 Heart 2 Use Theory
Chapter 113: First confrontation with the new Murloc Pirates
Chapter 114: Super large Neptune
Chapter 115: Simmily
Chapter 116: gangster
Chapter 117: Shirahoshi's Nightmare
Chapter 118: Target History Text, Neptune's Calculations
Chapter 119: Unlock snow knife, betrayal
Chapter 120: Robin's first battle, the largest wheel finger gun
Chapter 121: The wind blows, everything moves
Chapter 122: Mermaid Cafe, talk to Mrs. Charlie
Chapter 123: Whitebeard is coming?
Chapter 124: In the future, see Shark Star
Chapter 125: Invitation to Dragon Palace!
Chapter 126: Dongze makes a move!
Chapter 127: drunk
Chapter 128: dialogue!
Chapter 129: Murloc riot, gift sword
Chapter 130: the truth? conspiracy
Chapter 131: retired
Chapter 132: Sword Dao Qi, the movement of Frost Moon Village
Chapter 133: blacksmith shop, whereabouts
Chapter 134: Garp fighting Whitebeard
Chapter 135: An unexpected visitor, joke pirates
: The 136th arrogant pirates, Dongze makes a move!
Chapter 137: Under the King 7 Martial Sea——Dongze
Chapter 138: Don Quixote in action, enter de los Reza
Chapter 139: Doflamingo's Madness, All Movements
Chapter 140: The sword cuts the sugar, the long river shocks the world
Chapter 141: Deal with Violet, Revolution Layout
Chapter 142: The Don Quixote family gathers, and the war is about to start
Chapter 143: Overlord color domineering that crushes 1 piece
Chapter 144: Dialogue with 5 old stars, the surprise of the Warring States Period
Chapter 145: Listen to everything, listen to yourself?
Chapter 146: Fight against Doflamingo, Sword 3 Yi Shuihan
Chapter 147: The bomb detonated again, Dongze's killing intent
Chapter 148: Great War (1)
Chapter 109: Great War (2)
Chapter 150: Great War (3)
Chapter 151: Great War (4)
Chapter 152: Great War (5)
Chapter 153: Great War (6)
Chapter 154: Great War (7)
Chapter 155: Great War (8)
Chapter 156: The Great War (End)
Chapter 157: King of Swords, Realm of Gods
Chapter 158: Karp's phone call, information about the red-haired territory
Chapter 159: 4 Emperor BIGMOM's actions, the storm is coming
Chapter 160: Cocoa on the tip of your tongue? The sensation caused by Sichuan cuisine
Chapter 161: "The Sword Comes", the Great War Renews
Chapter 162: Rewrite the map of Cake Island, enraged BIGMOM
Chapter 163: Auntie Fighting, Give Sword Smoothie
Chapter 164: The sword presses BIGMOM, the goal is achieved
Chapter 158: Sword Immortal Sword Intent, Kendo Pre-opened
Chapter 159: Spread the sword to the world? sea ​​sensation
Chapter 160: Detonating sword intent, crazy reward
Chapter 161: Arriving in the Furry Principality, the unexpected person who was surprised
Chapter 162: Shi, Xuanshi, Li Xuanshi? fragments of the future
Chapter 163: Know the truth, go back to the East China Sea
Chapter 164: Current status of Guina and Sauron
Chapter 165: Sauron joins the battle, 3000 big 0 world
Chapter 166: Overwhelming strength, wooden sword activated
Chapter 167: Sauron is sealed again, and Dongze's murderous intent rises
Chapter 168: Divide up, hunt down
Chapter 169: Shot, are you Dongze?
Chapter 170: Meet Karp again, fist fight
Chapter 171: In the communication with Garp, the yellow ape is dispatched?
Chapter 172: Goodbye Koshiro, as expected of a yellow monkey
Chapter 173: The surge of time and sword intent, meeting the yellow ape
Chapter 174: My name is Dongze, I come to worship the mountain
Chapter 175: 1 person vs 50 people? summit of the world
Chapter 176: The sea of ​​extinction, the world is silent
Chapter 177: Sword drawing, the ability of 5 old stars
Chapter 178: Frozen Marie Gioia, World Consciousness Shot
Chapter 179: Gathering in Shampoo again, Xia Qi knew Shi Xuan?
Chapter 180: Entering the country of peace, Tengu Mountain flies through
Chapter 181: Chatting, sadness, Shi Xuan's sword intent
Chapter 182: I have 1 sword, the name of the sword is Yuexihuachen
Chapter 183: The fullness of time, the advent of world consciousness
Chapter 184: 4 Huang Gathers, Shi Xuan Leaves
: Chapter 185: The Story Begins, Destiny Cannot Be Violated
Chapter 186: Meet Nami, Wano Country 0 years ago
Chapter 187: Bucky comes on stage, Dragon Slaying Warrior
Chapter 188: The battle in Orange Town, 1 knife and lion singing
Chapter 189: I have 1 sword! Where there is a dragon, kill the dragon
Chapter 190: Slay the dragon, Bharati fights
Chapter 191: Sauron VS Hawkeye (1)
Chapter 192: Zoro VS Hawkeye
Chapter 193: Sword Emperor Dongze's Wooden Sword, Crazy Sea
Chapter 194: 0 step flying sword fighting eagle eye
Chapter 195: The status quo of Dongze, 6 Karp?
Chapter 196: Sauron's Analysis, Robin Appears
Chapter 197: Two people fight sand crocodiles, a mysterious man appears
Chapter 198: The shocking 1 battle 0 years ago
Chapter 199: 2 losers
Chapter 200: Valley of the Gods Encounter
Chapter 201: In the battle outside the rain, Ace appeared
Chapter 202: Shocking God Valley, who is he?
Chapter 203: The straw hat first heard Garp, the story of Zoro
Chapter 204: Talk to Rocks, threat?
Chapter 205: 1 sword opens the gate of heaven
Chapter 206: Aokiji receives the message, Robin talks to the sand crocodile
Chapter 207: I have 1 sword, the name of the sword is boundless
Chapter 208: Karp, Roger's choice, siege?
Chapter 209: Whitebeard first, everyone finally joins forces
Chapter 210: The way of the sword is revealed, and the consciousness of the world comes again
Chapter 211: What I saw 800 years ago, save Kuina
Chapter 212: Robin joins, consciousness awakens
Chapter 213: Asked, Sauron shot the silver fox
Chapter 214: Set sail again, historical truth
Chapter 215: Xiaoyijiantiqi
Chapter 216: Reward Order, 1494 Years of the Sea Calendar
Chapter 217: I want to end this chaos
Chapter 218: roger and wine
Chapter 219: strange country, invite roger
Chapter 220: What happened to Sky Island, the last words of One Piece
Chapter 221: roger and historical texts
Chapter 222: Roger and Dongze in the night
Chapter 223: windless battlefield
Chapter 224: Luo Jie hands
Chapter 225: 1 sword stunned gold and silver
Chapter 226: When encountering the green pheasant, Robin makes a move
Chapter 227: In the field of forbidden law, Aokiji is helpless
Chapter 228: The unexpected arrival of the yellow ape, a deal!
Chapter 228: Huang Yuan checked the bank card, Robin said why
Chapter 229: Robin started to improve the overall strength
Chapter 230: Roger's Oden, the Promise with Whitebeard
Chapter 231: Meet Kaido again, the anecdote of White Beard and Kaido
Chapter 232: The Whitebeard Pirates want to join the battle
Chapter 233: vs kaido
Chapter 234: Magic resistance full level? Then try something to wear
Chapter 235: 2-sleeved green snake shakes half a new world
Chapter 236: See the white beard, the water cold reappears
Chapter 237: Top omen!
Chapter 238: Robin accidentally learned that Suster
Chapter 239: The beginning of world turmoil
Chapter 240: The movement of the Whitebeard Pirates
Chapter 241: The arrival of the big bear, Robin's strange
Chapter 242: I report! she cheats
Chapter 243: robin vs bear
Chapter 244: Suster's movement, out of the mountain
Chapter 245: The world government has come again, and the soldiers are divided into 2 groups
Chapter 246: Backhand, Straw Hat 1 gang
Chapter 247: With a dark green slash, the realm of sword intent opens again
Chapter 248: Actually, you are a doctor, right?
Chapter 249: The Mystery Guest Who Ripped Off the Bar
Chapter 250: bye raleigh
Chapter 251: Big Bear's claim, Roger stays
Chapter 252: Dongze appeared, targeting Ralph Drew
Chapter 253: Time out, the sea shakes
Chapter 254: D's Legacy, the Road to Longevity
Chapter 255: Transfer to Changchun, Holy Land News
Chapter 256: The World Government in Action and the Whitebeard Pirates
Chapter 257: The wind moves, the dynamics of all parties, and the arrival of Ralph Drew
Chapter 258: Ralph Drew, ONEPIECE
Chapter 259: 7 Wuhai is in place, Yuyuan VS Hawkeye
Chapter 260: Duel without wind
Chapter 261:
Chapter 262: ?The sword comes out of the garden, and the **** of thunder comes
Chapter 263: Rayleigh enters the stage, Thunder VS Twinkle
Chapter 264: Hawkeye makes a move, the overlord looks like he's cracking the sky
Chapter 265: Rayleigh vs Hawkeye
Chapter 265: The straw hat ends, the empress VS Ming brother
Chapter 267: Roger shows up, plan goes ahead
Chapter 268: Kaido and the red hair, Yamato Palm Yuexi
Chapter 269: On the evening of the moon, the flowers appear in the morning, and the flying sword comes out at 0 steps
Chapter 270: Dongze appeared, and Akainu shot
Chapter 271: The battle is on! 3 female shots
Chapter 272: The battle begins, Doflamingo trembles
Chapter 273: Silent Marin Vanduo, a world in turmoil
Chapter 274: Warring States shot, Garp smashed into the air
Chapter 275: Chaos, Im coming again
Chapter 276: Uranus, the king of heaven, with the sea on his shoulders
Chapter 277: Dongze vs Im
Chapter 278: The sword comes to reappear, Im shot
Chapter 279: The sword becomes, the sword opens the gate of heaven
Chapter 280: Im gaffe, MAX on
Chapter 281: 1 Smash the island, Im dead
Chapter 282: The holy land is in turmoil, the navy takes action
Chapter 283: 1 Sword Breaks Wanfa VS Skynet
Chapter 284: Changes in the world situation after the war
Chapter 285: 3 years later, the sea is moving
Chapter 286: Dongze appeared on Murloc Island, and his son started
Chapter 287: The similarity of history, Nami holds the sword
Chapter 288: 1 question, 1 choice
Chapter 289: Goodbye sugar, everything is impermanent
Chapter 290: Goodbye old friend, planning to close the net
Chapter 291: Robin meets Violet, Mingo VS Luffy
Chapter 292: Crazy Brother Ming, Dong Ze shot
Chapter 293: When Dongze appeared, the Straw Hats were shocked
Chapter 294: Fujitora sees Tozawa, reappears after a lifetime
Chapter 295: After all nations, come to the country of Wano again
Chapter 296: Candidates from Wano Country, goodbye
Chapter 297: Dialogue Straw Hats, Robin Says Hope
Chapter 298: reappearing moon evening flower morning
Chapter 299: Father is kind and son is filial? Yamato VS Kaido
Chapter 300: The last of the 4 kings - Shanks
Chapter 301: Redhead, what do you think?
Chapter 302: The 6 emperors of the sea, the collaboration between Big Mom and Kaido
Chapter 303: Ascending to the Holy Land again, the sword light that traverses the sky
Chapter 304: The destroyed holy land, sword tour Taixu
Chapter 305: season finale