[MT]Night of the Nine-Tails, I Punch the Tailed Beast Ball

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[MT]Night of the Nine-Tails, I Punch the Tailed Beast BallNagasawa crossed to Naruto Universe and was bound to Konohagakure. If Konoha is severely damaged and destroyed, Nagasawa’s lifespan will be reduced. He panicked at the thought of the upcoming Nine-Tai...
[MT]Night of the Nine-Tails, I Punch the Tailed Beast Ball is a Action Fantasy manga created by 桔子不黄,read the latest chapters of [MT]Night of the Nine-Tails, I Punch the Tailed Beast Ball online for free in Found Novel.

Latest chapter:Chapter 589: It doesn't matter, I'll do it

Update:2022-12-21 00:07:21

《[MT]Night of the Nine-Tails, I Punch the Tailed Beast Ball》Latest chapter

Chapter 589: It doesn't matter, I'll do it
: didn't write it out...
Chapter 588: Kaguya Resurrection
Chapter 587: Program
Chapter 586: Universe Emperor Otsuki
Chapter 585: one-of-a-kind surprise
Chapter 584: large wood cell
: Normal update will resume tomorrow
Chapter 583: Effort is also talent
Chapter 582: hard work
Chapter 580: itchy matkay
: written request for leave
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《[MT]Night of the Nine-Tails, I Punch the Tailed Beast Ball》all chapters

Chapter 1: Kidnapped by Konoha
Chapter 2: Ordinary Chunin Fujiwara Nagasawa
Chapter 3: Kakashi
Chapter 4: Bitterness is nothing but delicious food
Chapter 5: It is an embarrassing thing to be overtaken by juniors
Chapter 6: Jumping too high is easy to get beaten
Chapter 7: Teammates are neat
Chapter 8: Want to learn, let me teach you
Chapter 9: I don't want to patrol, so I have to do the hardest task
Chapter 10: some friends can be trusted forever
Chapter 11: Love Warrior Kakashi
Chapter 12: Love and youth are more suitable
Chapter 13: Powerful moves also have simple principles
Chapter 14: The most perfect sneak only needs the most simple way
Chapter 15: don't like war, but only war
Chapter 16: Experience the life of a dark army captain in advance
Chapter 17: I laughed at that Sarutobi with little wisdom and no plans
Chapter 18: A handsome pigeon is still a pigeon
Chapter 19: Danzo is the enemy of Kusanagi
Chapter 20: Three sentences, let the enemy leader take the initiative to send mission information
Chapter 21: Fight back against Danzo
Chapter 22: It is my duty to recast Konoha's glory
Chapter 23: Reality is more illogical than fiction
Chapter 24: Konoha Ninja is just that
Chapter 25: Accidents are always inevitable
Chapter 26: make a big fuss
Chapter 27: Nagasawa is Kusanagi's good partner
Chapter 28: Nagasawa is not easy
Chapter 29: It is not easy to get punished
Chapter 30: This is Konoha (3rd update)
Chapter 31: It is necessary for business to blow each other
Chapter 32: Yongze is a relationship
Chapter 33: Those who are beaten during training cannot be called beaten
Chapter 34: Attacking teammates is embarrassing
Chapter 35: human nature
Chapter 36: The more you don't want to be discovered, the more you will be discovered
Chapter 37: It's okay to snore, but don't use a machine gun
Chapter 38: Yongze Jonin is better than Yongze sub-captain
Chapter 39: déjà vu feeling
Chapter 40: Nagasawa ready to move
Chapter 41: Parents will be unhappy if they eat too many desserts
Chapter 42: Free things are the most expensive
Chapter 43: Clothes that are too conspicuous are not a good thing
Chapter 44: Green is not a schemer
Chapter 45: Good-looking people look good in anything
Chapter 46: gold organization
Chapter 47: The beautiful daily life is temporarily over
Chapter 48: Gold Organization Investigation Team
Chapter 49: Things don't always go as they should
Chapter 50: reaction
Chapter 51: Misfortunes never come singly (third update)
Chapter 52: to play
Chapter 53: Is that gluttony? It's called entertainment
Chapter 54: Cong Yunqie
Chapter 55: High EQ: The Land of Liberty
Chapter 56: Fist comparable to Fengdun
Chapter 57: backstab from face brother
Chapter 58: Am I right
Chapter 59: Plans can't keep up with changes
Chapter 60: for good brother
Chapter 61: Anti-mi is also a hot job
Chapter 62: Add money
Chapter 63: Forced to destroy the other party (three shifts)
Chapter 64: Yue Yechuan: I feel like I can do it again (fourth update)
Chapter 65: It's strengthened, come on
Chapter 66: One Punch Explosive Beast Jade
Chapter 67: Whitewashed ashore
Chapter 68: for a fair world
Chapter 69: new template
Chapter 70: what a coincidence
Chapter 71: Dealing with Danzo
Chapter 72: dissolve the root
Chapter 73: Kakashi monitor
Chapter 74: Development plan
Chapter 75: The moonlight is so beautiful
Chapter 76: Feel the high-end atmosphere
Chapter 77: Inuzuka Green: My witty comparison
Chapter 78: lost in thought
Chapter 79: Never thought
Chapter 80: real ninja
Chapter 81: Kushina is pregnant
Chapter 82: Anbu training team
Chapter 83: Kakashi's Youth Love Daily
Chapter 84: Uchiha Shisui fell from the sky
Chapter 85: this is not tauren
Chapter 86: surprise what is surprise
Chapter 87: Treat you as a friend, but you?
Chapter 88: worth
Chapter 89: spoiler
Chapter 90: My lab is pretty big
Chapter 91: assessment
Chapter 92: challenge
Chapter 93: legendary big fat sheep
Chapter 94: your strength is too dangerous
Chapter 95: complete the challenge
Chapter 96: Tsunade
Chapter 97: Arm Wrestling
Chapter 98: Tsunade, I'm your fan
Chapter 99: Finish
Chapter 100: medical department
Chapter 101: Weasel and pocket
Chapter 102: Decide
Chapter 103: balance
Chapter 104: joint exercise
Chapter 105: weight training
Chapter 106: Zhishui's helplessness
Chapter 107: Mike never say never
Chapter 108: Cherry blossoms in late March
Chapter 109: school age
Chapter 110: The six styles show their prestige
Chapter 111: mistake?
Chapter 112: victory
Chapter 113: Ninja school first time
Chapter 114: Uchiha
Chapter 115: Shocked Uchiha Fugaku
Chapter 116: Orochimaru research
Chapter 117: return life
Chapter 118: Konoha at half past five in the morning
Chapter 119: special student
Chapter 120: The fourth group (first update)
Chapter 121: Just a passerby (2nd update)
Chapter 122: exposed Danzo
Chapter 123: Danzo's Dead End (4th update)
Chapter 124: ten years
Chapter 125: The ruined Danzo (3,000 words for subscription)
Chapter 126: True Breath of the Sun
Chapter 127: Yamato
Chapter 128: Some things can't just look at the surface (3,000 characters ask for a month
Chapter 129: fly with one punch
Chapter 130: learn from pocket
Chapter 131: Wood escape is number one in the world?
Chapter 132: Anbu (please subscribe)
Chapter 133: Surrounded by Uchiha
Chapter 134: two uchiha
Chapter 135: secondary interstitial cells
Chapter 136: theoretical movie class
Chapter 137: don't underestimate researchers
Chapter 138: sublimation of fish
Chapter 139: Yin seal, got it!
Chapter 140: play again
Chapter 141: If you're not the main character, don't set up a flag
Chapter 142: be my son
Chapter 143: genius pharmacist bag
Chapter 144: warrior
Chapter 145: must win
Chapter 146: Feel the breath of all things (3,000 subscriptions)
Chapter 147: Special Squad
Chapter 148: I am Uchiha Madara, in fact, I am not dead, as long as...
Chapter 149: Don't mess with Konoha Shinobu
Chapter 150: Naruto youth version top war
Chapter 151: That man, here he comes!
Chapter 152: unexpected backstab
Chapter 153: Spicy Tiansai
Chapter 154: Remnants of the old days (2/10)
Chapter 155: The duel between water escape and swordsmanship (3/10)
Chapter 156: Half God Hanzo (ask for monthly ticket)
Chapter 157: renewed conflict
Chapter 158: Save Ace, kill Tiki (4/10 ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 159: Sazigi (5/10 ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 160: Orochimaru began to doubt life
Chapter 161: Weasel and pocket and spring
Chapter 162: Offending the abbot will not end well
Chapter 163: Fire Squad (confirmed)
Chapter 164: Kakashi who is about to break Konoha's new record
Chapter 165: Kakashi and Rin and Obito (2 in 1)
Chapter 166: The third template (two in one)
Chapter 167: Despicable Kakashi (want to subscribe)
Chapter 168: People's happiness is not the same
Chapter 169: people
Chapter 170: really top war
Chapter 171: The World's Greatest Swordsman VS The World's Strongest Man
Chapter 172: The sun that illuminates the entire battlefield
Chapter 173: The three generals join forces to fight
Chapter 174: Giant of giants, charge!
Chapter 175: Persistent Little Ozzy (3k Subscription)
Chapter 176: Raiders of Heaven (3k)
Chapter 177: Siege from Three Generals (3k)
Chapter 178: Nagasawa's plan (3k)
Chapter 179: Akainu
Chapter 180: The broken water escape (3k)
Chapter 181: save ace
Chapter 182: The Destroyed Marlin Vandor (3k)
Chapter 183: The final battle with the Navy, Blackbeard's thoughts (
Chapter 184: Challenge completed (8k)
Chapter 185: Chakra and domineering
Chapter 186: Preparations for all parties
Chapter 187: Yong Ze wants to be a Kua Kua
Chapter 188: agreement between friends
Chapter 189: every day
Chapter 190: Konoha's Black Beast
Chapter 191: Obito ready for action
Chapter 192: Night of the Nine Tails (1)
Chapter 193: Night of the Nine Tails (2) 4k
Chapter 194: Night of the Nine Tails (3)
Chapter 195: Night of the Nine Tails (4)
Chapter 196: Night of the Nine Tails (5)
Chapter 197: Night of the Nine Tails (6)
Chapter 198: Night of the Nine Tails (7) 5k
Chapter 199: Night of the Nine Tails (8) 3k
Chapter 200: Night of the Nine Tails (Nine)
Chapter 201: Night of the Nine Tails (10)
Chapter 202: Night of the Nine Tails (11)
Chapter 203: Night of the Nine Tails (12)
Chapter 204: Night of the Nine Tails (End)
Chapter 205: disagreement at the top
Chapter 206: Yunin's thoughts
Chapter 207: black alert
Chapter 208: The Uchiha who was rectified
Chapter 209: My Naruto assistant brother
Chapter 210: perfect human strength
Chapter 211: Serious practice is a good ninja
Chapter 212: hazy
Chapter 213: The price of becoming stronger is becoming weaker?
Chapter 214: be your eyes
Chapter 215: Minato: I am super good at picking names
Chapter 216: dawn
Chapter 217: the coming war
Chapter 218: The Way of the Swordsman
Chapter 219: countries' reactions
Chapter 220: watergate alert
Chapter 221: Two-tailed Jinchuuriki Yukito (4k)
Chapter 222: Thousand hand Kakashi?
Chapter 223: Unfair War (3k)
Chapter 224: no way
Chapter 225: Lei Ying wants to take his place?
Chapter 226: Confrontation of Thunder Knife
Chapter 227: The goal is the sea of ​​stars
Chapter 228: Collect all nine tailed beasts to summon the strongest armor
Chapter 229: Strong cloud ninja
Chapter 230: crooked Kakashi
Chapter 231: Jianhao's road will not stop
Chapter 232: The friendship between Yunyin and Konoha lasts forever
Chapter 233: The arrival of graduation season
Chapter 234: don't look directly
Chapter 235: Nagasawa eager to retire and Orochimaru attacking
Chapter 236: People cannot be generalized
Chapter 237: Copy Ninja Kakashi
Chapter 238: Jingmen, open!
Chapter 239: one finger
Chapter 240: Naruto
Chapter 241: Rollan and Sharingan
Chapter 242: emergency?
Chapter 243: assessment
Chapter 244:
Chapter 245: respective choice
Chapter 246: Undead Ninja and Genius Puppeteer
Chapter 247: The goal is the strongest Konoha in the universe
Chapter 248: where the stars fall
Chapter 249: The Awakening of the Strongest Illusion
Chapter 250: Steel vs. Chakra
Chapter 251: Nagasawa arrives
Chapter 252: Tree planters are not to be trifled with
Chapter 253: Domineering Nagasawa
Chapter 254: The Defeat of the Genius Puppeteer
Chapter 255: Combination of fly and ship
Chapter 256: mere six roads
Chapter 257: Heijue and Obituary
Chapter 258: Zhishui who doesn't want to rest still takes a rest
Chapter 259: The future of the Gundam Force can be expected (4k)
Chapter 260: Zhishui who wants to understand
Chapter 261: Akatsuki is gradually becoming complete
Chapter 262: Blood fog, from Obito's revenge
Chapter 263: Tired of life?
Chapter 264: Madara Uchiha? can be
Chapter 265: please next boss
Chapter 266: perfect creature
Chapter 267: If you eat and think about things, you will not be able to absorb nutrients
Chapter 268: On the Importance of Economic Development
Chapter 269: uniform
Chapter 270: People cannot be generalized
Chapter 271: Dumplings and Meatballs
Chapter 272: Life is not easy, and Itachi also sighs (4k)
Chapter 273: fiery (physical) angel
Chapter 274: fairy eye
Chapter 275: Mingdun and Landun
Chapter 276: Lost God Black Cat
Chapter 277: Uchiha Itachi
Chapter 278: The perverted door challenge task
Chapter 279: The wind in early spring is very cold
Chapter 280: Big meal and big meal cannot be generalized
Chapter 281: Anti Totsuki Training
Chapter 282: Lieyang's knife
Chapter 283: Big Toad Immortal
Chapter 284: Trials of Dragon's Hole
Chapter 285: green hair girl
Chapter 286: cute? Hit the wall with a punch, can't get it off
Chapter 287: Strike of the White Snake Immortal
Chapter 288: Immortal magic weapon
Chapter 289:
Chapter 290: Stray Ninja Knife
Chapter 291: Loquat Shizang
Chapter 292: Rolling **** can also be handsome
Chapter 293: give too much
Chapter 294: Live and moist Jiraiya
Chapter 295: feel the pain together
Chapter 296: no Zuo no Die
Chapter 297: so big!
Chapter 298: Wetbone Forest Immortal Mode Acquired
Chapter 299: showdown again
Chapter 300: The first meeting of the four
Chapter 301: Prisonable but not imprisonable
Chapter 302: The superposition of two happiness
Chapter 303: legendary ramen shop
Chapter 304: The start of fairy mode
Chapter 305: Points spent are valuable
Chapter 306: The collision of double knives and big knives
Chapter 307: kill with one blow
Chapter 308: Absorb the ghost
Chapter 309: white hair or red hair
Chapter 310: If you speak ill of someone behind your back, you will be beaten
Chapter 311: Different
Chapter 312:
Chapter 313: Live together
Chapter 314: Hatake Lily
Chapter 315: Ultra creature
Chapter 316: dramatic reality
Chapter 317: Indecision, Quantum Mechanics
Chapter 318: Two Second Hokage?
Chapter 319: Another World (5k)
Chapter 320: Reaching the battlefield (6.5k)
Chapter 321: The Way of the Sun (4.6k)
Chapter 322: Six paths with soil (4.7k)
Chapter 323: battle escalation
Chapter 324: Yongze who has entered the fairy mode again
Chapter 325: Nagasawa's Enlightenment
Chapter 326: Fairy fox scorching sun tree
Chapter 327: The world's number one sword
Chapter 328: Obito's Redemption
Chapter 329: The mighty Uchiha Madara
Chapter 330: Obito and Madara's heartfelt words
Chapter 331: supernova explosion
Chapter 332: Offensive and defensive swap
Chapter 333: end of challenge
Chapter 334: sugar is essential
Chapter 335: Selective amnesia is a must-have skill
Chapter 336: shadow ninjutsu
Chapter 337: Inspirational stories of four generations of Naruto and Naruto assistants (4K
Chapter 338: Everyday (4k)
Chapter 339: The admissions office is still in action
Chapter 340: inorganic reincarnation
Chapter 341: hope
Chapter 342: ninja armed color
Chapter 343: Shadow clone is a necessary ninjutsu
Chapter 344: Mr. Kisame who lives very tired
Chapter 345: A kaleidoscope about to bloom in the laboratory
Chapter 346: Kaleidoscope of Blooming Light
Chapter 347: Brand New Kaleidoscope Ability
Chapter 348: Nagasawa: I am the fourth generation
Chapter 349: Nine tails can also kill people?
Chapter 350: Battle of Konoha Dance King
Chapter 351: All of you here are...
Chapter 352: Don't set the flag before the battle
Chapter 353: what you think is what you think
Chapter 354: Heijue: Madara, let me tell you something heartfelt
Chapter 355: If you can talk, talk a little more
Chapter 356: battle in heaven
Chapter 357: Everything is reduced to ashes
Chapter 358: Kaguya being beaten up
Chapter 359: Rebellious Kaguya
Chapter 360: final battle
Chapter 361: Finish
Chapter 362: Sun Charms and Healing Talismans
Chapter 363: Be careful walking (3k)
Chapter 364: Initiate a magnificent backstab
Chapter 365: Physiques are different, extreme anger situations can...
Chapter 366: Getting lost is the fault of the road
Chapter 367: Yong Ze
Chapter 368: Unexpected harvest, true sun mode
Chapter 369: Akatsuki Declaration
Chapter 370: high level meeting
Chapter 371: fundamental contradiction
Chapter 372: break the rules
Chapter 373: Three heads and six arms
Chapter 374: The one-in-a-million immortal cultivating genius
Chapter 375: Kakashi's daily life
Chapter 376: daily
Chapter 377: Tanokuni
Chapter 378: The title is missing
Chapter 379: Chunin Exam
Chapter 380: Lei Ying, who is not weaker than others in his life
Chapter 381: Trying hard to be handsome will suffer
Chapter 382: Sannin
Chapter 383: The oppressive feeling of Kaleidoscope Sharingan
Chapter 384: three shadows together
Chapter 385: The upcoming Chunin Exam
Chapter 386: You call this the Chunin Exam?
Chapter 387: why do shadows laugh
Chapter 388: Konoha's spell
Chapter 389: Psychic Talisman
Chapter 390: Battle Royale's Forest of the Dead officially begins
Chapter 391: Say it a million times again, don't set a flag
Chapter 392: The advantage is in me (ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 393: Unexpected results (ask for a monthly ticket)
Chapter 394: Good brother Nagasawa
Chapter 395: bad luck
Chapter 396: discover the truth
Chapter 397: conspiracy brewing
Chapter 398: ugly to the soul
Chapter 399: Live playing little monsters
Chapter 400: the rising sun again
Chapter 401: Nagasawa's era
Chapter 402: Yong Ze assists He Gu to sigh
Chapter 403: Heijue is gradually feeling bad
Chapter 404: want hokage not
Chapter 405: Yongze is a good teacher/brother
Chapter 406: Chapter 406 A Changed Fate
Chapter 407: hands on
Chapter 408: The battle at the hotel
Chapter 409: frightening reality
Chapter 410: The End With Soil (6k)
Chapter 411: Education (physics) with soil
Chapter 412: tell the truth
Chapter 413: Matryoshka
Chapter 414: invite
Chapter 415: go back
Chapter 416: Chapter 416 It Was You
Chapter 417: Master-apprentice meeting
Chapter 418: Chapter 418 Kakashi's Change
Chapter 419: Obito and Kakashi's reunion
Chapter 420: Kakashi, you don't want to...
Chapter 421: cleaning and recalling
Chapter 422: nuclear level
Chapter 423: The story needs to be told piece by piece
Chapter 424: Yagura Mumi
Chapter 425: Yagura's Bizarre Adventure
Chapter 426: Survival in the ninja world
Chapter 427: unexpected ending
Chapter 428: their own lives
Chapter 429: meet by chance
Chapter 430: whirlpool
Chapter 431: There are six people in the five shadow talks
Chapter 432: Ordinary Chunin and Gilded Hunzi
Chapter 433: move
Chapter 434: Heijue's plan
Chapter 435: different options
Chapter 436: Travel around ninja world
Chapter 437: action with soil
Chapter 438: The alliance was formally established
Chapter 439: Thunder escape helix pill split empty charm Lan Yaotian blade
Chapter 440: People still need to learn more
Chapter 441: coming unrest
Chapter 442: meeting of the next generation
Chapter 443: Arrival of new templates
Chapter 444: Sao operation
Chapter 445: Reiki Reiatsu and Zanpakuto
Chapter 446: start teaching
Chapter 447: possible revisit
Chapter 448: alliance
Chapter 449: assessment
Chapter 450: When the assessment is in progress
Chapter 451: end and new beginning
Chapter 452: student troubles
Chapter 453: Akatsuki's Disagreement
Chapter 454: Possibility of Spiral Pills
Chapter 455: heir question
Chapter 456: ninja fun
Chapter 457: Naruto Sasuke's Beginning
Chapter 458: The process that should go is still to go
Chapter 459: Double Kamui
Chapter 460: Gaze in the dark
Chapter 461: Reaper Spiral Pills
Chapter 462: action with soil
Chapter 463: This non-mainstream is too powerful
Chapter 464: No need to open Tata
Chapter 465: Reincarnation eye vs double Kamui
Chapter 466: Super Shenluo Tianzheng
Chapter 467: opposition of positions
Chapter 468: first acquaintance
Chapter 469: Social terror and social cattle
Chapter 470: breath of the moon
Chapter 471: Clean up Erwuzi
Chapter 472: surprises and new plans
Chapter 473: living puppet
Chapter 474: attract each other
Chapter 475: open your eyes
Chapter 476: Separate development
Chapter 477: absenteeism
Chapter 478: practice
Chapter 479: A day in Nagasawa
Chapter 480: must have deep meaning
Chapter 481: Brain supplement
Chapter 482: Good brothers even wear women's clothes together
Chapter 483: go get someone
Chapter 484: rescue team
Chapter 485: Exchange student Gaara
Chapter 486: Chiyo who loves to play dead
Chapter 487: Gaara
Chapter 488: Shocked Yakshamaru
Chapter 489: confirm
Chapter 490: The grievances of the parents
Chapter 491: There is a ghost
Chapter 492: choice of raid
Chapter 493: crime
Chapter 494: lost
Chapter 495: Arrive at Konoha
Chapter 496: Brave One Tail
Chapter 497: common anthropomorphism
Chapter 498: embers
Chapter 499: friend
Chapter 500: The Ninja World
Chapter 501: Clan and Separation
Chapter 502: nameless organization
Chapter 503: Jinchuriki and the Tailed Beast
Chapter 504: Tailed Beast Chakra
Chapter 505: tell
Chapter 506: 509 Bird in a Cage
Chapter 507: Knock three times
Chapter 508: Neji's Enlightenment
Chapter 509: Nagasawa
Chapter 510: One Piece World
Chapter 511: general undercover
Chapter 512: warring states
Chapter 513: become general
Chapter 514: What's it like to go whoring in a rip-off bar?
Chapter 515: beat up the dragon
Chapter 516: The white demon who killed the Draco
Chapter 517: dragon shock
Chapter 518: pull the boat over
Chapter 519: solve
Chapter 520: As long as you have the guts to take a holiday every day
Chapter 521: The battle of the world's greatest swordsman
Chapter 522: Deal with Hawkeye
Chapter 523: meet ontology
Chapter 524: next plan
Chapter 525: Arrive at Daughter Island
Chapter 526: Yongze doesn't understand the general
Chapter 527: Guidance overlord color winding
Chapter 528: Encounter with Aokiji
Chapter 529: solve
Chapter 530: The end of doflamingo
Chapter 531: really rely on the ship king
Chapter 532: Collision with Whitebeard
Chapter 533: Unlucky Kaido
Chapter 534: Defeat Kaido
Chapter 535: Kaido is dead
Chapter 536: shock the world
Chapter 537: influences
Chapter 538: disagreement
Chapter 539: Live crusade against BIGMOM
Chapter 540: A desperate knife
Chapter 541: Revolutionary Army and Navy (monthly ticket plus updates)
Chapter 542: ready to do it
Chapter 543: The strength of the revolutionary army
Chapter 544: red dog vomiting blood
Chapter 545: during the battle
Chapter 546: Awakening of the Marines
Chapter 547: Would you rather die than surrender? Perfect for you!
Chapter 548: Let you go to attack the revolutionary army, all defected to the enemy?
Chapter 549: Chapter 552: The Figure on the Throne of the Void
Chapter 550: divine punishment
Chapter 551: The fierce sun broke through the dark clouds, and the hidden king appeared
Chapter 552: Im was exposed, the world was shocked
Chapter 553: Break the delusion of world government
Chapter 554: Pirates end, return to Hokage
Chapter 555: Chapter 558 Phoenix Maitkai and Nika Naruto
Chapter 556: Science ninja
Chapter 557: exposed
Chapter 558: unexpected unfolding
Chapter 559: Sasuke Versailles
Chapter 560: Lava and Freeze
Chapter 561: mission impossible
Chapter 562: The outbreak of war
Chapter 563: Liugou jade reincarnation eye, the **** emperor produces the spirit god
Chapter 564: Powerful dust escape and bad news
Chapter 565: Resembling a god
Chapter 566: strategic retreat
Chapter 567: then and now
Chapter 568: Nagato, who is so strong that Yan Yin despairs
Chapter 568: Nagato, who is so strong that Yan Yin despairs
Chapter 570: The strong are more powerful
Chapter 571: Nagato of despair
Chapter 572: Hei Jue: numb
Chapter 573: end of war
Chapter 574: Terrified Black Jue
Chapter 575: Shocked, the story that Senju and Uchiha had to tell
Chapter 576: Death of Nagato
Chapter 577: White lie
Chapter 578: Contemporaries also have gaps
Chapter 579: New Generation and Grim Reaper Chakra Mode
: written request for leave
Chapter 580: itchy matkay
Chapter 582: hard work
Chapter 583: Effort is also talent
: Normal update will resume tomorrow
Chapter 584: large wood cell
Chapter 585: one-of-a-kind surprise
Chapter 586: Universe Emperor Otsuki
Chapter 587: Program
Chapter 588: Kaguya Resurrection
: didn't write it out...
Chapter 589: It doesn't matter, I'll do it