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[MT]Make You HappySomewhere in the wilderness. As soon as Ruan Youqing cleared up the gangsters, he turned around and saw Mr. Shoufu who came behind him. Throwing away the meteor hammer he picked up casually, Ruan Youq...
[MT]Make You Happy is a Romance manga created by cloud heart,read the latest chapters of [MT]Make You Happy online for free in Found Novel.

Latest chapter:Chapter 455: Fanwai Five Dimly Lighted Places

Update:2022-12-24 08:11:41

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Chapter 455: Fanwai Five Dimly Lighted Places
Chapter 454: Fanwai Five Dim Lights (Ruan Lingjun×Xiao Deyin
Chapter 453: Extra Story Four Puyang Princess (3)
Chapter 452: Extra Story Four Puyang Princess (2)
Chapter 451: Extra Story Four Puyang Princess (1) [Li Ange]
Chapter 450: Extra Story Three Years' Crazy Past (7)
Chapter 449: Extra Story Three Years' Frivolous Past (6)
Chapter 448: Extra Story Three Years' Frivolous Past (5)
Chapter 447: Extra Story Three Years' Frivolous Past (4)
Chapter 446: Extra Story Three Years' Frivolous Past (3)
Chapter 445: Extra Story Three Years' Frivolous Past (2)
Chapter 444: Extra Story Three Years of Frivolous Past (1) [Sister Rong
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《[MT]Make You Happy》all chapters

Chapter 1: ridiculous reunion
Chapter 2: God's mercy
Chapter 3: see you again
Chapter 4: the taste of playing weak
Chapter 5: Decide
Chapter 6: someone is here again
Chapter 7: Princess Puyang
Chapter 8: Listen to her talk about the tragic past
Chapter 9: Entrust
Chapter 10: Huachaohui
Chapter 11: shoot over
Chapter 12: disturbed quiet
Chapter 13: seen through by him
Chapter 14: dinner party
Chapter 15: pot of mystery
Chapter 16: Miss Rong
Chapter 17: Empress Dowager Rong
Chapter 18: memories and dreams
Chapter 19: The "truth" of Rong Yan's gaffe
Chapter 20: someone's confidence
Chapter 21: Mother and son's plan
Chapter 22: Emergencies
Chapter 23: bitten by a bug
Chapter 24: Festival of Encounters
Chapter 25: missing and kidnapped
Chapter 26: Ruan Youqing's skills
Chapter 27: scary
Chapter 28: Mr. Shoufu is here
Chapter 29: city ​​of no return
Chapter 30: Arrive at Quanling Villa
Chapter 31: lost memory
Chapter 32: Qiankun Pass
Chapter 33: last level
Chapter 34: angry
Chapter 35: awkward
Chapter 36: Gu Changan and Ruan Chong
Chapter 37: his so-called method
Chapter 38: surprise
Chapter 39: the moon is the hometown
Chapter 40: indulge together
Chapter 41: Meet an acquaintance again
Chapter 42: the wind comes
Chapter 43: sisters
Chapter 44: beat up the shameless
Chapter 45: Injustice has its head, debt has its owner
Chapter 46: suspicious person
Chapter 47: real cause of death
Chapter 48: poor parents
Chapter 49: track
Chapter 50: Handy thing
Chapter 51: Handling of Ge Ao
Chapter 52: first level of hell
Chapter 53: she's just a girl
Chapter 54: Rong Yeon who appeared again
Chapter 55: Ruan Youqing's Leading by Example
Chapter 56: It was conspired again [for "I am Daddy's duck-billed little treasure]
Chapter 57: Rong Yan's wish
Chapter 58: love each other
Chapter 59: her thoughts
Chapter 60: the reason for forgetting
Chapter 61: extremely embarrassing encounter
Chapter 62: conversation with the emperor
Chapter 63: matchmaker
Chapter 64: grandfather's trouble
Chapter 65: Before leaving
Chapter 66: sheltered by him
Chapter 67: jealous
Chapter 68: gentle bonfire
Chapter 69: Answers and gifts
Chapter 70: weak girl
Chapter 71: Bandits? Stupid bandit?
Chapter 72: Ziya
Chapter 73: The girl's "distant relative"
Chapter 74: disguise again
Chapter 75: Sweet Jujube Paste
Chapter 76: Unpromising Mr. Shoufu
Chapter 77: Arrive at Wuyun
Chapter 78: just want to hide
Chapter 79: unexpected encounter
Chapter 80: Yu Xie
Chapter 81: start to act
Chapter 82: Moon Man West Building
Chapter 83: thought
Chapter 84: his secret
Chapter 85: Victims under the Wall
Chapter 86: Arrogant Zong Ming
Chapter 87: surrounded
Chapter 88: Can't hide anymore
Chapter 89: everyone's questioning
Chapter 90: First time raw and second time cooked
Chapter 91: outside the city gate
Chapter 92: to meet
Chapter 93: signs of plague
Chapter 94: A certain Major General Ruan
Chapter 95: Chunlai Medical Center
Chapter 96: from
Chapter 97: Nanting's Conspiracy
Chapter 98: Ruan Youqing's arrangement
Chapter 99: turn left turn Right
Chapter 100: her bet
Chapter 101: Shejiang
Chapter 102: The sufferings I have suffered light up the way ahead
Chapter 103: Bugs chirping
Chapter 104: set fire
Chapter 105: Nanting's Zhenbei General
Chapter 106: prescription
Chapter 107: identity exposed
Chapter 108: exchange
Chapter 109: Ruan Youqing, a captive
Chapter 110: Prince Nanting
Chapter 111: camouflage
Chapter 112: Conversation between Taifu and Emperor
Chapter 113: it has started
Chapter 114: redemption
Chapter 115: to meet
Chapter 116: Meaningful
Chapter 117: Yanniang and Qiaoer
Chapter 118: what's the meaning
Chapter 119: Back to Jingbian
Chapter 120: Acting coquettishly
Chapter 121: Go to Gumo Village
Chapter 122: goodbye yuxie
Chapter 123: everything was robbed
Chapter 124: face proof
Chapter 125: Li Zheng's family
Chapter 126: There are noble people to support
Chapter 127: beat the drum
Chapter 128: star moon cloud rain wind
Chapter 129: remember
Chapter 130: Unfamiliar prince's staff
Chapter 131: guess
Chapter 132: Coach Nguyen
Chapter 133: Little girl's choice
Chapter 134: The Legend of King Nanjing
Chapter 135: Find
Chapter 136: waiting reason
Chapter 137: Go back to Gumo
Chapter 138: Prince's people are here
Chapter 139: prisoner dream
Chapter 140: behind the stone gate
Chapter 141: organ open
Chapter 142: Stone chamber and gossip
Chapter 143: trust
Chapter 144: their relationship
Chapter 145: pool
Chapter 146: content
Chapter 147: unexpected meeting
Chapter 148: Li Yi's experience
Chapter 149: his concealment
Chapter 150: calculate
Chapter 151: first keyhole
Chapter 152: to tease
Chapter 153: change
Chapter 154: past
Chapter 155: get together
Chapter 156: passage in the sarcophagus
Chapter 157: location of exit
Chapter 158: leisure
Chapter 159: Kaikyo
Chapter 160: sulking
Chapter 161: sky blue
Chapter 162: Unkind Miss Ruan
Chapter 163: Intentionally snub
Chapter 164: join in one after another
Chapter 165: Gu Changan's heart
Chapter 166: someone who is calculating again
Chapter 167: play off
Chapter 168: joker's fun
Chapter 169: Four people compete
Chapter 170: Competition with Gu Changan
Chapter 171: sisters meeting
Chapter 172: words of the emperor
Chapter 173: trust
Chapter 174: Go to Baiyun Temple
Chapter 175: Horror Gourd Mountain
Chapter 176: the truth
Chapter 177: buy murder
Chapter 178: Qingbi's idea
Chapter 179: Baiyun Temple
Chapter 180: Qiu Si
Chapter 181: dispute
Chapter 182: If you cooperate, you will be peaceful and you will be fierce
Chapter 183: Conversation with Granny Jiang
Chapter 184: born in response to catastrophe
Chapter 185: Stay overnight at Quanling Villa
Chapter 186: words like a knife
Chapter 187: she made a mistake
Chapter 188: instigate
Chapter 189: the most beautiful tenderness in the world
Chapter 190: information
Chapter 191: Growing up as a national concern
Chapter 192: Lu Yu Prince's Dowry
Chapter 193: Come and see
Chapter 194: distraught
Chapter 195: The woman who came suddenly
Chapter 196: Shock
Chapter 197: take them in
Chapter 198: ease of relationship
Chapter 199: get together
Chapter 200: Ever Victorious General of Canglong Kingdom
Chapter 201: general for equality
Chapter 202: People from Yuhuan Kingdom
Chapter 203: show your true colors
Chapter 204: storm
Chapter 205: lesson
Chapter 206: he is suffering but he wants to say
Chapter 207: tacit agreement
Chapter 208: Emperor's decision
Chapter 209: benefactor
Chapter 210: Envoys from other countries
Chapter 211: sister talk
Chapter 212: The cusp
Chapter 213: unfathomable sacred heart
Chapter 214: Drunkards don't want to drink
Chapter 215: The Arrogant Princess of Yuhuan Kingdom
Chapter 216: I want to compete with her again
Chapter 217: Who is the flower shelf
Chapter 218: about how to love someone
Chapter 219: mid autumn night
Chapter 220: Suspicious
Chapter 221: The moonlight is just right
Chapter 222: August night cinnamon
Chapter 223: Two people's guess
Chapter 224: hard-working peddler
Chapter 225: care
Chapter 226: Let's compete again
Chapter 227: Preach
Chapter 228: start to forget things
Chapter 229: another unexpected encounter
Chapter 230: The siblings who took the initiative to come to the door (for Weitang Weibing Xiaoke
Chapter 231: confession and temptation
Chapter 232: struggle
Chapter 233: foggy
Chapter 234: Good and evil
Chapter 235: Go to the stars again
Chapter 236: acquaintance
Chapter 237: gathering
Chapter 238: about to start
Chapter 239: pick someone
Chapter 240: Perilla's Secret
Chapter 241: in progress
Chapter 242: critic of poetry
Chapter 243: Magical rewards (add more
Chapter 244: Abnormal (Add more cuties for Qihualuosheng~)
Chapter 245: The chief assistant who is anti-client
Chapter 246: discuss
Chapter 247: discuss
Chapter 248: Qiu Si's identity (added for Weitang Weibing's cute
Chapter 249: She is coming
Chapter 250: shameless
Chapter 251: Tell the truth (add more to Wei Tang Wei Bing’s cuteness~
Chapter 252: Slaps in the face one after another
Chapter 253: beg for mercy
Chapter 254: talk heart to heart
Chapter 255: Prince Baili woke up
Chapter 256: Completely relieved (adding more to the cute little sugar and ice~
Chapter 257: unwilling person
Chapter 258: fellow forest bird
Chapter 259: Fly separately
Chapter 260: Inside the carriage
Chapter 261: Discrimination
Chapter 262: The Unguessable Wizard of Guzz
Chapter 263: jade bracelet
Chapter 264: Her sudden transformation (additional
Chapter 265: Human-Fox Controversy
Chapter 266: little girl picking mushrooms
Chapter 267: it has started
Chapter 268: get angry
Chapter 269: After being unfamiliar
Chapter 270: The moon is dark and the wind is high
Chapter 271: end
Chapter 272: collapse
Chapter 273: it's over
Chapter 274: the most beautiful and lovely existence
Chapter 275: A Rare Sunset
Chapter 276: chic encounter
Chapter 277: It's going to be windy again
Chapter 278: Missing
Chapter 279: Reasons to return to Changju City
Chapter 280: Yueling's experience
Chapter 281: Survival from Desperate Places
Chapter 282: escaped
Chapter 283: ups and downs
Chapter 284: Find
Chapter 285: what happened to the missing women
Chapter 286: Suddenly
Chapter 287: ready to go out of town
Chapter 288: Meet Kugli
Chapter 289: her secret
Chapter 290: The attitude of the Nangong brothers and sisters
Chapter 291: never come to the door
Chapter 292: stay on rainy night
Chapter 293: people in the dark
Chapter 294: their deal
Chapter 295: held hostage
Chapter 296: Hazuki
Chapter 297: their relationship
Chapter 298: acquaintance
Chapter 299: Major Events in Beijing
Chapter 300: Tentative (add more for Nana's cuteness!)
Chapter 301: complex emotions
Chapter 302: started again
Chapter 303: go Ape
Chapter 304: What happened to Rong Yan
Chapter 305: moon castle
Chapter 306: her identity
Chapter 307: people always change
Chapter 308: They come, the security
Chapter 309: Sad City
Chapter 310: Li Yi's change
Chapter 311: About the future of Zhaixing
Chapter 312: juvenile
Chapter 313: another dream
Chapter 314: temple
Chapter 315: tease
Chapter 316: The Truth About Rebirth
Chapter 317: ask for something
Chapter 318: When and what not
Chapter 319: no way back
Chapter 320: acquaintance
Chapter 321: for the people
Chapter 322: Prepare
Chapter 323: Prayer ceremony
Chapter 324: it's time
Chapter 325: plan
Chapter 326: stay overnight
Chapter 327: start to conspire
Chapter 328: Lee Ange who knows everything
Chapter 329: midnight
Chapter 330: the two wounded
Chapter 331: wake up
Chapter 332: respective plans
Chapter 333: expected and expected
Chapter 334: The turmoil begins
Chapter 335: character
Chapter 336: strength
Chapter 337: advance and retreat
Chapter 338: arrival
Chapter 339: their persistence
Chapter 340: forced palace
Chapter 341: Siege and defense
Chapter 342: her cool
Chapter 343: result
Chapter 344: more ferocious siege
Chapter 345: wait until
Chapter 346: the person who knows her best
Chapter 347: fight against
Chapter 348: Ruan Ye's decision
Chapter 349: deserter
Chapter 350: People who were sold to the Jie tribe
Chapter 351: night attack
Chapter 352: letter
Chapter 353: winter moon
Chapter 354: Dispute
Chapter 355: that path
Chapter 356: play
Chapter 357: after snow
Chapter 358: End
Chapter 359: Back to Changzhou
Chapter 360: her disappointment
Chapter 361: If the two feelings last for a long time
Chapter 362: surprise?
Chapter 363: Li Cheng
Chapter 364: Affection is strong
Chapter 365: finally back to Beijing
Chapter 366: The dispute between the monarch and his ministers
Chapter 367: get together
Chapter 368: about drunk
Chapter 369: to look ahead
Chapter 370: How many people are happy and how many people are sad
Chapter 371: she is a vengeful
Chapter 372: cold blooded and dark
Chapter 373: their reaction
Chapter 374: The unique Mrs. Ningguo
Chapter 375: enter the palace
Chapter 376: New Year's Eve
Chapter 377: Difficult to choose (plus more!!)
Chapter 378: sleepless night
Chapter 379: pay a New Year call
Chapter 380: Forgotten identities (plus more!)
Chapter 381: Looking for Qiu Bao
Chapter 382: new year fifteen
Chapter 383: Lively welcome
Chapter 384: always with you
Chapter 385: Huzhuo City
Chapter 386: Know the current affairs as a "junjie"
Chapter 387: Gu Family of Canglong Kingdom
Chapter 388: First foray into muddy waters
Chapter 389: Caught off guard
Chapter 390: jealousy
Chapter 391: strange
Chapter 392: young emperor
Chapter 393: determination
Chapter 394: exasperating and ridiculous
Chapter 395: where to complain
Chapter 396: Go to Huguo Temple
Chapter 397: Qiu Bao's mother
Chapter 398: Jade Ruyi and the Mandate of Heaven
Chapter 399: The "kidnapper" who doesn't know what to ask for
Chapter 400: go too far
Chapter 401: deceitful
Chapter 402: chamber of secrets
Chapter 403: ripples
Chapter 404: magic barrier
Chapter 405: Father's fault
Chapter 406: some guesses
Chapter 407: write off
Chapter 408: return trip
Chapter 409: Back to Ningguo
Chapter 410: Every little bit is joy
Chapter 411: comfort
Chapter 412: sensitive she
Chapter 413: days to normal
Chapter 414: settled
Chapter 415: Gu Shoufu
Chapter 416: disappear
Chapter 417: seven princesses
Chapter 418: before dinner
Chapter 419: and loved ones
Chapter 420: out of palace
Chapter 421: Ruan Youning's marriage
Chapter 422: wonderful fate
Chapter 423: acquaintance
Chapter 424: friend or foe
Chapter 425: piece
Chapter 426: take her away
Chapter 427: cause and effect of rebirth
Chapter 428: Baili Huaijin's obsession
Chapter 429: Her confidence is coming
Chapter 430: untouchable person
Chapter 431: season finale
Chapter 432: The daily life of a first-assistant couple (1) [Ruan Youqing
Chapter 433: The daily life of a first-office couple (2)
Chapter 434: The daily life of a first-office couple (3)
Chapter 435: The Daily Life of a First and Secondary Couple (4)
Chapter 436: The daily life of a first-office couple (5)
Chapter 437: The Daily Life of a First and Secondary Couple (6)
Chapter 438: Extra episode 2: He ran away, she chased him, but he couldn't fly (1) [Ruan
Chapter 439: Episode 2: He escapes, she chases him, but he can't fly (2)
Chapter 440: Extra episode 2: He ran away, she chased him, but he couldn't fly (3)
Chapter 441: Episode 2: He escapes, she chases him, but he can't fly (4)
Chapter 442: Episode 2: He escapes, she chases him, but he can't fly (5)
Chapter 443: Episode 2: He escapes, she chases him, but he can't fly (6)
Chapter 444: Extra Story Three Years of Frivolous Past (1) [Sister Rong
Chapter 445: Extra Story Three Years' Frivolous Past (2)
Chapter 446: Extra Story Three Years' Frivolous Past (3)
Chapter 447: Extra Story Three Years' Frivolous Past (4)
Chapter 448: Extra Story Three Years' Frivolous Past (5)
Chapter 449: Extra Story Three Years' Frivolous Past (6)
Chapter 450: Extra Story Three Years' Crazy Past (7)
Chapter 451: Extra Story Four Puyang Princess (1) [Li Ange]
Chapter 452: Extra Story Four Puyang Princess (2)
Chapter 453: Extra Story Four Puyang Princess (3)
Chapter 454: Fanwai Five Dim Lights (Ruan Lingjun×Xiao Deyin
Chapter 455: Fanwai Five Dimly Lighted Places