[MT]Lucky Girl: Take the Space To Escape From the Famine

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[MT]Lucky Girl: Take the Space To Escape From the Famine[Female lead space + male lead rebirth] Yin Miao just picked up an angry book from the ruins of the apocalypse, and accidentally entered the book and became an exiled unlucky person. It’s ju...
[MT]Lucky Girl: Take the Space To Escape From the Famine is a Romance manga created by Pray slowly,read the latest chapters of [MT]Lucky Girl: Take the Space To Escape From the Famine online for free in Found Novel.

Latest chapter:Chapter 416: Extras

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《[MT]Lucky Girl: Take the Space To Escape From the Famine》Latest chapter

Chapter 416: Extras
Chapter 415: unexpected king
Chapter 414: mission completed?
Chapter 413: Dangerous
Chapter 412: sophisticated mechanism
Chapter 411: persuade
Chapter 410: call him trash
Chapter 409: confrontation
Chapter 408: absurd
Chapter 407: return to Beijing
Chapter 406: clarify for him
Chapter 405: victorious rebels
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《[MT]Lucky Girl: Take the Space To Escape From the Famine》all chapters

Chapter 1: Accidentally dressed as cannon fodder
Chapter 2: exiled family
Chapter 3: nothing will
Chapter 4: her taro is edible
Chapter 5: first sight space
Chapter 6: The storm caused by taro
Chapter 7: Another cannon fodder
Chapter 8: in a dream
Chapter 9: go up the mountain
Chapter 10: Poisonous mushrooms?
Chapter 11: safe and sound
Chapter 12: Su Wanfeng
Chapter 13: win favor
Chapter 14: one thousand mon
Chapter 15: What are you afraid of?
Chapter 16: encounter bandits
Chapter 17: windfall
Chapter 18: buy
Chapter 19: punish
Chapter 20: negotiate with the system
Chapter 21: seriously injured person
Chapter 22: Xuan Wang and his people
Chapter 23: The current situation of the Yin family
Chapter 24: Temporary settlement
Chapter 25: different showdown
Chapter 26: feed water
Chapter 27: Going into the city to consume food
Chapter 28: Equivalent exchange
Chapter 29: Don't eat less
Chapter 30: System focus
Chapter 31: wake
Chapter 32: award
Chapter 33: reasonable person
Chapter 34: Parrot auspicious
Chapter 35: Criticism
Chapter 36: jealous
Chapter 37: Raise the courtyard wall
Chapter 38: can't hold back
Chapter 39: buy fruit saplings
Chapter 40: dead man
Chapter 41: bumped into by her
Chapter 42: mountain bandit
Chapter 43: Poisonous mushrooms
Chapter 44: weak
Chapter 45: foreboding
Chapter 46: Save Yin Han
Chapter 47: help cover
Chapter 48: solve
Chapter 49: Rume
Chapter 50: school
Chapter 51: She's still hurt
Chapter 52: midnight mission
Chapter 53: tool man Yin Miao
Chapter 54: enter the cottage
Chapter 55: go the way of the bandit
Chapter 56: Go to the top of the mountain to find Li Tianyang
Chapter 57: second tasker
Chapter 58: alliance
Chapter 59: misunderstood again
Chapter 60: The current situation in Changling Village
Chapter 61: Su Wanfeng, who can't afford to offend
Chapter 62: Beggars increase
Chapter 63: Food is restricted
Chapter 64: help from allies
Chapter 65: missed the point
Chapter 66: The sergeant came to the village
Chapter 67: villagers help
Chapter 68: help with food
Chapter 69: Li Tianyang's birthday present
Chapter 70: temporary assignment
Chapter 71: borrow food
Chapter 72: meet people
Chapter 73: so defensive
Chapter 74: corvée
Chapter 75: Another was exiled
Chapter 76: Mad Zheng Feiyao
Chapter 77: eat locusts
Chapter 78: Wayne's help
Chapter 79: more locusts
Chapter 80: Everything can be baked
Chapter 81: walk the chicken
Chapter 82: letter
Chapter 83: People from the county government
Chapter 84: Locust plague is coming
Chapter 85: work together to capture
Chapter 86: Chicken soldier and duck general
Chapter 87: Chicken in the county
Chapter 88: large scale death scene
Chapter 89: hello brothers
Chapter 90: rogues on the road
Chapter 91: Injuried
Chapter 92: help you feed them
Chapter 93: Grain on the mountain
Chapter 94: Sun Heshun is crazy
Chapter 95: hint
Chapter 96: Twelve roast chickens
Chapter 97: system sent
Chapter 98: sell chicken
Chapter 99: The first appearance of refugees
Chapter 100: Tragedy in the villages
Chapter 101: corpse tower
Chapter 102: Food disturbance
Chapter 103: Zhang Shi Youxi
Chapter 104: killing night
Chapter 105: Go to Zheng Feiyao
Chapter 106: take to the wound
Chapter 107: Yin Miao's doubts
Chapter 108: Xiao Xuan's confession
Chapter 109: wait for her
Chapter 110: Auspicious reminder
Chapter 111: To reassure
Chapter 112: war?
Chapter 113: changes in space
Chapter 114: go to the county seat
Chapter 115: buy fur
Chapter 116: hot potato
Chapter 117: return the ledger
Chapter 118: Go to the window
Chapter 119: space ranch
Chapter 120: Tentative
Chapter 121: The rain is coming
Chapter 122: Weiss is angry
Chapter 123: The whole village leaves together
Chapter 124: Beijou Utu
Chapter 125: barbarian slaughter
Chapter 126: cornered
Chapter 127: bring into space
Chapter 128: Three birds with one stone
Chapter 129: become a refugee
Chapter 130: water crisis
Chapter 131: found water
Chapter 132: rest in place
Chapter 133: Performance is not zero
Chapter 134: Road Encounter Brutal
Chapter 135: He went to avenge you
Chapter 136: can help a little
Chapter 137: found a horse
Chapter 138: fed dead
Chapter 139: a sudden snatch
Chapter 140: rescued
Chapter 141: his strength
Chapter 142: The unreachable Pingtong County
Chapter 143: go together
Chapter 144: Bai Gongzi is powerful
Chapter 145: prepare porridge
Chapter 146: hungry people
Chapter 147: monk in black
Chapter 148: hidden tasks
Chapter 149: Disappearing magistrate of Zhao
Chapter 150: interrogation in court
Chapter 151: Collect grain jade
Chapter 152: bodhisattva heart
Chapter 153: Xiao Xuan's arrangement
Chapter 154: 10 days mature
Chapter 155: Lost your sight?
Chapter 156: Via Pingtong County
Chapter 157: Gobi
Chapter 158: space on the road
Chapter 159: hurry
Chapter 160: meet wolves
Chapter 161: Repel the wolves
Chapter 162: roasted herbs
Chapter 163: Divide animal meat
Chapter 164: grab a weapon
Chapter 165: Cross the Gobi
Chapter 166: Kogure village disaster
Chapter 167: task synced
Chapter 168: waiting for the killer
Chapter 169: pissed off
Chapter 170: Tentative
Chapter 171: closed city gate
Chapter 172: giant mastiff
Chapter 173: Remember to make up
Chapter 174: evil spirit
Chapter 175: see also Xu Mang
Chapter 176: Favorite Mastiff
Chapter 177: refugees fleeing
Chapter 178: Wang Yishuang's choice?
Chapter 179: mother and daughter duo
Chapter 180: Zheng Feiyao recovers
Chapter 181: instigated
Chapter 182: don't pass
Chapter 183: who are refugees
Chapter 184: stay in inn
Chapter 185: outrageous explanation
Chapter 186: the town is surrounded
Chapter 187: Yin Miao's suggestion
Chapter 188: hide in the tower
Chapter 189: people upstairs
Chapter 190: Mastiff
Chapter 191: Xiao Xuan's analysis
Chapter 192: absorb
Chapter 193: work in space
Chapter 194: those who stay and follow
Chapter 195: refugees in the rear
Chapter 196: ready to kill
Chapter 197: do not hide murder
Chapter 198: follow behind
Chapter 199: space upgrade
Chapter 200: among the woods
Chapter 201: Yin Miao is missing
Chapter 202: captured
Chapter 203: self-entry space
Chapter 204: Wuma Kui
Chapter 205: try to find
Chapter 206: Falling Wild Goose Pagoda execution ground
Chapter 207: plan
Chapter 208: deal with
Chapter 209: Yin Miao's inquiry
Chapter 210: Anmucheng old acquaintance
Chapter 211: late night adventure
Chapter 212: Xiao Xuan was arrested?
Chapter 213: poison
Chapter 214: Magnolia and spring grass
Chapter 215: Mastiff Riot
Chapter 216: Efficacy
Chapter 217: Capture the Falling Wild Goose Pagoda
Chapter 218: get weapons
Chapter 219: space steward
Chapter 220: Doubts of the couple
Chapter 221: Refugees enter the city
Chapter 222: 3 days stay
Chapter 223: send out supplies
Chapter 224: Soldiers outside the city
Chapter 225: exchange one person for one city
Chapter 226: people's reaction
Chapter 227: Siege
Chapter 228: beat back a wave
Chapter 229: Is there a secret way?
Chapter 230: Trading materials
Chapter 231: Yin Miao's teaching
Chapter 232: solve
Chapter 233: Ba Chengtian
Chapter 234: ranch occupied by chickens
Chapter 235: The secret message sent
Chapter 236: inexhaustible granary
Chapter 237: the killing
Chapter 238: three meals a day
Chapter 239: Sudden trouble
Chapter 240: Xiao Xuan's agency
Chapter 241: Invasion of Anmu City
Chapter 242: big win
Chapter 243: postwar plan
Chapter 244: willing to be killed
Chapter 245: destroy the arsenal
Chapter 246: Bring back the blacksmith
Chapter 247: Transfer from Anmucheng
Chapter 248: killer mission
Chapter 249: Mouth escape Yin Miao
Chapter 250: net moon
Chapter 251: Li Tianyang poisoning
Chapter 252: Finally got the initial package
Chapter 253: Sun Zili's doubts
Chapter 254: News from Sun Zili
Chapter 255: Preparations for Anmucheng
Chapter 256: Court expert
Chapter 257: Weird Anmucheng
Chapter 258: lure the enemy deep
Chapter 259: Organ City
Chapter 260: rescue the slave
Chapter 261: two siblings
Chapter 262: Arrive at the City Lord's Mansion
Chapter 263: Xiao Xianxian
Chapter 264: recall villagers
Chapter 265: Sun Lian's words
Chapter 266: be missed
Chapter 267: Shangyuncheng Porridge
Chapter 268: All help
Chapter 269: firm
Chapter 270: The plot of the original book
Chapter 271: space upgrade
Chapter 272: Prince of Lindan
Chapter 273: official arrival
Chapter 274: Jiang Huanxing appears
Chapter 275: Mission progress
Chapter 276: Huang Tiancheng's intuition
Chapter 277: what she wants to do
Chapter 278: Miao Xuan Firm
Chapter 279: Find clues together
Chapter 280: Jiang Huanxing's summary
Chapter 281: send food to the city
Chapter 282: Sun Zili's dream
Chapter 283: Qilingxi
Chapter 284: edict
Chapter 285: Shen's Abandoned House
Chapter 286: Letter from Granny Lin
Chapter 287: Hospital opens
Chapter 288: Granny Lin's words
Chapter 289: and wedding ceremony
Chapter 290: Deal with Lindan
Chapter 291: ready to leave
Chapter 292: Capture Rume
Chapter 293: leave early
Chapter 294: two people on the road
Chapter 295: fugitive
Chapter 296: Ogre
Chapter 297: attacked in the middle of the night
Chapter 298: new carriage
Chapter 299: Green Leaf Town
Chapter 300: flood warning
Chapter 301: roadblocker
Chapter 302: Arrive at Xiangyang City
Chapter 303: Status of Xiangyang City
Chapter 304: Without further ado
Chapter 305: directly missing
Chapter 306: Initial results
Chapter 307: leave temporarily
Chapter 308: South of Xiangyang City
Chapter 309: Auspicious reminder
Chapter 310: The goodwill of the villagers
Chapter 311: thank
Chapter 312: Water is blocked
Chapter 313: work together
Chapter 314: Chaomagou Town
Chapter 315: submerged magou town
Chapter 316: vigilance
Chapter 317: water confrontation
Chapter 318: I don't want to make people feel better
Chapter 319: too many eggs
Chapter 320: Arrive at Nanxing City
Chapter 321: The current situation of Nanxing City
Chapter 322: King Xuan's Reputation
Chapter 323: General Qin
Chapter 324: Xuanwang's reputation
Chapter 325: Complete space upgrade
Chapter 326: Zhao Hongye keeps up
Chapter 327: set off again
Chapter 328: ivy
Chapter 329: spooky village
Chapter 330: unexpected task
Chapter 331: Linghua City
Chapter 332: shady boy
Chapter 333: grass man
Chapter 334: Rescue Linghua City
Chapter 335: No clue found
Chapter 336: mission rewards
Chapter 337: was guessed
Chapter 338: test
Chapter 339: false rumors
Chapter 340: Xuan family army banquet
Chapter 341: Kaikyo
Chapter 342: Wei Wangfu
Chapter 343: errand
Chapter 344: Puyu
Chapter 345: close friend
Chapter 346: he is my man
Chapter 347: Capital situation
Chapter 348: Wen Zhuoyuan
Chapter 349: Yu'an's Discovery
Chapter 350: to provoke
Chapter 351: punish
Chapter 352: Discovery of Mufa Temple
Chapter 353: help
Chapter 354: Queen summoned
Chapter 355: first encounter
Chapter 356: Void and Serpent
Chapter 357: Guess
Chapter 358: Master Huiwen's words
Chapter 359: truth without evidence
Chapter 360: false alarm
Chapter 361: Xuanwangfu porridge
Chapter 362: Yin Miao enters the palace
Chapter 363: tell the truth
Chapter 364: pull into camp
Chapter 365: take her out of the palace
Chapter 366: next steps
Chapter 367: Night Save Wenfu
Chapter 368: Increased favorability
Chapter 369: Wen Zhuoyuan was arrested
Chapter 370: Tang Jin's request
Chapter 371: rescued by the way.
Chapter 372: citywide search
Chapter 373: Zheng Feiyao comes to Beijing
Chapter 374: donate food
Chapter 375: Father Xiao's ending
Chapter 376: Palace standoff
Chapter 377: Li Tianyang's information
Chapter 378: Support Yu'an
Chapter 379: Go to Su's house in disguise
Chapter 380: People from Shanhaizhai
Chapter 381: The Kunfu family
Chapter 382: night detective
Chapter 383: meet Muyan
Chapter 384: Chaos in Beijing
Chapter 385: Emperor Xiao
Chapter 386: Interrogate Mu Yan
Chapter 387: Tang Jin's guess
Chapter 388: have some fun
Chapter 389: God's will
Chapter 390: follow the army
Chapter 391: Incorporation of the Xuanjia Army
Chapter 392: Set up camp
Chapter 393: see also mastiff
Chapter 394: The bigger picture
Chapter 395: Battling
Chapter 396: New rewards for space
Chapter 397: Yin Bowu is here
Chapter 398: Accidental discovery
Chapter 399: housing disturbance
Chapter 400: secret weapon
Chapter 401: A good start
Chapter 402: real battlefield
Chapter 403: Yin Miao's draft
Chapter 404: Daanguo is in chaos
Chapter 405: victorious rebels
Chapter 406: clarify for him
Chapter 407: return to Beijing
Chapter 408: absurd
Chapter 409: confrontation
Chapter 410: call him trash
Chapter 411: persuade
Chapter 412: sophisticated mechanism
Chapter 413: Dangerous
Chapter 414: mission completed?
Chapter 415: unexpected king
Chapter 416: Extras