[MT]Her Majesty Was Pregnant Before Entering the Palace

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[MT]Her Majesty Was Pregnant Before Entering the PalaceJiang Ning, who was in the boudoir, was pregnant and entered the second room of Jiang’s family with a lame leg, just as he met the emperor to choose a concubine for King Yu. The noble ladies...
[MT]Her Majesty Was Pregnant Before Entering the Palace is a Romance manga created by Gongsun Xiaoyue,read the latest chapters of [MT]Her Majesty Was Pregnant Before Entering the Palace online for free in Found Novel.

Latest chapter:Chapter 1013: The original intention does not change (end)

Update:2022-08-08 08:11:55

《[MT]Her Majesty Was Pregnant Before Entering the Palace》Latest chapter

Chapter 1013: The original intention does not change (end)
Chapter 1012: It's sad to die
Chapter 1011: Prince Rong Qing
Chapter 1010: The prince has been kidnapped
Chapter 1009: He pleases me
Chapter 1008: to die indifferently
Chapter 1007: You can take care of the bedtime.
Chapter 1006: hot face sticker
Chapter 1005: Wen Renzong must die
Chapter 1004: I'm going to accompany them
Chapter 1003: regret
Chapter 1002: no worries
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《[MT]Her Majesty Was Pregnant Before Entering the Palace》all chapters

Chapter 1: pregnant at the start
Chapter 2: Old Li's meal money
Chapter 3: I am so beautiful
Chapter 4: I just want to live a lazy life
Chapter 5: Talking about money is vulgar
Chapter 6: What about the rich dad?
Chapter 7: a basket of junk
Chapter 8: A shabby house
Chapter 9: i am your father
Chapter 10: more and more real
Chapter 11: It's true, it's the real thing!
Chapter 12: Even my lame sister can fight the three of you
Chapter 13: Participate in the selection of concubine Yu Wang?
Chapter 14: Silly and sweet
Chapter 15: false alarm
Chapter 16: Lord loves you more
Chapter 17: Poor and sour?
Chapter 18: you can't choose
Chapter 19: Concubine is going to kill
Chapter 20: a bolt from the blue
Chapter 21: When Jiang Xiaoqi came back, everything changed
Chapter 22: clear soup with little water
Chapter 23: Mother is here
Chapter 24: Check your pulse carefully
Chapter 25: Reloaded, bah!
Chapter 26: handsome boy
Chapter 27: third brother
Chapter 28: fascinated
Chapter 29: fall into the water
Chapter 30: Hard to say
Chapter 31: girl is pregnant
Chapter 32: Rewards from the Palace
Chapter 33: I am really pregnant!
Chapter 34: horrible makeup
Chapter 35: come in
Chapter 36: dizzy on the spot
Chapter 37: that pretty boy
Chapter 38: body check
Chapter 39: because i'm pretty
Chapter 40: twat
Chapter 41: Ugliness brings trouble
Chapter 42: King Yu is here
Chapter 43: Your Highness threw it wrong!
Chapter 44: there is a green light
Chapter 45: happy girl
Chapter 46: Just like the shrew in our village
Chapter 47: impossible, absolutely impossible
Chapter 48: pampering by striving
Chapter 49: The reason why King Yu chose her
Chapter 50: daddy i hurt
Chapter 51: get married in a month
Chapter 52: Anxious while enjoying
Chapter 53: take medicine
Chapter 54: get married
Chapter 55: My dad's house is fake
Chapter 56: Give her a litter of mice
Chapter 57: perfunctory and coercion
Chapter 58: Don't marry if you have the ability
Chapter 59: is fifty-nine
Chapter 60: Will he come?
Chapter 61: go to the princess
Chapter 62: maintain your decency
Chapter 63: then go to sleep
Chapter 64: This king will reward you once
Chapter 65: Bizi Soup
Chapter 66: drink
Chapter 67: He is so bad!
Chapter 68: Princess is not favored
Chapter 69: Dowry and dowry, it's all money
Chapter 70: Ru people
Chapter 71: Kneeling down?
Chapter 72: Am I beautiful?
Chapter 73: Husband and wife are in harmony, husband and wife sing along
Chapter 74: my husband's
Chapter 75: Wait till she wakes up
Chapter 76: The king pushed her
Chapter 77: I wasn't born to him
Chapter 78: you are happy
Chapter 79: really pregnant?
Chapter 80: Abort the child immediately
Chapter 81: let you die
Chapter 82: people are gone
Chapter 83: divorce
Chapter 84: not going back
Chapter 85: so cool
Chapter 86: Promote Lee to Teng
Chapter 87: you really don't know
Chapter 88: How good would it be to marry a cook directly
Chapter 89: five thunders
Chapter 90: The boat is done
Chapter 91: resignation letter
Chapter 92: Go to the kennel tonight
Chapter 93: Is this world about to collapse?
Chapter 94: Wenren Thirteen
Chapter 95: Jiang Xiang dares to marry, and the child dares to marry
Chapter 96: Jiang's Momo Erxiang
Chapter 97: If your brother eats it, you drink it
Chapter 98: Daughter to be a virtuous woman
Chapter 99: smooth, tender
Chapter 100: I do not want
Chapter 101: Insult who?
Chapter 102: The princess has a deep love for the father (plus more)
Chapter 103: it's her
Chapter 104: unbearable
Chapter 105: The happy life of Ximen Qing and three women
Chapter 106: i want you to stay away from me
Chapter 107: This king breaks your leg
Chapter 108: since he spent a fortune
Chapter 109: ask me again
Chapter 110: first come first served
Chapter 111: Broken shoes are best for you
Chapter 112: The decree has come
Chapter 113: The dog is in a hurry and jumps over the wall
Chapter 114: brother and sister
Chapter 115: Brother everything is yours
Chapter 116: King Yu is here
Chapter 117: good, don't be afraid
Chapter 118: Xiaoman
Chapter 119: Be nice to auntie
Chapter 120: first twenty
Chapter 121: hate each other
Chapter 122: nanny
Chapter 123: a container for carrying a child
Chapter 124: Your daughter-in-law is amazing
Chapter 125: I've delayed Ben Gong from eating melon seeds.
Chapter 126: Be good
Chapter 127: She was already pregnant before she walked in the door?
Chapter 128: childhood sweetheart
Chapter 129: Thinking of her makes me upset
Chapter 130: hold me on the bed
Chapter 131: want you
Chapter 132: Self-control collapsed
Chapter 133: Sweet melon, good play
Chapter 134: The princess is the victim
Chapter 135: All this **** was done by his woman
Chapter 136: do things
Chapter 137: My broadsword is thirsty
Chapter 138: It really has nothing to do with dad
Chapter 139: Feelings that shouldn't be there
Chapter 140: Hanging out in the cool breeze of early autumn
Chapter 141: Today, my grandpa's bag is round
Chapter 142: King Yu complained to his father-in-law?
Chapter 143: I am alone
Chapter 144: Pregnant male or female
Chapter 145: I finally have a grandson again!
Chapter 146: pamper her, pamper her
Chapter 147: Congratulations, Your Highness
Chapter 148: back house
Chapter 149: To obey her unconditionally, to serve her
Chapter 150: Unhappy with the concubine, **** off at me?
Chapter 151: You should go back to your mother's house
Chapter 152: sultry
Chapter 153: Being a concubine is a bit annoying
Chapter 154: all sold out
Chapter 155: I will always remember your words
Chapter 156: Didn't the **** ye eat the wangfei's vinegar?
Chapter 157: The princess went to dinner with the man again
Chapter 158: Arrows come from afar
Chapter 159: she may have had a miscarriage
Chapter 160: What are you shaking?
Chapter 161: The brat almost killed the old lady
Chapter 162: Does it hurt?
Chapter 163: why bother her
Chapter 164: master's command
Chapter 165: go to hell
Chapter 166: flower fertilizer
Chapter 167: Gifts for brother and He Tang
Chapter 168: Want this palace to sell itself?
Chapter 169: dizzy blood
Chapter 170: avenge auntie
Chapter 171: This is framed, this is framed!
Chapter 172: Opportunity to fly on the branch and become a phoenix
Chapter 173: The concubine is so fragrant
Chapter 174: don't get used to her
Chapter 175: Treat all kinds of dissatisfaction
Chapter 176: chaise longue
Chapter 177: you've lived in vain
Chapter 178: take it to the dog
Chapter 179: i tell you to drink
Chapter 180: production is imminent
Chapter 181: labor
Chapter 182: Labor 2
Chapter 183: The princess gave birth to a little prince
Chapter 184: Dragon and Phoenix
Chapter 185: If this king can survive, why should it hurt you?
Chapter 186: breeding pigs
Chapter 187: she's not right
Chapter 188: crying king upset
Chapter 189: reluctant
Chapter 190: Do not touch me!
Chapter 191: I like her
Chapter 192: What do you want me to do to stay?
Chapter 193: I can not stand it any more!
Chapter 194: Madam is so beautiful
Chapter 195: met my dream lover
Chapter 196: she only pleases herself
Chapter 197: Back then, he owed people
Chapter 198: and away
Chapter 199: Seeing me in pain makes you happy?
Chapter 200: Four birds with one arrow
Chapter 201: Would you like to remarry?
Chapter 202: The girl is very good, I like it below
Chapter 203: family neat
Chapter 204: It's only been one night, you don't know your father?
Chapter 205: Ning Ning is so pretty
Chapter 206: too famous
Chapter 207: Gentle and considerate, honest and capable person
Chapter 208: doll pro
Chapter 209: This king is not as anxious as you are
Chapter 210: Your Highness, calm down
Chapter 211: The king feels very happy
Chapter 212: I hate you
Chapter 213: cruel and short-lived
Chapter 214: snow, perch
Chapter 215: I want to see Ningning every day
Chapter 216: Changhuan County Lord
Chapter 217: she's not a courtesan
Chapter 218: just wishful thinking
Chapter 219: tingling
Chapter 220: Like being bitten by a dog
Chapter 221: I can be nice to you too
Chapter 222: I can be like him
Chapter 223: I want to go to Xiangfu to propose marriage
Chapter 224: i want you to be my wife
Chapter 225: good husband-in-law
Chapter 226: She is the king's woman
Chapter 227: i want to marry him
Chapter 228: No future, no life
Chapter 229: sisters
Chapter 230: when to work
Chapter 231: The face of the thirteen adults
Chapter 232: for a breath
Chapter 233: It's not fighting, it's being beaten
Chapter 234: King Yu was punished
Chapter 235: Answer
Chapter 236: I just want you
Chapter 237: Isn't it bad to be a prince forever?
Chapter 238: she won't marry you
Chapter 239: Saw it
Chapter 240: jealousy
Chapter 241: rip this thing
Chapter 242: I also feel sorry for our son
Chapter 243: What a ruthless woman
Chapter 244: you don't touch me!
Chapter 245: The roots of troubles?
Chapter 246: if i don't like you
Chapter 247: won't let go
Chapter 248: The king wants to stay
Chapter 249: accident
Chapter 250: apprehensive
Chapter 251: open the door
Chapter 252: you calculated me again
Chapter 253: color blindness
Chapter 254: grim
Chapter 255: I let you scold for three days
Chapter 256: Also the first experience
Chapter 257: It's a trap
Chapter 258: Yuwang's choice
Chapter 259: Count your sweetest mouth
Chapter 260: I'm not as good as Yu Wang
Chapter 261: take care, Ningning
Chapter 262: Uncle
Chapter 263: visit the palace
Chapter 264: look like a dad
Chapter 265: Fifth is still good
Chapter 266: two hundred and sixty-six
Chapter 267: Go to Nima's Tyrant
Chapter 268: visit
Chapter 269: Tragedy in prison
Chapter 270: because i like you
Chapter 271: quite arrogant
Chapter 272: I want to take the child back to Yuwangfu
Chapter 273: in love with her
Chapter 274: I didn't like you back then
Chapter 275: Erchen wants to be with Jiang Ning
Chapter 276: Jiang Ning is about to fly
Chapter 277: Your Majesty has a purpose
Chapter 278: rub against
Chapter 279: don't touch her
Chapter 280: I want to marry you with all my heart
Chapter 281: Thirteen, goodbye
Chapter 282: canonization
Chapter 283: My own daughter, I don't spoil anyone
Chapter 284: slightly reddish
Chapter 285: High mountains and long waters, take care
Chapter 286: Do you really like Wenrenzong?
Chapter 287: Do you want to go with this king?
Chapter 288: disguised exile
Chapter 289: Can the slaves also stay to serve the princess?
Chapter 290: I am willing to eat bran and pharynx
Chapter 291: Willing to be a footmaid
Chapter 292: they don't deserve it
Chapter 293: How many men do you still like?
Chapter 294: wait for me, okay?
Chapter 295: fairy life
Chapter 296: Ben Gong eats every day
Chapter 297: simple foodie
Chapter 298: where she is, where is the center
Chapter 299: Do you want auntie?
Chapter 300: Uncle Wu's words are nothing
Chapter 301: today you are not good
Chapter 302: Diao slaves bully the master
Chapter 303: loyal servants die
Chapter 304: Difficulty raising children
Chapter 305: Hold the eldest grandson and go home!
Chapter 306: That bitch
Chapter 307: Those who offend her will not end well
Chapter 308: Someone else's daughter-in-law doesn't work
Chapter 309: Auntie likes Uncle Five like Xiaoqian
Chapter 310: beat me to death
Chapter 311: mother-in-law and daughter-in-law
Chapter 312: hammer to death
Chapter 313: noble and glamorous
Chapter 314: The concubine is jealous
Chapter 315: Uncle Wu said he would come back
Chapter 316: future sister-in-law
Chapter 317: play the role of sister-in-law
Chapter 318: bundle
Chapter 319: I can kill you at any time
Chapter 320: Jiang Ning, be my woman!
Chapter 321: You bitch, how dare you go against it
Chapter 322: lifeblood
Chapter 323: messy east palace
Chapter 324: crying in a wheelchair
Chapter 325: I didn't mean that
Chapter 326: That's just coaxing her
Chapter 327: hate and love
Chapter 328: my sister is shy
Chapter 329: beat up
Chapter 330: tryst
Chapter 331: damn don't go
Chapter 332: How dare you put a cuckold on Lao Tzu!
Chapter 333: You have the wrong person...
Chapter 334: big thing
Chapter 335: The second follower who was beaten
Chapter 336: as much as possible
Chapter 337: Who will it be?
Chapter 338: shameless
Chapter 339: Wind and rain all over the city
Chapter 340: Prince is upset
Chapter 341: most shameful night
Chapter 342: Seven Sisters' Plan
Chapter 343: Seven sisters are so amazing
Chapter 344: I'm worried that you will slap yourself in the face
Chapter 345: she is that girl
Chapter 346: Fight!
Chapter 347: eat meat
Chapter 348: I want him anyway
Chapter 349: Fragrant and smelly
Chapter 350: Because she is the best
Chapter 351: Empress, I want to marry a daughter-in-law...
Chapter 352: messed up
Chapter 353: The beggar's brother is still good
Chapter 354: scolded dog **** head
Chapter 355: Abandoning you is just a word
Chapter 356: Three children are sick
Chapter 357: Is this woman confused?
Chapter 358: no imperial doctor
Chapter 359: Xiaoqian and Auntie go together
Chapter 360: let me be your last man
Chapter 361: Beauty is like a flower, heart is like a snake
Chapter 362: I will be gentle with you
Chapter 363: kill this maggot
Chapter 364: broken inch
Chapter 365: What about her?
Chapter 366: You bitch, you did a good job!
Chapter 367: What about my princess?
Chapter 368: King Kabuto!
Chapter 369: say, where is she
Chapter 370: Your own woman, ask me instead?
Chapter 371: man in bed
Chapter 372: Don't panic, Your Majesty, this minister is here to **** me!
Chapter 373: you **** a hammer
Chapter 374: smash
Chapter 375: don't mean it
Chapter 376: broken bone
Chapter 377: I'm afraid the girl can't stand it
Chapter 378: you're ready!
Chapter 379: what kind of person is this?
Chapter 380: big man
Chapter 381: Xiaobie wins newlyweds
Chapter 382: Uncle is angry with you
Chapter 383: Your father said I was an outsider
Chapter 384: two dads
Chapter 385: i can't **** you off
Chapter 386: it's all worth it
Chapter 387: you have a face
Chapter 388: eldest brother as father
Chapter 389: Stepped on his brother's foot on the spot
Chapter 390: Don't be your boss
Chapter 391: He will follow you from now on
Chapter 392: give anything you want
Chapter 393: very fresh and happy
Chapter 394: eat the princess
Chapter 395: she's just a concubine
Chapter 396: Are you ordering me to do something?
Chapter 397: Help a woman, no
Chapter 398: Master, you should be so cold
Chapter 399: I'll come back when you're done reunion
Chapter 400: Take a few steps to show this king
Chapter 401: How does it feel to walk?
Chapter 402: portrait of teenage girl
Chapter 403: Because this king misses you
Chapter 404: The king is happy
Chapter 405: really incense
Chapter 406: Why be cruel to her?
Chapter 407: heartless
Chapter 408: I'm afraid you don't like it
Chapter 409: You give my snacks to other women?
Chapter 410: what a gentleman does
Chapter 411: You used to have a close relationship
Chapter 412: I'm not as vulgar as you
Chapter 413: Aning, how are you now?
Chapter 414: He wants to toss his son to death?
Chapter 415: Everything about her, my son likes it
Chapter 416: poked mother He's lung tube
Chapter 417: Afraid not to kneel on the washboard?
Chapter 418: three days
Chapter 419: Who will kill the deer, unknown
Chapter 420: Don't babble
Chapter 421: cute ghost
Chapter 422: Birthday
Chapter 423: nature
Chapter 424: Touch your belly and tell me
Chapter 425: Stinky tofu, snail powder
Chapter 426: Don't let the lady catch a cold
Chapter 427: push me in
Chapter 428: One sleeps, one steals
Chapter 429: must be proud
Chapter 430: gamble
Chapter 431: I've already done this
Chapter 432: concubine is fat
Chapter 433: Your Majesty can be reborn
Chapter 434: stay with the concubine
Chapter 435: affectionate
Chapter 436: lame fuck
Chapter 437: Blame him for nothing
Chapter 438: take it to the dog
Chapter 439: King Yu's Punishment
Chapter 440: Register
Chapter 441: I'll take you to the palace
Chapter 442: The most fragrant fireworks in the world
Chapter 443: What do I mean to you?
Chapter 444: Settled in the East Palace
Chapter 445: First day as a princess
Chapter 446: more than one hundred niece
Chapter 447: lower class
Chapter 448: The palace is impulsive
Chapter 449: menstrual cycle
Chapter 450: not old enough to lose desire
Chapter 451: It's better than this palace
Chapter 452: fragrant and soft
Chapter 453: teach mother-in-law to compete for favor
Chapter 454: Concubine **** as His Majesty
Chapter 455: Your Majesty, don't go!
Chapter 456: Turn off the lights and go to sleep
Chapter 457: The image of the sleeping concubine
Chapter 458: two faces
Chapter 459: Looking forward to the next bedtime
Chapter 460: milk fierce
Chapter 461: scumbag in the way
Chapter 462: Can't be blamed in vain
Chapter 463: Why don't you listen?
Chapter 464: Don't worry, I'm not jealous
Chapter 465: Love House and Wu
Chapter 466: I want to clean up her, Your Majesty is distressed again
Chapter 467: Erchen is willing to take punishment on behalf of the crown princess
Chapter 468: dude brothers
Chapter 469: you are dying
Chapter 470: How do you spend the rest of your life
Chapter 471: The four hundred and seventieth sheet is the first to flirt
Chapter 472: Prohibited to step on
Chapter 473: bitten by dog
Chapter 474: hydrophobia
Chapter 475: dirty! unlucky!
Chapter 476: Our Lady of Chang'an City
Chapter 477: Joan Castle Ring School
Chapter 478: Who is such an arrogant and domineering woman
Chapter 479: not to be trifled
Chapter 480: The princess is too arrogant
Chapter 481: cowardly concubine
Chapter 482: Four dishes and one soup
Chapter 483: really incense
Chapter 484: remorse
Chapter 485: She is not pregnant with our prince's child.
Chapter 486: laugh out loud
Chapter 487: What if?
Chapter 488: brain pain
Chapter 489: The descendants are different
Chapter 490: Still love the little princess
Chapter 491: East Palace Daily
Chapter 492: Why don't your Highness go to her place?
Chapter 493: Do not coax
Chapter 494: out of place
Chapter 495: women over men
Chapter 496: Mother-in-law is spoiled
Chapter 497: you pervert
Chapter 498: she is my thigh
Chapter 499: who is true love
Chapter 500: May she live beautifully
Chapter 501: you follow me
Chapter 502: Concubine's tragic death
Chapter 503: the most favored one
Chapter 504: does it really matter
Chapter 505: The emperor is haggard
Chapter 506: To your mother-in-law, it's love
Chapter 507: Lee's Love
Chapter 508: inextricable
Chapter 509: Wife is silly and sweet
Chapter 510: The Crown Princess is not allowed to leave the East Palace
Chapter 511: Will I listen to him honestly?
Chapter 512: dare not be your elder
Chapter 513: dazzled
Chapter 514:
Chapter 515: The Prince's Sinister Intentions
Chapter 516: Only Zizi is my confidant
Chapter 517: how lonely
Chapter 518: "Mother-in-law" turns to "daughter-in-law"
Chapter 519: The princess is just a decoration
Chapter 520: It's getting cold, put on some clothes
Chapter 521: accompany husband
Chapter 522: can't eat sweet
Chapter 523: must go
Chapter 524: I want to cry
Chapter 525: Sri Lanka is dead
Chapter 526: make me clear
Chapter 527: Was taken advantage of?
Chapter 528: father
Chapter 529: lights
Chapter 530: Concubine with Concubine
Chapter 531: male **** father and goddess mother
Chapter 532: it's money
Chapter 533: you, turn around
Chapter 534: what a couple should have
Chapter 535: Gotta have another baby
Chapter 536: I'm staying here tonight
Chapter 537: resist him
Chapter 538: If you have pity for a man
Chapter 539: It's all the woman's fault
Chapter 540: Miss qualification is too poor
Chapter 541: Silly
Chapter 542: General Jiang's eyeliner
Chapter 543: Jiang's water is also deep
Chapter 544: Endure humiliation and become a cat again
Chapter 545: The love is endless and needs to be recalled from time to time
Chapter 546: Mother said her legs hurt
Chapter 547: Daddy guarantees
Chapter 548: husband and wife
Chapter 549: She is the embodiment of justice
Chapter 550: write a love letter
Chapter 551: I'm so talented
Chapter 552: One of your little actions can't escape
Chapter 553: The master has a lot of heart
Chapter 554: handwriting comparison
Chapter 555: Resign for peace
Chapter 556: It's too late to get pregnant
Chapter 557: Get fat, breathe
Chapter 558: not a passerby
Chapter 559: The Jiang family needs seven girls
Chapter 560: for that day
Chapter 561: The princess wants to see you
Chapter 562: where did the prince go
Chapter 563: Seriously, you lose to this bitch
Chapter 564: I can't leave you for a day
Chapter 565: I went in to see her
Chapter 566: you seem to want to see me
Chapter 567: thanks parents
Chapter 568: fatty
Chapter 569: The reason why Li Xiu was punished for kneeling
Chapter 570: Shopping is worth throwing away
Chapter 571: What she dares not, I dare not?
Chapter 572: Erchen dare not punish her
Chapter 573: Does the emperor remember his son's birthday?
Chapter 574: Do not doubt the princess
Chapter 575: all crooked melons and cracked dates
Chapter 576: Daughter-in-law and child go home
Chapter 577: a perfect man
Chapter 578: Shang Xiaoman
Chapter 579: many uncles
Chapter 580: loot
Chapter 581: On Dowry
Chapter 582: Drunk Shepherd Sword
Chapter 583: Brother, how many will kill you
Chapter 584: Backpacker
Chapter 585: too stupid
Chapter 586: girl from the stars
Chapter 587: don't eat this
Chapter 588: follow the trend
Chapter 589: No evidence is a lie
Chapter 590: simple, rough
Chapter 591: dirty water
Chapter 592: Prince's purpose
Chapter 593: buy
Chapter 594: Warm in the quilt, come here
Chapter 595: If he doesn't obey
Chapter 596: I sleep with my mother
Chapter 597: The beautiful life in the heart of the princess
Chapter 598: Want to amaze four
Chapter 599: Your Highness is a bit stupid
Chapter 600: all pigs
Chapter 601: go, threaten him
Chapter 602: full of gas
Chapter 603: Angry has a set
Chapter 604: not my style
Chapter 605: you won't leave me?
Chapter 606: too much
Chapter 607: Li Changgeng is stingy
Chapter 608: The princess' abacus
Chapter 609: ugly eyeless
Chapter 610: This boy looks like your majesty
Chapter 611: the queen is stupid
Chapter 612: Whose thigh should I hold
Chapter 613: so immoral
Chapter 614: The Emperor's Love Story
Chapter 615: I'm the queen
Chapter 616: Mu Jian recruited
Chapter 617: kidnapped by the whole family
Chapter 618: hard to refuse
Chapter 619: Prince is gone
Chapter 620: Eating mutton pot on a snowy day
Chapter 621: prefer to stay
Chapter 622: red face
Chapter 623: Admit it, you just care
Chapter 624: That's childhood love
Chapter 625: Get up early and dress up
Chapter 626: Delicious
Chapter 627: you are bad
Chapter 628: a small courtyard
Chapter 629: castration
Chapter 630: weeds to root
Chapter 631: After the prosperity
Chapter 632: He never did
Chapter 633: Things you shouldn't take, don't touch
Chapter 634: self-innocent
Chapter 635: don't go at night
Chapter 636: is it okay
Chapter 637: Not all women like to have children
Chapter 638: If you want, just say
Chapter 639: Sixth Class Thirty-nine
Chapter 640: A belly of fire
Chapter 641: breakfast for three
Chapter 642: when she cries
Chapter 643: Marriage?
Chapter 644: Silla County Lord and Prince
Chapter 645: illegitimate prince
Chapter 646: King
Chapter 647: Shall I let King Zhao strip off for you to see?
Chapter 648: At night, you have to sleep
Chapter 649: No matter how delicious pig's trotters are, they can't take me away
Chapter 650: Are you going to oppose?
Chapter 651: Lianxiangxiyu
Chapter 652: Is the emperor so kind?
Chapter 653: Are you willing to be my princess
Chapter 654: sister-in-law
Chapter 655: Is it dirty to eat like this?
Chapter 656: No matter how dirty you are, I don't mind
Chapter 657: I'm so in love with the princess
Chapter 658: How dare you covet
Chapter 659: The princess cannot surrender herself
Chapter 660: i gotta get her
Chapter 661: my sister is so fragrant
Chapter 662: eat tofu
Chapter 663: Mayor's Snack
Chapter 664: chestnuts, sugar yam
Chapter 665: tear down your store
Chapter 666: as long as he wants
Chapter 667: three people in the house
Chapter 668: The dirtiest filth in the yard
Chapter 669: tit for tat
Chapter 670: Pumping you are light
Chapter 671: Not only perverted, but also evil
Chapter 672: lol lol
Chapter 673: scavenger
Chapter 674: A man hanging naked on a tree
Chapter 675: face no redness
Chapter 676: she's just talking nonsense
Chapter 677: Let him live, isn't it dirty?
Chapter 678: Lin
Chapter 679: The thick skin of the princess
Chapter 680: transcendent existence
Chapter 681: Li Yuanyuan is very well-behaved and obedient
Chapter 682: The son inherits the father's business?
Chapter 683: The White Moonlight of the Emperor's Heart
Chapter 684: She's not beautiful, but she's charming
Chapter 685: beautiful and noble plaything
Chapter 686: blackmail
Chapter 687: Conflict between enemy and self and internal conflict
Chapter 688: The prince is right
Chapter 689: Mother-in-law?
Chapter 690: upcoming draft
Chapter 691: Pure and charming in one
Chapter 692: Look at plucking out your eyeballs
Chapter 693: you're out of play
Chapter 694: Pipa girl
Chapter 695: Received
Chapter 696: Uncle's eyes are shining
Chapter 697: weird
Chapter 698: No one can turn over your palm
Chapter 699: Love the golden man girl
Chapter 700: roll king
Chapter 701: sleep
Chapter 702: hungry
Chapter 703: I don't want to, I can't
Chapter 704: If you can't be the emperor, be the emperor his mother
Chapter 705: you don't love him enough
Chapter 706: Intrigued
Chapter 707: lucky money
Chapter 708: he came
Chapter 709: come to my room
Chapter 710: Jiang's daughter Xiang
Chapter 711: When dad starts to be eccentric
Chapter 712: You and the prince lost their morals after drinking
Chapter 713: I gave birth to a son by strength
Chapter 714: Widowed?
Chapter 715: Persimmons should be picked softly
Chapter 716: tool man
Chapter 717: jealous woman
Chapter 718: In the snow, red dress
Chapter 719: jealous
Chapter 720: Do you not like me anymore?
Chapter 721: have a good relationship
Chapter 722: midnight
Chapter 723: Mother is so pretty
Chapter 724: indulge the emperor
Chapter 725: no way
Chapter 726: don't mess around
Chapter 727: somewhat self-indulgent
Chapter 728: give marriage
Chapter 729: good can not bear
Chapter 730: mother's house, husband's house
Chapter 731: warm and cute
Chapter 732: this is life
Chapter 733: Daughter on the tip of the heart
Chapter 734: fireworks
Chapter 735: palm and back
Chapter 736: Dad can't do it, uncle can't do it
Chapter 737: Lonely city is sick
Chapter 738: Substitution
Chapter 739: The head is out
Chapter 740: I don't care, I prefer
Chapter 741: you adore her?
Chapter 742: Courtyard is boring
Chapter 743: A heartfelt feed to the dog
Chapter 744: don't listen
Chapter 745: i will never betray you
Chapter 746: for decency
Chapter 747: sever ties
Chapter 748: Lingnan's experience
Chapter 749: the price of revenge
Chapter 750: face
Chapter 751: she's the woman you'll never get
Chapter 752: sister help me
Chapter 753: what kind of system
Chapter 754: If you don't enter the tiger's den, how can you get a tiger's son
Chapter 755: I can show evidence
Chapter 756: Miss Seven, you are so kind to me
Chapter 757: can't come in vain
Chapter 758: Sister is not good
Chapter 759: Prince's Infatuation
Chapter 760: Hidden weapons also need to be maintained
Chapter 761: just have fun
Chapter 762: no one left
Chapter 763: beautiful woman is expensive
Chapter 764: Fragrant and smelly
Chapter 765: What's the face?
Chapter 766: because of love
Chapter 767: pit brother-in-law
Chapter 768: Lone Peak deserves it
Chapter 769: return without success
Chapter 770: flipped again
Chapter 771: hold back
Chapter 772: What do I want him for?
Chapter 773: out of favor
Chapter 774: Have a good relationship with the princess
Chapter 775: Take her, hang her again
Chapter 776: Grandpa is not in the mood
Chapter 777: as you wish
Chapter 778: Could it be that Your Highness is reluctant?
Chapter 779: Your father asked me to choose a concubine for you
Chapter 780: marriage
Chapter 781: The king is satisfied
Chapter 782: she is old
Chapter 783: disappointment
Chapter 784: still friends
Chapter 785: also private life
Chapter 786: Visit Lone Peak
Chapter 787: Cheng Gongzi
Chapter 788: water in the brain
Chapter 789: Make my aunt laugh
Chapter 790: I want to beg you for someone
Chapter 791: niece's iron fist
Chapter 792: if you like it
Chapter 793: The poor little one who was bullied by the green tea brother
Chapter 794: love life
Chapter 795: I'm looking for daddy
Chapter 796: pull the hook
Chapter 797: Don't always mention her
Chapter 798: Move over to serve his parents
Chapter 799: good man
Chapter 800: no round house
Chapter 801: A new little palace maid
Chapter 802: Intimacy is different
Chapter 803: block my way
Chapter 804: Provocation from Xiu Nv
Chapter 805: Jin Guifei 2.0
Chapter 806: It's beautiful to fall
Chapter 807: Is it fun?
Chapter 808: last sign
Chapter 809: His old man is looking forward to it
Chapter 810: you have no face
Chapter 811: As long as I make compromises and be gracious
Chapter 812: Soft-spoken summation
Chapter 813: just don't like you anymore
Chapter 814: just want to be loved
Chapter 815: Concubine is not lucky
Chapter 816: admire
Chapter 817: Mother is going to beat up
Chapter 818: startled
Chapter 819: mother kneading
Chapter 820: Lin Zhangyuan is a mystery
Chapter 821: male god
Chapter 822: preference
Chapter 823: Because she is my daughter
Chapter 824: You can never hide your true love for someone
Chapter 825: such a stunner
Chapter 826: Kneel first, then talk
Chapter 827: eat it
Chapter 828: Why can't you think about it
Chapter 829: The prince is a man of nostalgia
Chapter 830: why did you leave
Chapter 831: Good morning, princess
Chapter 832: what to do
Chapter 833: Why is the princess up late?
Chapter 834: hate each other
Chapter 835: a little shameless
Chapter 836: what happened to the face
Chapter 837: Could it be a coincidence?
Chapter 838: Slave Qiu Rong
Chapter 839: Did not expect it?
Chapter 840: very proud
Chapter 841: Ladies have to be friendly
Chapter 842: I just want to go to the East Palace
Chapter 843: The harem is bitter
Chapter 844: The queen is in a hurry
Chapter 845: revival
Chapter 846: You dare to spoil Your Majesty?
Chapter 847: the queen is disgusting
Chapter 848: Nothing that money can solve
Chapter 849: not agree
Chapter 850: that medicine
Chapter 851: Can the emperor's bones hold up?
Chapter 852: loitering
Chapter 853: block me
Chapter 854: The princess is very free
Chapter 855: Doting is unusual
Chapter 856: What's wrong with me
Chapter 857: Mu Xiu Yulin
Chapter 858: The emperor is a bit difficult
Chapter 859: woman in east palace
Chapter 860: Love the country but not the beauty
Chapter 861: If there are blooming flowers
Chapter 862: future tyrant
Chapter 863: Let the concubine serve His Highness
Chapter 864: It's unpredictable
Chapter 865: I was the one who blamed her
Chapter 866: She can sleep, so can I
Chapter 867: Dare you hit me?
Chapter 868: The Collapse of Ling'an County Lord
Chapter 869: That little horse
Chapter 870: The **** of plague is here
Chapter 871: my niece has a soft temperament
Chapter 872: Great General's Cub
Chapter 873: who flipped
Chapter 874: Concubine Jin?
Chapter 875: old rebel
Chapter 876: two sons-in-law
Chapter 877: Riding the wall
Chapter 878: a military book
Chapter 879: fairy dream
Chapter 880: Daddy, don't make trouble
Chapter 881: not pretty, but cute
Chapter 882: My niece is sinking fish and falling geese, alluring the country and the city
Chapter 883: some tattered stones
Chapter 884: cat food
Chapter 885: we women
Chapter 886: You can save it
Chapter 887: Your Highness, don't do this to her
Chapter 888: I just want the most beautiful in the world
Chapter 889: Daddy stay
Chapter 890: lights out
Chapter 891: envy him
Chapter 892: The hero does not ask the origin
Chapter 893: Lonely City's Gift
Chapter 894: Miss Seven is my lucky star
Chapter 895: an umbrella, a bun
Chapter 896: i want ice
Chapter 897: I teach her a lesson for you
Chapter 898: The princess is the unlucky one
Chapter 899: heh man
Chapter 900: do whatever you want
Chapter 901: The queen is immoral
Chapter 902: she wasn't like this before
Chapter 903: Although the Tao is the same, the three views are different
Chapter 904: someone is in a hurry
Chapter 905: The emperor knows
Chapter 906: fearless
Chapter 907: Seller's Glory
Chapter 908: sell miserably
Chapter 909: Just so impatient?
Chapter 910: Parents all over the world are biased
Chapter 911: but you are lucky
Chapter 912: Henceforth named Biyuan
Chapter 913: Has a tough wife
Chapter 914: It hurts me to death
Chapter 915: I can't compare to others, can you compare to other people's mothers?
Chapter 916: bad for the line
Chapter 917: I don't want to destroy flowers
Chapter 918:
Chapter 919: I see
Chapter 920: overestimate her character
Chapter 921: It's just that they didn't have a good pregnancy
Chapter 922: Imperceptibly
Chapter 923: choose people
Chapter 924: grandpa
Chapter 925: Brother is the most powerful
Chapter 926: Feng Ming
Chapter 927: Sibling Program
Chapter 928: I don't like it or give it to you
Chapter 929: Sibling conspiracy
Chapter 930:
Chapter 931: brother is ready
Chapter 932: different hearts
Chapter 933: Feeling jealous
Chapter 934: brother has muscles
Chapter 935: take someone back
Chapter 936:
Chapter 937: Seven sisters, how are you?
Chapter 938: The princess is very disrespectful
Chapter 939: little wish
Chapter 940: can not forget
Chapter 941: not marry him
Chapter 942: Hand over the child or tear down your home
Chapter 943: He's house, I'm covering
Chapter 944: involuntarily
Chapter 945: wait and see who gets the worst
Chapter 946: you have to be happy
Chapter 947: very anxious
Chapter 948: Cooperation
Chapter 949: silver too fragrant
Chapter 950: I was sold and I am grateful
Chapter 951: It's hard to meet
Chapter 952: I'm low-key
Chapter 953: everything is a coincidence
Chapter 954: Mind Explosion
Chapter 955: The queen gave too much
Chapter 956: I'm too busy to post back
Chapter 957: How long have you been sleeping
Chapter 958: send money
Chapter 959: Typical official business collusion
Chapter 960: Fear of sin?
Chapter 961: Borrow a knife to kill
Chapter 962: woman and villain
Chapter 963: Is getting married a good thing?
Chapter 964: unwilling to be lonely
Chapter 965: disguise
Chapter 966: promise
Chapter 967: Hongluan Star Movement
Chapter 968: Love at first sight is nothing but careful planning
Chapter 969: Three places a night
Chapter 970: The unwelcome Donggong couple
Chapter 971: The love of the royal family
Chapter 972: Gift
Chapter 973: Everyone wants to have a good year
Chapter 974: getting old
Chapter 975: Chess against opponents
Chapter 976: Chat with the Queen
Chapter 977: self-comfort
Chapter 978: Missing sickness
Chapter 979: Maybe there's still a chance
Chapter 980: goal that has not changed
Chapter 981: heir
Chapter 982: The emperor is dying
Chapter 983: do things
Chapter 984: Intimidation and enticement
Chapter 985: Fourth Will
Chapter 986: Authenticity of the will
Chapter 987: run
Chapter 988: The boy is back
Chapter 989: Liu Zhai
Chapter 990: did you come to beg me
Chapter 991: I want them all to die
Chapter 992: Don't be capricious in a lonely city
Chapter 993: hiding in the ice cellar
Chapter 994: irrelevant person
Chapter 995: downgraded to sixth
Chapter 996: Alone in the enemy camp
Chapter 997: Gong Wei old story
Chapter 998: niece to niece
Chapter 999: admit
Chapter 1000: Daughter completes you
Chapter 1001: One corpse, two lives
Chapter 1002: no worries
Chapter 1003: regret
Chapter 1004: I'm going to accompany them
Chapter 1005: Wen Renzong must die
Chapter 1006: hot face sticker
Chapter 1007: You can take care of the bedtime.
Chapter 1008: to die indifferently
Chapter 1009: He pleases me
Chapter 1010: The prince has been kidnapped
Chapter 1011: Prince Rong Qing
Chapter 1012: It's sad to die
Chapter 1013: The original intention does not change (end)