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[MT]Go LegendIn 2015, the Go AI AlphaGo was born, crushing humans and shocking the world. Since then, people have divided Go into two types, one is human Go and the other is machine Go. In the face of Go AI, human...
[MT]Go Legend is a Action Fantasy manga created by life and death,read the latest chapters of [MT]Go Legend online for free in Found Novel.

Latest chapter:Chapter 958: Postscript and testimonials

Update:2022-11-06 06:07:05

《[MT]Go Legend》Latest chapter

Chapter 958: Postscript and testimonials
Chapter 957: Legend of Go (at the finale)
Chapter 956: The dust settles in the final showdown
Chapter 955: The history of the ultimate showdown shines into reality
Chapter 954: Final Minefield of the Ending Showdown
Chapter 953: The ultimate showdown of the king's way against the overbearing
Chapter 952: The genius idea of ​​the ultimate contest
Chapter 951: Psychic dog at the beginning of the ultimate contest
Chapter 950: Prelude to the final battle
: Ask for leave
Chapter 949: Unparalleled victory
Chapter 948: Life is hanging by a thread
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《[MT]Go Legend》all chapters

Chapter 1: two dudes
Chapter 2: Qinhuai Five Wonders
Chapter 3: Yuzi Catalpa all the way Rao
Chapter 4: Doubtful
Chapter 5: Eighteen years of a dream
Chapter 6: Chicken ribs
Chapter 7: no deal
Chapter 8: Gift
Chapter 9: Qingfeng's parallel imports
Chapter 10: Honinbo Shuko
Chapter 11: Xiuqin VS Xiudou
Chapter 12: Ding'an shot
Chapter 13: dragon flying tiger
Chapter 14: twists and turns
Chapter 15: Worst mistake
Chapter 16: Exceptional art such as the king of the world
Chapter 17: Fight the breeze
Chapter 18: Five, six flying attack
Chapter 19: Lin still
Chapter 20: One stroke lock throat
Chapter 21: Leimeng Qin Wuyang
Chapter 22: little son-in-law
Chapter 23: rise to fame
Chapter 24: Plug-ins that can learn by themselves
Chapter 25: Jueyi VS Leimeng Zhuanzhu
Chapter 26: Genius drives Go
Chapter 27: Kill him to doubt life
Chapter 28: Alarmed Old Nie
Chapter 29: Nie Daochang
Chapter 30: Lei Meng Nie Zheng
Chapter 31: Why is he a national player
Chapter 32: Encountered "The World's No. 1 Attacker"
Chapter 33: waves
Chapter 34: Zero seal
Chapter 35: My name is Li Xiangping
Chapter 36: unwavering unpleasant
Chapter 37: Alternative "dog tricks"
Chapter 38: Chess that destroys three views
Chapter 39: Think long term
Chapter 40: avoidance self-forced syncope
Chapter 41: inflection point
Chapter 42: Samsung Cup Qualifier
Chapter 43: online training
Chapter 44: bottleneck
Chapter 45: Fangyuan Chess and Card Room
Chapter 46: Thirteen strokes of abandoning the horse
Chapter 47: leopard head
Chapter 48: only one chance
Chapter 49: Weird first win
Chapter 50: A New Interpretation of "China Flow"
Chapter 51: It takes a little long for the opponent to arrange the hairstyle
Chapter 52: God is above
Chapter 53: Yi Lin Anecdote
Chapter 54: Why did you win so soon?
Chapter 55: Finally remembered human Go
Chapter 56: 5 dan chess that amateurs can't understand
Chapter 57: dream ending
Chapter 58: This year's heaven and earth
Chapter 59: Interview
Chapter 60: Go Big King
Chapter 61: The 4 "A"s of Go
Chapter 62: Go to the Chinese Chess Academy to worship the pier
Chapter 63: first-round opponent
Chapter 64: When the Lake Mystery
Chapter 65: How to crack the "soft wind gun"
Chapter 66: The key to victory
Chapter 67: The 3rd way to deal with dragons
Chapter 68: There is always a chance when the transaction changes
Chapter 69: Good hands don't come by chance
Chapter 70: poorly evaluated opponents
Chapter 71: The charm of chess
Chapter 72: Details that no one pays attention to
Chapter 73: Bigger and lesser than a millimeter decide to live or die
Chapter 74: alone in the quarterfinals
Chapter 75: network arena
Chapter 76: Layout special training
Chapter 77: The first battle of Lao Nie
Chapter 78: Dingan's first defeat
Chapter 79: Double national champion
Chapter 80: Hope he can be like Liang Weijin
Chapter 81: Hate empty faults
Chapter 82: Longyi Research Association
Chapter 83: Chess Wisdom Stars
Chapter 84: Daily life during the Spring Festival in 2001
Chapter 85: How to deal with a Benguet in good shape
Chapter 86: Sharp's story
Chapter 87: Your chance to make a name for yourself
Chapter 88: I think you can go ask him
Chapter 89: Plug-in upgrade
Chapter 90: Best amateur chess player
Chapter 91: For an ethereal breakpoint
Chapter 92: Not just this one
Chapter 93: Medieval chess spirit
Chapter 94: Mi's Flying Knife
Chapter 95: everything for the first
Chapter 96: Lao Shi's Pretentious Claims
Chapter 97: advanced means
Chapter 98: Trouble with management
Chapter 99: eighth or ninth
Chapter 100: Guess the next move
Chapter 101: This is his powerful secret
Chapter 102: see new changes
Chapter 103: Viper Entwined
Chapter 104: fall into the quagmire
Chapter 105: Victory of momentum
Chapter 106: second game
Chapter 107: between advance and retreat
Chapter 108: Hu Tietou's "clip"
Chapter 109: final victory
Chapter 110: The legendary official mist
Chapter 111: Debut is the pinnacle
Chapter 112: many benefits
Chapter 113: Old Shi's Secret
Chapter 114: Crazy restricted level plug-in
Chapter 115: It's time to improve your strength
Chapter 116: test the battlefield
Chapter 117: Once in 50 years or once in 100 years
Chapter 118: bullseye
Chapter 119: The strong will be strong
Chapter 120: return to its original form
Chapter 121: should do some writing
Chapter 122: drag gauge
Chapter 123: show talent
Chapter 124: Neither sad nor confused
Chapter 125: , a gorgeous outfit
Chapter 126: Plan for the coming year
Chapter 127: Xiao Li's battle
Chapter 128: destined to remain in history
Chapter 129: open battle
Chapter 130: , how to break the "zombie flow"
Chapter 131: ban door axe
Chapter 132: Re-enter the quarterfinals
Chapter 133: There's never been a Korean pop in this world
Chapter 134: Signed armor
Chapter 135: Classic Series
Chapter 136: Aunt Meze
Chapter 137: During the interview
Chapter 138: Enemy road is narrow
Chapter 139: first dog trick
Chapter 140: Buddha is also angry
Chapter 141: Show off at the last minute
Chapter 142: new trouble
Chapter 143: Improving one's own strength is king
Chapter 144: do subtraction
Chapter 145: Facing Guanzi Death
Chapter 146: death break
Chapter 147: The unique skill of human beings
Chapter 148: Meet Lee Sedol Again
Chapter 149: Looking forward to Lao Shi's new kung fu
Chapter 150: really give face
Chapter 151: Repaying Himself in His Way
Chapter 152: Brilliant strategy forcing defeat
Chapter 153: Quick win in the middle game
Chapter 154: Full bloom in all directions
Chapter 155: Jianghu emergency
Chapter 156: The battle of entering the house
Chapter 157: king chess player
Chapter 158: iron gate
Chapter 159: good attitude
Chapter 160: Hand of the Year
Chapter 161: This is what Li Xiangping came out of himself.
Chapter 162: Hallyu Buster
Chapter 163: vietnamese stream
Chapter 164: The golden prince must be defeated
Chapter 165: A hand that makes it hard to breathe
Chapter 166: Opponents are not idle
Chapter 167: The darkest trick
Chapter 168: Destroying flowers
Chapter 169: Win until everyone is used to it
Chapter 170: Bringing a bad ethos to the Go world
Chapter 171: Calculate the way
Chapter 172: already on the right path
Chapter 173: You will surely reach the state of "God"
Chapter 174: There is no grass growing anywhere
Chapter 175: The biggest magic gate in the world of chess
Chapter 176: who's right
Chapter 177: The hand that made Wu Gong's smile freeze
Chapter 178: Don't attack, don't kill, don't live, don't besiege
Chapter 179: halfway through
Chapter 180: Li Xiangping's debut
Chapter 181: How far can you go
Chapter 182: Golden Slam
Chapter 183: Quick chess special training
Chapter 184: Three major battles
Chapter 185: It's my turn to perform
Chapter 186: All the way to hurricane without end
Chapter 187: International debut
Chapter 188: The shot is Wang Fried.
Chapter 189: Dong Shi Xiao frown
Chapter 190: In-depth analysis
Chapter 191: Unexpected formation of troops
Chapter 192: Dao Ce's "Reliance"
Chapter 193: Comprehension in the game
Chapter 194: transposition
Chapter 195: Find the last half-eye you need
Chapter 196: rock drill
Chapter 197: before the final season
Chapter 198: overconfidence
Chapter 199: I tried my best
Chapter 200: Plug-ins also need special training
Chapter 201: stunned old Shi
Chapter 202: The Great Battle of Time and Space
Chapter 203: How can humans not imagine
Chapter 204: Shifting stars
Chapter 205: Li Xiangping's unease
Chapter 206: great hit
Chapter 207: wishful thinking
Chapter 208: He has an ethereal weakness
Chapter 209: Strong winner Fan Xiping
Chapter 210: Defend the Glory of Medieval Chess
Chapter 211: The final begins with "Shuangfeiyan"
Chapter 212: Dig inside the year
: On a business trip, take a day off
Chapter 213: The essence of the Middle Ages
: The old driver crashed and just got home
Chapter 214: The Middle Ages
Chapter 215: Robbery is like raising pigs
Chapter 216: new journey
Chapter 217: more advanced chess
Chapter 218: sharpen
: written request for leave
Chapter 219: immature dog trick
: I was called back to the company to work overtime at 8:00 p.m. I feel that Uncle Seven will get five
Chapter 220: out of control situation
Chapter 221: No pattern attack and defense
Chapter 222: 52 hands to win chess without making trouble
Chapter 223: Very good chess for everyone's taste
Chapter 224: Again
Chapter 225: The corresponding master of the virtual and real
Chapter 226: really depressed
Chapter 227: ten years ahead
Chapter 228: The rich talk about business
Chapter 229: Nongshim Cup
Chapter 230: Dali's Gauntlet
Chapter 231: Lao Shi's discovery
Chapter 232: grand opening
Chapter 233: classic retro routine
Chapter 234: straight to the heart
Chapter 235: desperate
Chapter 236: avalanche avalanche
Chapter 237: Dog tricks that aren't even fun
Chapter 238: The key is to be tight
Chapter 239: Seven sons live along the edge and lose?
Chapter 240: just a piece of skin
Chapter 241: fulfill the promise
Chapter 242: Best state
Chapter 243: cross pattern
Chapter 244: Alternative control flow
Chapter 245: forget-me state
Chapter 246: Even more whimsical than Xiao Li
Chapter 247: Officially complete the big reversal
Chapter 248: Help you open a door
Chapter 249: new season
Chapter 250: 16-year-old "Contemporary Chess King"
Chapter 251: The future of chess
Chapter 252: Try what you are
Chapter 253: opponent's trick
Chapter 254: The key is to change
Chapter 255: Awareness in useless effort
Chapter 256: Great way to simplicity
Chapter 257: win
Chapter 258: old tom
Chapter 259: true and false art
Chapter 260: hurry
Chapter 261: Circumcision kicks off
Chapter 262: normal operation
Chapter 263: National conjecture
Chapter 264: Three Views of Defense
Chapter 265: korean teenage warrior
Chapter 266: is two six six
Chapter 267: change mood
Chapter 268: last change
Chapter 269: Subversive "Old Man's Cart"
Chapter 270: error correction training
Chapter 271: SARS arrives
Chapter 272: I want to go like this
Chapter 273: Column starts here
Chapter 274: Net practice in special times
Chapter 275: grab a red envelope
Chapter 276: identification
Chapter 277: Two swords combined
Chapter 278: give each other a chance
Chapter 279: two messages
Chapter 280: thirsty
Chapter 281: A hurdle that must be overcome
Chapter 282: big pig mouth
Chapter 283: cold trick
Chapter 284: general case
Chapter 285: Encountering young chess players along the way
Chapter 286: enemy
Chapter 287: Know people by watching chess
Chapter 288: Investigate teammates
Chapter 289: Field stepping
: written request for leave
Chapter 290: Nine to fifteen
Chapter 291: human advantage
Chapter 292: Entry should be slow
Chapter 293: The highest level of chess
Chapter 294: Excellent defense
Chapter 295: Pick up wallet
Chapter 296: Mysterious Smile
Chapter 297: pregame anxiety
: Inexplicably suddenly Calvin, take a day off
Chapter 298: play off
Chapter 299: big fight
Chapter 300: reckon right and reckon alive
Chapter 301: Empty chess and thick
Chapter 302: groan
Chapter 303: Victory
Chapter 304: sudden change
Chapter 305: The open life also needs to be explained
Chapter 306: incoherent
Chapter 307: Earn money with peace of mind
Chapter 308: group of death
Chapter 309: The three parties cannot survive without response
: Temporary business trip, please take a leave
Chapter 310: half man, half dog
Chapter 311: new stuff
Chapter 312: Let's start with the constellation
Chapter 313: Chess against each other
: The last day of my business trip, ready to go home, I hope I can recover after I go back
Chapter 314: talent competition
Chapter 315: see the picture
Chapter 316: human dog
Chapter 317: All for the qualifications to be a dummy
Chapter 318: So old Shi is still human.
Chapter 319: Coincidence degree
Chapter 320: under the door
Chapter 321: Sometimes you don't have to pay it back when you come out
Chapter 322: Li Xiangping's doubts
Chapter 323: two famous quotes
Chapter 324: private plot
Chapter 325: The three-pointed dummy
Chapter 326: Off topic
: I suddenly found out that it is the end of the month again, and I am very serious about asking for a monthly pass here.
Chapter 327: The Secret of Quick Chess
Chapter 328: Quick chess master
Chapter 329: Where is Li Xiangping's weakness?
: written request for leave
Chapter 330: threesome
Chapter 331: Local power first in Korea
Chapter 332: headwind chess
Chapter 333: just easy to fold
Chapter 334: Finally a little stronger than the old Shi
Chapter 335: terrifying iron hoof
: Well, maybe two more days off.
Chapter 336: Wenchun's trick
Chapter 337: Weaknesses of dogs
Chapter 338: change of form
Chapter 339: First chess without disaster
Chapter 340: fight robbery
Chapter 341: In case of robbery, lose, in case of calamity, let go
Chapter 342: Lightweight and Lightweight
Chapter 343: Chang Hao is still a good boy
Chapter 344: The downfall of heavy flow
Chapter 345: athlete's small stove
Chapter 346: water is healthier
Chapter 347: The dignity of the dog needs to be maintained
Chapter 348: know its shape and its meaning
Chapter 349: super long exam
Chapter 350: Did you play bad chess in the long exam?
Chapter 351: The combination of two swords first appeared in the rivers and lakes
Chapter 352: deceptiveness of dogs
Chapter 353: Road to Reversal
Chapter 354: Disruption is also very important
Chapter 355: Li Xiangping's spoiler theory
Chapter 356: textbook spoiler
Chapter 357: Each has its own advantages
: The company is working overtime, I can't change it today
: Still working overtime, one more day.
Chapter 358: Willing to win
Chapter 359: Hanging out explanation
Chapter 360: Shake the burden
Chapter 361: podium
Chapter 362: big bad hand
Chapter 363: See the truth in the plain
Chapter 364: can't be fake
Chapter 365: Three Li fight for hegemony?
Chapter 366: Who is more threatened
Chapter 367: The genre of victorious division
Chapter 368: happy old cai
: Suddenly Calvin, take a day off
Chapter 369: outpost
Chapter 370: Weird new kung fu
Chapter 371: curious coincidence
Chapter 372: A memory brought back by a hand of chess
Chapter 373: Similar but completely different scenes
Chapter 374: perseverance
Chapter 375: hand of the will
: Take a day off, ask for leave
Chapter 376: Top class flooring
Chapter 377: where is the next victory
Chapter 378: change again
Chapter 379: overinterpretation
Chapter 380: The enemy doesn't move, I don't move
: Sao operation
Chapter 381: rookies peck each other
: Explain
Chapter 382: anticlimactic
Chapter 383: Six games with Xiao Li
Chapter 384: The correct way to prepare for Xiao Li
Chapter 385: Arrive as promised
Chapter 386: fall into the quagmire
Chapter 387: back to back
Chapter 388: can only be understood
Chapter 389: Underdogs may not win
Chapter 390: weird power point
Chapter 391: Dragon slaying decides the outcome
Chapter 392: Resist a zombie flow
Chapter 393: cold attack vs cold attack
Chapter 394: Success or failure is here
Chapter 395: Tian Jiu
Chapter 396: early decisive battle
Chapter 397: who forgot
Chapter 398: Thunder Triple Strike
Chapter 399: A heartfelt situation
Chapter 400: The standard of letzi tactics
Chapter 401: Reproduce "dog-like tricks"
Chapter 402: why moved
: Weakly asked, I disappeared for more than 10 days, can I ask for a monthly pass?
Chapter 403: nonsense
Chapter 404: Mountains and mountains
Chapter 405: The sublimation of the power faction to the idol faction
Chapter 406: Where is the difference
Chapter 407: final sprint
Chapter 408: turn korean into japanese
Chapter 409: Who's mental shadow area
: explain
Chapter 410: Is this cheating?
Chapter 411: Mantis catches cicada oriole behind
Chapter 412: 10-day grab
Chapter 413: Who is it
Chapter 414: A touchstone for Da Li
Chapter 415: Advanced chess theory
Chapter 416: invisible flying knife
Chapter 417: see the picture
: business trip, take a day off
Chapter 418: One move beyond a generation of dogs
Chapter 419: Big kill small win or lose
Chapter 420: contempt chain
Chapter 421: How long will it be down
Chapter 422: cold weapon peak
: Check the information, ask for a day off
Chapter 423: Unexpectedly
: There is really no way to update today, please leave
Chapter 424: The conundrum that mortals throw at geniuses
Chapter 425: Advanced dog tricks
Chapter 426: Safe operation?
Chapter 427: broken dream
Chapter 428: Warm man Lao Shi
Chapter 429: past life memory
Chapter 430: episode
Chapter 431: strange state
Chapter 432: pressurized chess
Chapter 433: new insight
Chapter 434: National Athletics and Acrobatics
Chapter 435: gambler li
Chapter 436: fight poison
Chapter 437: Brain clear.
Chapter 438: The role of plug-in
Chapter 439: Intention to enter the devil's door
Chapter 440: morning segment
Chapter 441: fulcrum of thinking
Chapter 442: wrongful conviction
Chapter 443: touch victory
Chapter 444: This time it's not a reversal
Chapter 445: Best to ask him on the board
Chapter 446: Goodbye Xiao Mi Feidao
Chapter 447: Last game of the season
Chapter 448: Everything is ready
Chapter 449: Eighteen fall in clothes
Chapter 450: fatten up
Chapter 451: senior pleasure
Chapter 452: really masterpiece
Chapter 453: different mood
Chapter 454: Brother Dialogue
Chapter 455: savior
Chapter 456: One son in the world
Chapter 457: step by step
Chapter 458: Dragon's Back Line
Chapter 459: The spittoon is also learned
Chapter 460: Another way
Chapter 461: A lot of surprises
Chapter 462: The Untold Secret of Medieval Chess
Chapter 463: stay on the line
Chapter 464: Rank Mystery
Chapter 465: You are a fairy in the sky, she is the flower of wealth in the world
Chapter 466: please start your show
Chapter 467: Cross-border digression
Chapter 468: Only the old driver knows
Chapter 469: fight left and right
Chapter 470: whole new world
Chapter 471: Safety first
Chapter 472: Kihe and Pig Yong
Chapter 473: Clear air and clear branches and leaves
Chapter 474: foolishness
Chapter 475: Human Blind Spots and Dog Blind Spots
Chapter 476: big shot
Chapter 477: Treasures of Fortune
Chapter 478: Lao Shi is going to lose
Chapter 479: Chosen Son
Chapter 480: Delicate but not greasy Realistic but not real
Chapter 481: Be famous early
Chapter 482: find that stupid
Chapter 483: vulgar marketing
Chapter 484: Chess has a soul, a gentleman has a soul
Chapter 485: role model for my generation
Chapter 486: The smile contrast is so obvious
Chapter 487: The new order of world chess
Chapter 488: indescribable emotion
Chapter 489: Preface Fighting Wisdom
Chapter 490: Half-hearted good chess
Chapter 491: A special way to defuse embarrassment
: take a day off
Chapter 492: Change the judging standard of super first-class
Chapter 493: Those who learn from me live like me and die
Chapter 494: Snail Um
Chapter 495: The system is beginning to form
Chapter 496: bystander
Chapter 497: Mystery sequence
Chapter 498: uninvited guest
Chapter 499: best description
Chapter 500: Best alternative bid ever
Chapter 501: Find a way to improve
Chapter 502: When the four corners penetrate the heart and meet the three parties, there is no response
Chapter 503: The fairy of fast chess or the **** of fast chess
Chapter 504: Set a small goal
Chapter 505: The hard way to upgrade
Chapter 506: find beautiful eyes
Chapter 507: Torture from the depths of the soul
Chapter 508: Victory on track
Chapter 509: rare trait
Chapter 510: cross the border again
Chapter 511: Looks like a waiter
Chapter 512: Another hit
Chapter 513: Half-year summary time
Chapter 514: Xu Xutuzhi
Chapter 515: be a rich artist
Chapter 516: First encounter with Japanese players in the final
Chapter 517: The bottom "celebrity"
Chapter 518: Clearance Sale
Chapter 519: Smart is mistaken by smart
Chapter 520: Adventures are everywhere
Chapter 521: Famous generals from ancient times are like beautiful women
Chapter 522: Dog tricks hidden behind mundane means
Chapter 523: The brilliance of human wisdom
Chapter 524: The Story of "Hurry Up"
Chapter 525: scalpel-like means
Chapter 526: Getting better
Chapter 527: two smart people
Chapter 528: Others can't, but I can
Chapter 529: The strongest blocker
Chapter 530: A special haircut
Chapter 531: That Poon Choi
Chapter 532: Back to Basics
Chapter 533: Be cool
Chapter 534: The First Attempt of "Double Cultivation of Magic and Dao"
Chapter 535: The new king who failed to ascend the throne
Chapter 536: Reason and law
Chapter 537: I have endured you for a long time
Chapter 538: A crutch in the dark
Chapter 539: perfect chain set
Chapter 540: is five fifty
Chapter 541: How can there be so many superlatives in this world?
Chapter 542: the leopards
Chapter 543: China and South Korea peak showdown
Chapter 544: Get to know Xiao Li again
Chapter 545: Li Xiangping's cosmic flow
Chapter 546: Not a wise attempt
Chapter 547: Another year finale
Chapter 548: Devil's schedule
: written request for leave
Chapter 549: Flower sedan chair people carry people
Chapter 550: He Da Li's Alternative Jiufanqi
Chapter 551: I'm going to be a fool too?
Chapter 552: Steady as a dog is not scary
Chapter 553: make an appointment
Chapter 554: The changing mid-table
Chapter 555: The level is too high to be understood
Chapter 556: Reproduce the flying fairy
Chapter 557: everyone is happy
Chapter 558: perfectionist
Chapter 559: The battle has only just begun
Chapter 560: Da Li in the second stage of dog recruiting
: written request for leave
Chapter 561: bland series
Chapter 562: transition
Chapter 563: He is the messenger of the chess god
Chapter 564: Li Xiangping's anger
Chapter 565: The triple realm of professional chess players
Chapter 566: Check out Li Xiangping's entanglement attack
Chapter 567: not happy dragon slaying
Chapter 568: Target Gold Slam
Chapter 569: The only theme of the series
Chapter 570: Empiricism kills
Chapter 571: Banmen Nonghu Li Xiangping
Chapter 572: There are three pits
Chapter 573: seasoned hunter
Chapter 574: Happy eighteenth birthday to him
Chapter 575: Excellent art guide
Chapter 576: The Rise and Fall of Medieval Chess
Chapter 577: vertical flag
Chapter 578: new season
Chapter 579: Chinese Chess Holy War
Chapter 580: Fuji TV
Chapter 581: Documentary
Chapter 582: garbled master
Chapter 583: A wonderful spot on the chessboard
Chapter 584: sequelae
Chapter 585: doesn't feel right
Chapter 586: Is he the most hidden nemesis?
Chapter 587: Flexible connection
Chapter 588: booze
Chapter 589: big player
Chapter 590: The Story of "Fighting the Two Rabbit"
Chapter 591: Exploring Dog Boundaries
Chapter 592: I say it's rubbish
Chapter 593: proceed if you can
Chapter 594: Three reasons why Lao Shi is the protagonist
Chapter 595: Make an epic Go film
Chapter 596: The 'big national player' that Li Xiangping wants
Chapter 597: ass decides head
Chapter 598: Still like a virgin, moving like a rabbit
Chapter 599: I see
: written request for leave
Chapter 600: admission
Chapter 601: screenplay workshop
Chapter 602: i have one request
Chapter 603: The birth of a chess fan
Chapter 604: The mascot of the unnamed lake
Chapter 605: Chess divides Yin and Yang
Chapter 606: The good show is yet to come
Chapter 607: Good student Li Xiangping
Chapter 608: The second handshake with Gu Dali
Chapter 609: a lifetime of luck
Chapter 610: Insiders and Outsiders
Chapter 611: why don't you come by yourself
Chapter 612: Thief will not die
Chapter 613: Historical missing persons
Chapter 614: Zed's theme
Chapter 615: who is the king
Chapter 616: Not really a sophomore
Chapter 617: tied the record
Chapter 618: Accident
: written request for leave
Chapter 619: no one is eligible
Chapter 620: It's up to him when it matters
Chapter 621: audition
Chapter 622: Soul-overlapping performance
Chapter 623: Beautiful
Chapter 624: Porcelain plus hype
Chapter 625: Great reason
Chapter 626: pinnacle ancient force
Chapter 627: Lao Shi's Chicken Soup
: It's finally over
Chapter 628: Please testify
Chapter 629: why can't it be me
Chapter 630: Be careful when stealing chickens
Chapter 631: The famous bureau that kills the master
Chapter 632: show diversity
Chapter 633: What does Da Li want?
Chapter 634: life on the line
Chapter 635: How to play against the wind
Chapter 636: Out of nothing is the best in the world
Chapter 637: Even Da Li can't stop him from becoming an actor
Chapter 638: work slowly
Chapter 639: who will play the embroidered qin
: Just got home, today's update will be added tomorrow
Chapter 640: The able is omnipotent
Chapter 641: special case
Chapter 642: Last Toyota Cup
Chapter 643: Heisei waste
Chapter 644: Stupid bird fly first
Chapter 645: play eye
Chapter 646: The actor Lao Shi still has conditions
Chapter 647: It's time to hit the record again
Chapter 648: orchid finger
Chapter 649: Dating
Chapter 650: daily
Chapter 651: Take the initiative to find the dragon set
Chapter 652: Violent Go
Chapter 653: Gu Dali grabbed the headlines again
Chapter 654: Take the ancient sacrificial sword first
Chapter 655: Is it an illusion?
Chapter 656: Meet the new flying knife
Chapter 657: Lightweight flying knife
Chapter 658: The pinnacle of human computing
Chapter 659: Sneaky Asian Cup
Chapter 660: If the heart can't go away, go to the kidney first
Chapter 661: special constitution
Chapter 662: Fight for everything
Chapter 663: patch
Chapter 664: Old Nie's aftermath
Chapter 665: He never lied about Go
Chapter 666: Activists
Chapter 667: one's stage
Chapter 668: Return to Beijing for the first battle
Chapter 669: fake dog trick
Chapter 670: The human touch of a dog
Chapter 671: Three elements of mid-game battle
Chapter 672: Generally the third in the world
Chapter 673: new record
Chapter 674: adjust adjust
Chapter 675: International and domestic alliances
Chapter 676: cracked glaze
Chapter 677: detached status
Chapter 678: money maker
Chapter 679: end of October
Chapter 680: Trivia
Chapter 681: On the Dangerousness of Out-of-Body Soul
Chapter 682: The last record of human Go
Chapter 683: How did "home" come about?
Chapter 684: one after another
Chapter 685: Li Xiangping's Three Stars
Chapter 686: one wave at a time
Chapter 687: Impact recording in progress
Chapter 688: Shi Xiangxia
Chapter 689: A move beyond the second generation of dogs
Chapter 690: very 6+1
Chapter 691: foreign art powder
Chapter 692: Missed
Chapter 693: The Magical Hand of Solving Double Signs
Chapter 694: self-pressurized chess
Chapter 695: bully children
Chapter 696: Li Xiangping's dominance
Chapter 697: the same routine
Chapter 698: Second Impact Gold Slam
Chapter 699: On bragging, it depends on the Koreans
Chapter 700: large ramp variation
Chapter 701: Lao Shi who doesn't talk about martial arts
Chapter 702: Will Xiao Li change his ways too?
: Calvin, take a break to adjust for the day
Chapter 703: Sometimes empty space is also a kind of thick
Chapter 704: Desperate Lee Sedol
Chapter 705: what is he after
Chapter 706: New Year's Day
Chapter 707: Challenging Hell Difficulty
Chapter 708: abandoned horse
: On a business trip, take a day off.
Chapter 709: Special Juban
Chapter 710: Victory Healing
Chapter 711: plan to make money
Chapter 712: New tasks for the new season
: Something bad happened, stop for another day
Chapter 713: How to Crack "One Power Down Ten Clubs"
Chapter 714: The opening of the armor
: Just got home and will resume normal updates tomorrow.
Chapter 715: March
Chapter 716: Chess player and pawn
Chapter 717: You are not good enough
Chapter 718: Rijhtyourmotherrijht
Chapter 719: Are you afraid of bare feet when wearing shoes?
Chapter 720: good hand
Chapter 721: Easier said than done
Chapter 722: Infinite merit
: Temporary business, please leave
Chapter 723: The fun of gossip
Chapter 724: The game starts with a shake
Chapter 725: cycle of four kalpas
Chapter 726: Great chess player style
Chapter 727: ok ok
Chapter 728: Weixiang Investment
: Seventh Uncle is in isolation, although he is trying to code words, he does not know
Chapter 729: His ears are red
Chapter 730: Learn from the second generation of dogs
Chapter 731: A tough winner
Chapter 732: despair
Chapter 733: The strong will be strong
Chapter 734: run for national luck
: Something happened again, maybe not today
Chapter 735: Good fighters have no illustrious feats
Chapter 736: anticlimactic
Chapter 737: The second person in the current chess world with a stable position
Chapter 738: annual highlight
Chapter 739: The essence of handicap
Chapter 740: chance not chance
Chapter 741: The best results come together
Chapter 742: Li Xiangping is born out of nothing
Chapter 743: Afa sheep
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Chapter 744: How to make a chessboard bigger
Chapter 745: Bronze sword score
Chapter 746: Getting better
Chapter 747: How to break the game
Chapter 748: real desperation
Chapter 749: seventh inning
Chapter 750: try to bring them down
Chapter 751: How to break the enhanced control flow
Chapter 752: Good chess out of nothing
Chapter 753: Not harmful but very confusing
Chapter 754: will go down in history
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Chapter 755: under pressure
Chapter 756: similar in appearance
Chapter 757: Battle of the Gods
Chapter 758: The task is not so easy to do
Chapter 759: Approaching the record
Chapter 760: problem solving
Chapter 761: Crazy water injection
Chapter 762: Closer to home
Chapter 763: One step at the door
Chapter 764: Subtle on-and-off mentality
Chapter 765: A red heart with two hands ready
Chapter 766: autumn of many things
Chapter 767: last regular champion
Chapter 768: source of anxiety
Chapter 769: Solve this problem yourself
Chapter 770: Humans can no longer stop Li Xiangping
Chapter 771: I hope you don't get too violent
Chapter 772: Tribute to an era
Chapter 773: The Human Ceiling of Guanzi Technology
Chapter 774: break through
Chapter 775: Advanced after middle first
Chapter 776: career watershed
Chapter 777: after sports news
Chapter 778: goofing
Chapter 779: The power of philosophy
Chapter 780: King and Domineering
Chapter 781: Guide Chess Auction
Chapter 782: special color
Chapter 783: The first master of the medieval chess handicap
Chapter 784: unkind smile
Chapter 785: backtracking
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Chapter 786: If the lion fights
Chapter 787: The new pattern of Japanese chess
Chapter 788: Even "not talking about martial arts" is so difficult
Chapter 789: The answer of Li Xiangping
Chapter 790: stay on the line
Chapter 791: The first title in the post-Li Xiangping era
Chapter 792: lick the dog and pick up the girl
Chapter 793: Phoenix Ancient City----Jiangnan Famous Building Cup
Chapter 794: before the competition
Chapter 795: Mindful little games
Chapter 796: Chen Xiaoqiang's new ditches
Chapter 797: Where there is no evil hand?
Chapter 798: Heroes see the same
Chapter 799: Super high-end dog trick
Chapter 800: Flying Knife see Flying Knife
Chapter 801: deceive
Chapter 802: Excellent art teaches to be a "dog"
Chapter 803: Let the half son of the world, Wu Qingyuan, spare the world's first leader, Li Xiangping
Chapter 804: He's playing non-human chess
Chapter 805: Crazy thoughts in the game
Chapter 806: It may be the first hand that surpasses dog tricks
Chapter 807: half way down
Chapter 808: The most active chess player
Chapter 809: What should the "God" realm be like?
Chapter 810: still strong
Chapter 811: Lao Shi's way of thinking
Chapter 812: I plan to sell
Chapter 813: Won't drop to 3 children?
Chapter 814: gamble on career
Chapter 815: Unusual Lee Sedol
Chapter 816: Li Xiangping's Zombie Stream
Chapter 817: Improved Zombie Stream
Chapter 818: Not very harmful, highly insulting
Chapter 819: Lao Shi goes alone
Chapter 820: gain is hope
Chapter 821: Western Stud
Chapter 822: One day in Hong Kong
Chapter 823: Classic hand example
Chapter 824: Brain can't count
Chapter 825: High-quality Dakaizi
Chapter 826: The words of the sages must be heard
Chapter 827: On the self-cultivation of scumbags
Chapter 828: The second battle in the world
Chapter 829: Thinking inertia is everywhere
Chapter 830: Looking for the real six-in-one game
Chapter 831: Older gingers are more spicy
Chapter 832: almost forgotten game
Chapter 833: Yongcheng Cup
Chapter 834: Distinguish primary and secondary
Chapter 835: public statement
Chapter 836: grab the headlines
Chapter 837: A Preliminary Study of Dog Raiders
Chapter 838: Two invitations that cannot be declined
Chapter 839: Forum
Chapter 840: Spiritual fit is the right match
Chapter 841: Bid Evaluation Committee
Chapter 842: all human
Chapter 843: rookie at versailles
Chapter 844: annual report
Chapter 845: At the age of twenty, he became a national player
Chapter 846: Technical Director Li Xiangping
Chapter 847: wolf cubs
Chapter 848: Dean Hua's Abacus
Chapter 849: Evergrande Cup
Chapter 850: the sixth day of the new year
Chapter 851: reassurance
Chapter 852: Phoenix Ancient City----Three Famous Mountain Cups
Chapter 853: worthy of the name of the saint
Chapter 854: Chess Shapes with Dog Weaknesses
Chapter 855: Dog Raiders II
Chapter 856: Develop a sense of chess enough to compete with dogs
Chapter 857: daily
Chapter 858: what is the truth
Chapter 859: Huaiyu Villa
Chapter 860: scum to the end
: busy recently
Chapter 861: Chief Technical Consultant of the National Go Team
Chapter 862: Golden Horn and Silver Edge Grass Belly?
Chapter 863: Korea Three Days
Chapter 864: out of sight
Chapter 865: thunderbolt
Chapter 866: play blind chess
Chapter 867: better than ever
Chapter 868: fellow man
Chapter 869: Or externally considerate
Chapter 870: Year after year flowers are similar
Chapter 871: Four sets and 2 sub-games are the key
Chapter 872: breakpoint temptation
Chapter 873: That's a big liar
Chapter 874: Willing to win
Chapter 875: Anti-common sense attack
Chapter 876: Why is his brain so clear?
Chapter 877: best touchstone
Chapter 878: beastly smell
Chapter 879: fluke
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Chapter 880: Zen
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Chapter 881: Shameless trick
Chapter 882: The discovery behind
Chapter 883: Lao Shi's Six Meridian Sword
Chapter 884: God-level orphan
Chapter 885: The vulgar tendons are unstoppable
Chapter 886: Battle of Reverence
Chapter 887: Lao Shi also has moments of boredom
Chapter 888: Modern version of Kowloon Opera
Chapter 889: The Avengers
Chapter 890: tasteless celebrity battle
Chapter 891: The first 15-dan chess player in history
Chapter 892: Chess Inheritance
Chapter 893: First meeting with Ke Shaoxia
Chapter 894: What are the basic qualities of a winning teacher
Chapter 895: No matter how long the right road is
Chapter 896: negation of negation
Chapter 897: Don't break, don't break, then stand
Chapter 898: Still a long way to go
Chapter 899: Only when your heart is at ease can you become a Qashqai
Chapter 900: Then play cosmic flow
Chapter 901: different truth
Chapter 902: Phoenix Ancient City---Four Famous Garden Cups
Chapter 903: three years in a hurry
Chapter 904: China is good
Chapter 905: The last training before the dogfight
Chapter 906: Phoenix Ancient Town----Chinese New Year Cup
Chapter 907: Classic Erluto
Chapter 908: The reason for the failure of the three generations of dogs
Chapter 909: Battle of the Weathervanes
Chapter 910: Very unique alternative dog trick
Chapter 911: The strongest challenger
Chapter 912: Legendary vulgar and powerful
Chapter 913: vulgar versus fool
Chapter 914: Milk powder money is not so easy to make
Chapter 915: nonsense
Chapter 916: dog life
Chapter 917: Battle of Emotions
Chapter 918: Finally waiting for this day
Chapter 919: The prelude kicks off
Chapter 920: What will the current generation of dogs evolve into?
Chapter 921: If you can win, you may not be stronger
Chapter 922: In front of the promise of people all over the world
Chapter 923: "Exquisite" VS "Master"
Chapter 924: dating
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Chapter 925: At least some kung fu has reached the pinnacle
Chapter 926: hand of the will
Chapter 927: dog winning hand
Chapter 928: annihilation
Chapter 929: The moment machines surrendered to humans
Chapter 930: Hope chess **** is created by us Chinese
Chapter 931: Andre's algorithm
Chapter 932: restitution
Chapter 933: go home
Chapter 934: human chess god
Chapter 934: human chess god
Chapter 935: News release and then draw the lake
Chapter 935: News release and then draw the lake
Chapter 936: no confidence only courage
Chapter 936: no confidence only courage
Chapter 937: fighting on the cliff
Chapter 938: Humanoid dog Li Xiangping
Chapter 939: applause for the losers
Chapter 940: Xiao Li's flying knife reappears in the arena
Chapter 941: Exploring the boundaries of dogs
Chapter 942: The flying stone that hit the dog's gate
Chapter 943: Applause sounded again
Chapter 944: misery start
: Welcome to the 20th National Congress, take a day off
Chapter 945: The "natural flow" of dogs
Chapter 946: Fear comes from the unknown
Chapter 947: accident
Chapter 948: Life is hanging by a thread
Chapter 949: Unparalleled victory
: Ask for leave
Chapter 950: Prelude to the final battle
Chapter 951: Psychic dog at the beginning of the ultimate contest
Chapter 952: The genius idea of ​​the ultimate contest
Chapter 953: The ultimate showdown of the king's way against the overbearing
Chapter 954: Final Minefield of the Ending Showdown
Chapter 955: The history of the ultimate showdown shines into reality
Chapter 956: The dust settles in the final showdown
Chapter 957: Legend of Go (at the finale)
Chapter 958: Postscript and testimonials